White Cat Names

Do you need to dream up a name for your fabulous new white cat but want it to mean something? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will introduce you to 100 top names all about white cats. Choose from 50 male and female cat names and their meanings below.


What breeds do white cats come from?

Cats that are all white can come from almost any breed. This means they can have all sorts of different characters and make the best of pets. From the rarest cat breeds to the American Curl (you’ll want to learn these tricks to keep fur off the sofa with this breed), the British Shorthair, the Cornish Rex, the Japanese Bobtail, the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Bengal, and the Persian. White cats can be found across a broad spectrum of breeds. Once you’ve checked out the character of your desired breed, you’re ready to start thinking up a name.

Female White Cat Names

The following make great choices for female white cat names:

  1. Alissa - Wonders far and wide.
  2. Alpine - Glistens in the morning sun.
  3. Arctic - Has a frosty glare.
  4. Areanna - Is holy and pure.
  5. Asfiya - Stays perfectly clean.
  6. Beya - Means very white in Turkish.
  7. Blanco - Suits Spanish cats.
  8. Blessings - Makes  everything alright.
  9. Bowtie - The coolest of cats.
  10. Bronwen - Meows loudly in fields of white flowers.
  11. Canvas - Has an artistic flare.
  12. Chalky - Leaves a mess wherever she goes.
  13. China - Is fragile.
  14. Crystal - Looks so shiny.
  15. Daisy - For your little flower.
  16. Deidra - Loves to tread paths untrodden.
  17. Diamond - Loves only the best.
  18. Domino - Hates falling over.
  19. Eve - Has a mischievous side.
  20. Fridge - Loves the cold.
  21. Frosty - Loves long winter nights.
  22. Ice - Will love the winter.
  23. Icicle - For cats who like to go out in the cold.
  24. Igloo - Loves it when it snows.
  25. January - Can’t wait for winter.
  26. Jasmine - Is as white as the jasmine flower.
  27. Kajsa - Is pure.
  28. Lamby - Might just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.
  29. Lightning - Moves faster than the wind.
  30. Lily - Will love the garden pond.
  31. Malli - Is as white as a flower.
  32. Milky - Loves her morning drink.
  33. Mina - Is Persian for clear and German for pure love.
  34. Olwen - Leaves her paw-prints everywhere.
  35. Omicitin - Searches for the biggest jumps.
  36. Pearl - Will drape herself over your shoulders.
  37. Polo - Knows how to get through small spaces.
  38. Pureza - Is Spanish  for purity.
  39. Raya - For a cat who is loyal.
  40. Rice - Keeps you fulfilled.
  41. Ruhati - Scales new heights.
  42. Snowball - Likes surprising people.
  43. Snowbell - Won’t come out until the spring.
  44. Spook - Brings you presents.
  45. Tahereh - Lives a life of purity.
  46. Whitney - Always sings ballads.
  47. Winola - Often makes new friends.
  48. Yadira - Knows who her friends are.
  49. Yuki - Will blend in with snow.
  50. Zinc - Will sparkle.

Male White Cat Names

The following make great choices for male white cat names:

  1. Alba - For cats who love the dawn.
  2. Albino - Will keep you happy.
  3. Angel - Understands how to behave.
  4. Bai - Stands for purity in Chinese.
  5. Bear - Is a real bruiser.
  6. Bones - Is strong.
  7. Boo - Will always be your baby.
  8. Caharaka - Is bound to roam.
  9. Casper - Will be the friendliest cat.
  10. Ceridwen - A great name for  people of Celtic origin.
  11. Coco - Is totally tropical.
  12. Cottonball - Always has a soft landing.
  13. Cream - Deserves special treatment.
  14. Dolen - Will wonder the neighborhood at night.
  15. Fluffy - Will always love to be stroked.
  16. Flurry - Is a fan of McDonalds.
  17. Furby - Never lets you down.
  18. Ghost - Only ever comes in for his dinner.
  19. Ice Cream - Keeps your spirits up when you’re feeling low.
  20. Ivory - Is banned from everywhere but the kitchen.
  21. Luna - Gets out in the evenings.
  22. Marble - Is a good choice for a white cat name.
  23. Mint - Can freshen any room.
  24. Moonlight - Never gets up in the daytime.
  25. Moscato - Always likes a party.
  26. Nadim - Gets on with everybody.
  27. Nest - Gets into all sorts of scrapes.
  28. Nimbus - Makes a lot of noise.
  29. Oreo - Always gets messy.
  30. Panda - Makes a great name for black and white cats.
  31. Pavi - Is a passionate cat.
  32. Rafiq - For  cats that love to party.
  33. Ruhann - Always climbs on everybody.
  34. Safa - Will be so innocent.
  35. Salt - Is messy.
  36. Santa Claws - Makes it feel like Christmas.
  37. Sheep - Has to be the fluffiest white cat name.
  38. Shiro - Is Japanese for white.
  39. Shweta - Means white in Sanskrit (a classical Indian language).
  40. Snowflake - Always lands on his feet.
  41. Storm - Likes it when it rains.
  42. Sugar - Makes everything better.
  43. Tandu - Leaps on everything.
  44. Theophilus - Loves to be friendly.
  45. Tic Tac - Is great with the whole family.
  46. Whisper - Leads a quiet life.
  47. Winton - Will be popular with cats.
  48. Wyn - Lives for a blessed life.
  49. Yeti - Loves his food.
  50. Zima - Will come out of his shell in the winter.

Round Up 

Usually, the reason cats are all white is because they lack melanin pigmentation. However, it may also be a genetic mutation – that’s right your white cat could be a superhero! All-white cats are amazingly rare, with just 5% of the feline community able to truly call themselves a pure white cat.

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