Why Do Cats Chirp?

As a pet owner, you’re always looking to understand your pet better and be able to show more love for him. Cats don’t make this any easier. Unlike dogs that have a uniform behaviour pattern, cats can be erratic in their behaviour and very confusing. They are docile and active at the same time. Calm and jumpy and above all, their behaviour can at times be very unpredictable. Understanding your kitty and his every action and reaction is very important.

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There are quite a number of reasons why cats might chirp. The reason varies with what or who the cat could be chirping at. Nonetheless, the weird sounds should not be a cause of alarm. It is not a sign that your cat is in danger but it still is very important to know the reason behind the chirping for your comfort and assurity.


Kittens Chirping Loud

Chirping in cats starts at a very young age and you may notice the kittens chirping at their mothers. In some cases, it can be because they’re feeling hungry and in other instances, it can be because they want to play. Squeaky sounds are their way of asking for food or triggering playtime with the mum.

In most cases, your cat will produce a weird bird-like sound when he sees a bird outside and is locked in the house. It can only be referred to as a chirp and some people often refer to is as chattering. Sometimes, the cat can even chirp at you which can be very confusing. If you have had to deal with cat chirping, you have to wonder why cats chirp.

Being able to understand your cat is synonymous to being able to understand your child. Being able to decipher the different sounds and actions is essential in helping you make the right decision and making life more comfortable for the fuzz ball.

Chirping at the Birds Through Window Perch

It is typical for your cat to spend a lot of time at the window perch. It is a great way for him to enjoy the escapades that the outside world has to offer while remaining in the comfort and safety of the house. While gazing into the great outdoors, birds and rodents and other potential prey can easily catch the attention of the cat. The cat can react to the situation to show its interest by producing the unusual sounds.

Another reason why cats chirp is as a sign of frustration. Being separated from the outside world and unable to chase its prey, the cat might show its frustration by chirping and scratching at the glass. It is important to keep your cat indoors at all times. Left to roam the outdoors, the cat will chase everything that catches its attention even lasers, which can potentially risk its life.

You can keep your cat busy indoors with creative play toys like the SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box. You can also consider exercise wheels for your cat to help them stay healthy and occupied.

Chirping at You

If the chirping is directed at you there is no need to panic. The reasons why cats chirp at the owner are usually to seek for help, attention and maybe some treats. Sometimes, when the cat is feeling lonely and wants to play, she might also produce the sounds.

You can try to find out which of the reasons the cat is trying to bring your attention to. Normally, if he is trying to get his toys from another room, he will chirp while standing at the door. If it is treats or food, they will usually chirp while at their feeding bowl and curl up around your feet or in your arms if they are looking to have some fun and playtime.

Chirping at Toys

Cats will produce chirping sounds when they are provoked, excited or are interested in something. Regardless of the breed and age of the cat, playtime is a big deal to cats. They are particularly interested in feathered wands and love playing interactive laser-chaser games. When the cat is interesting in playing using a particular toy, you might find it chirping at the toy or making other relatable noises.

Predatory Traits

Most experts have always thought that one of the reasons why chirping cats is to mimic prey and predators. In a recent research scientists stumbled upon a wild cat mimicking wild monkeys while recording vocalizations in the forest. This has added to a new explanation of why cats mostly chirp at birds. It could be a way to fool them.

Cats are predators by nature and are very good at it. By mimicking the sounds produced by the prey, experts believe this can help the cat get closer before pouncing since this leads the prey to think that a similar species in the area.

Even though this shows the mastery of cats as hunters, they are not always mean. Cats have been involved in their own share of interspecies affairs including one where the cat couldn’t stop grooming a rabbit. However, when it comes to animals, it is best to supervise them at all times. Especially when one is the prey and the other is a predator.  

There is no single reason why cats chirp and animal behaviourists are hard at work to try and find other reasons why cats could be producing such sounds.

As the pet parent, you should always keep an eye out for your pet and respond accordingly. Even though the chirping should not be cause for alarm, you should still pay attention to it and try to figure out what could be causing the anxiety.

In cases where the chirping is caused by a flaring need to chase down some bird outside, it is best to keep the door closed. Instead you can keep the cat distracted by giving it one its favourite toys.


One of the queerest behaviours associated with cats is the bird-like sound they produce. In some cats, it is very pronounced and could occur quite a number of times. In others, it does not happen often and in others you might not have noticed it at all. Whether your cat chirps or not, it is perfectly normal and is not a sign of any illnesses or abnormalities.

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