Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Stuff?

All of a sudden, my cat built up this horrifying inclination for peeing on my clothes. But rather than being rash, I thought it was a pulled back scene. But when my feline started doing everything all the more routinely as could be ordinary in light of the present circumstance, it drove me to this point – wanting to know, ‘why does my cat pee on my clothes?

Reasons why your kitty suddenly started peeing

Your cat has got a medical problem

In the event that your cat is experiencing a medical problem, it can influence his or her latrine propensities. This does not mean that your cat will start peeing often. Well, while it could mean that this happens, it also will translate to your cat urinating on places it would otherwise would not, lik on your clothes. 

Remedy to cats peeing on your clothes

Schedule a meeting with your cat's veterinarian. While the reason as to why your cat pees on your clothes may not be life threatening, it is important to involve a professional vet. This will help you determine if there is an underlying reason why your cat is being so ‘mean’ and inconsiderate. Trust me it gives a sigh of relief to know that your cat still loves you and that it is not voluntarily peeing on your clothes. So if you are wondering, why does my cat pee on my clothes? You can rest easy knowing that it has nothing to do with vengeance or some kind of payback. Your feline is loyal to you.

One conceivable reason is Idiopathic Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, or IFLUTD, which is a perplexing mix of various issues that can incorporate kidney stones or a blockage in your cat's urethra.

Your Cat is Confounded 

Unless your cat is completely prepared to utilize his or her litter box, it's conceivable that he or she may simply be confounded where to pee. This is particularly valid among kittens who are searching for an agreeable place to rapidly relieve themselves. More established cats that haven't been prepared to utilize a litter box may get befuddled on where to pee as well.

On the off chance that you leave a crate full of your clothes on the ground and has a comparative shape to your kitty’s litter box, there's a decent shot that your cat will transform it into another litter box.

Remedy to cats peeing on your clothes

To begin with, get rid of the smell of your cat’s urine from your clothes before washing it by using an enzyme-cleaning solution designed for cat urine. It is important to use this solution to rid your clothes of your cats pee. Yes, regular washing will not do the trick and your cat will still find its way to your clothes and do the nasty. Remember, cats have a heightened sense of smell and it can locate even traces of pee on your clothes.

Make it a propensity never of leave your garments or other items inside containers on the floor. This will ensure that this does not happen again.

Likewise, this might be a decent time to give your cat a refresher course on utilizing the kitty litter. One approach to do this is to state a quiet, however firm "no" to your cat when you see him or her peeing on your garments and afterward usher and guide him or her to the litter box.

Another approach to achieve this is by leaving your cat locked in a room alone with just its litter box. It might sound harsh to some cat parents, but believe it or not, it will leave your cat with not choice than to use the litter box when it feels the urge to pee. This will trigger a familiarity with the litter box and rid it of its tendencies of peeing on your clothes. Bear in mind that is not an automatic process. It will take a while. But when it is eventually done, you will be glad you stuck it through the hard part of locking your cat in a room alone.

Your cat's pissed at you 

Your cat has emotions as well. Your cat can get furious with you when you do not treat it right. It might be shocking but it is true. He or she can likewise get envious when you bring home another cat. When your cat notices you are giving the other feline a lot more attention than it, it just might start throwing a tantrum.

Now and again, they can likewise feel beset or irritated if something has changed that he or she cares for. Your feline might start to meow at night, for example, when you move to another house. Peeing on your garments and even on your furniture can be your cat's method for communicating these repulsive sentiments.


Dealing with your cat is especially similar to raising your children. As the adult (and your cat's proprietor), you need to influence your cat to comprehend that despite the fact that there are transforms, it doesn't adjust your adoration and friendship towards them. Just giving it a headbutt is enough to give this reassurance.

Your cat is denoting his or her territory 

Receiving another cat can be another motivation behind why do cats pee on your garments, particularly if the two are male.

Some portion of the idea of male cats is to assert proprietorship to their region. Peeing is their method for "leaving their check" as it were, and telling the newcomer who's the supervisor in the house.


The way your cat responds to a recently received kitten is the same as the way your kid responds when you get back home with another infant. Rather than respecting the most up to date addition to the family, your cat sees your recently received kitten as a danger for your fondness, as well as to himself.

Once more, investing energy and giving your cat love and fondness is the best approach. You likewise need to demonstrate to your cat that the new addition to the family isn't a risk. On the contrary, it is a great companion.

You're using the wrong litter box .

This, it turns out, was the reason behind why my cat began getting into the propensity for peeing on my garments as well as around his kitty litter box.

Your cat does not need to feel pressured or burdened when he or she needs to alleviate himself or herself. At the point when your cat doesn't feel great utilizing the litter box you have, either you have it too high or it is too small, your cat would like to do his or her business somewhere else.


Ensure that you give your cat a kitty litter box that is sufficiently substantial for him or her to move around and do his or her burrowing and cover the chaos after. When you see your cat beginning to scratch in favour of the dividers of his or her kitty litter or scratch fresh, that is an indication that your cat has outgrown his or her kitty litter box and it's a great opportunity to get another one.

That was precisely the case with my cat. As of not long ago, the kitty litter box he's utilizing was the one that I got for him when he was as yet a cat. It worked out that he did not have enough space in his litter box for him to fit. When I got him a considerably bigger one, he simply stared at me. But I could tell it was a great move.

Dirty kitty litter box

Believe it or not, another reason why do cats pee on clothes is that their kitty litter box is just way too dirty. Cats don't like the smell of their pee or their poo. So if the smell coming from their litter box is already overpowering for them, they will not use it until you clean it.


The answer as to why does my cat pee on my clothes is often a dirty litter box. Here is how you can remedy the situation.

Make a habit of scooping out the gunk from your cat's kitty litter box at least once a day, and replace the content with fresh kitty litter at least once a week. Getting a kitty litter box that automatically cleans itself can also help you make sure that your cat’s kitty litter box is always clean and ready to be used.

Bottom Line

As should be obvious, there are a lot of reasons and answer to the question, ‘why does my cat pee on my clothes?’. On the off chance that your cat's liable of this conduct, recollect to first wipe out the likelihood of a medical issue before experiencing any of the other conceivable reasons I specified here.

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