Tuxedo Cat Names

Have you got a black and white tuxedo cat? Want to find an adorable, quirky, classic, or funny name for your new furry friend? If so, you’re in luck! This post introduces you to 50 names for female tuxedo cats and another 50 names for male tuxedo cats.

Known for their energy, sociality, and bravery, tuxedo cats make a great addition to any household. Thanks to their intelligence, with a few tricks to help your cat and dog get along, they are easy to train if you have dogs at home.

Tuxedo cats don’t belong to any particular breed. Instead, it simply refers to their tuxedo-like coloring and pattern. With the classic splash of white down their front and black bodies, tuxedo cats are super cute. They have a proud history too. With the likes of Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Sir Isaac Newton having kept tuxedo cats.

Female Tuxedo Cat Names

  1. Ashes - Will love to be by the fire.
  2. Atlas - Has an urge to travel.
  3. Bee - Buzzes about.
  4. Blotch - Comes out in patches.
  5. Catwoman - Knows that black looks good.
  6. Cookie - Has a sweet character.
  7. Cruella - Loves all things black and white.
  8. Desdemona - Of Shakespeare’s Othello fame.
  9. Dotty - Is a classic tuxedo cat name.
  10. Freckles - Meows meekly.
  11. Hoodoo - Deals with her enemies.
  12. Keyboard - Has musical flair.
  13. Killer - Has killer instincts.
  14. Lemur - Is always climbing trees.
  15. Liger - Pounces like a lion.
  16. Luna - Demands to be let out at sunset.
  17. Magic - Lives and breathes mysticism.
  18. Magpie - Loves shiny objects.
  19. Marble - Struts her stuff.
  20. Minney - After Minnie Mouse.
  21. Mittens - Has white paws.
  22. Moomoo - Loves lying out on the grass.
  23. Negra - Is Spanish for black.
  24. Olive - Is always sunbathing.
  25. Onyx - Will love to be tickled on her tummy.
  26. Opal - Will be a polished act.
  27. Orca - Loves her food a bit too much.
  28. Osprey - Believes she can fly.
  29. Panther - Is always twitching in sleep.
  30. Patchy - Has the coolest coat.
  31. Perdita - Of 101 Dalmatians fame.
  32. Poppy - Will brighten your day.
  33. Puffin - Can fly.
  34. Queen - Has the best chess powers.
  35. Quinoa - Is a healthy cat.
  36. Raven - Doesn’t take no for an answer.
  37. Sapphire - Will surprise and delight you.
  38. Shadow - Finds the darkest corners.
  39. Skunk - Leaves a funny smell in her wake.
  40. Spizateus - After the black and white hawk-eagle (spizaeteus melanoleucus).
  41. Spotty - Throws some serious tantrums.
  42. Storm - Knows she has power.
  43. Stripey - Knows she looks like a tiger.
  44. Tourmaline - Will be tough.
  45. Tux - Makes a lot of sense.
  46. Vacca - Is Spanish for cow but sounds cuter.
  47. Voodoo - Loves her dark side.
  48. Witch - Is always casting spells.
  49. Yingyang - Lives and breathes in perfect harmony.
  50. Zorilla - Is a skunk-like animal with a nicer name.

Male Tuxedo Cat Names

  1. Agador - Is the name of the butler in The Birdcage.
  2. Albatross - Is tall and gangly.
  3. Alfred - The butler from Batman.
  4. Badger - Loves only the nighttime.
  5. Banksy - Is always graffitiing in black and white.
  6. Batman - Looks after his city.
  7. Benson Dubois - The butler from Soap & Benson.
  8. Black-Jack - Will be a card shark.
  9. Butler - Is always the first to answer the door.
  10. Cassius - Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look (Shakespeare’s Othello).
  11. Chaplin - After the black and white film star Charlie Chaplin.
  12. Chess - Is a true mastermind.
  13. Dice - Is always lucky.
  14. Domino - Is always toppling over.
  15. Felix - Of cat food fame.
  16. Figaro - After Pinocchio’s black and white friend.
  17. Geoffrey - After the butler in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  18. Iago - The villain in Shakespeare’s Othello.
  19. Inky - Always makes a mess.
  20. Klondike - Hard on the outside soft on the inside.
  21. Kung Fu - Will always get into fights.
  22. Lurch - Is the butler in the Adams Family.
  23. Mistoffelees - Has magical powers.
  24. Motley - Always hangs with her crew.
  25. Newspaper - Leaves marks all over the house.
  26. Noir - Is French for black.
  27. Oreo - Will only accept the best canned cat food.
  28. Othello - Is a jealous cat.
  29. Panda - Makes the best name for a tuxedo cat.
  30. Patches - Is just so cute.
  31. Penguin - Has a funny waddle.
  32. Piano - Is always running over the piano.
  33. Pongo - Was one of the Dalmatians in 100 and 1 Dalmatians.
  34. Pongo - Jumps like a penguin.
  35. Porpoise - Will give the best cuddles.
  36. Raccoon - Is always digging holes.
  37. Riff-raff - Acts like a butler in the Rocky Horror Show.
  38. Snoopy - Thinks he is a dog.
  39. Socks - Never leaves any footprints.
  40. Sooty - Has to be kept warm by the fire.
  41. Squid-Ink - Will look stylish.
  42. Sylvester - Always chases Tweetie Pie.
  43. Tawny - Toys with his prey.
  44. Tigon - Loves looking like a tiger lion.
  45. Tuxedo - A simple but descriptive choice.
  46. Wand - Loves making magic happen.
  47. Wizard - Has the magic touch.
  48. Woodpecker - Will always be up the garden tree.
  49. Zebra - Can blend in with the stripey wallpaper.
  50. Zorro - Wears a mask on his face.

Round Up 

If you’re looking for a great name for your new tuxedo cat, then this is the list for you. From Shakespearian connections to classic plays on words, this list has a name to suit any tuxedo cat.

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