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Buying cat food is not as easy as you think. It is the most important duty that you have as a cat owner and it helps you to manage their overall health. There are different food brands to choose from like Applaws cat food and looking for the right one can be overwhelming. One of the commonly recommended food brands today is the Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe is a popular grocery store that has different branches around the state. They are known for different meals and products that they have. When it comes to cat food products, they have a variety that are exclusively sold in their stores. Getting information about their meals are quite hard and they have chosen to keep the ingredients list a secret.

We have tried our best to gather all information to help you be guided by the options that you have with them. Most of their products are wet canned food which includes Trader Joe’s Chicken, Turkey and Rice Dinner, Trader Joe’s Ocean Fish, Salmon and Rice Dinner, Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats and Trader Joe’s Turkey and Giblets Dinner. They also have one dry cat food which is Trader Joe’s Premium Chicken Meal Formula.

There are many questions that need answers when you are buying the right cat food, so with this Trader Joe’s cat food reviews, make sure to familiarize yourself with the options that you have.

Trader Joe’s Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Trader Joe's Tuna for CatsTuna, Water, Tricalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride, Vitamin A Supplement18%3%1%Click Here
Trader Joe's Ocean Fish, Salmon & Rice Dinner Cat FoodOcean Fish Broth, Ocean Fish, Salmon, Animal Liver, Chicken9%5%1%Click Here
Trader Joe's Wholesome & Natural Cat Food FormulaChicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Ground Oats, Chicken Fat, Menhaden Fish Meal32%20%3.7%Click Here
Trader Joe's Turkey & Giblets DinnerTurkey Broth, Turkey, Poultry Giblets, Ocean Fish, Chicken9%5%1%Click Here
Trader Joe's Chicken Turkey & Rice DinnerChicken Broth, Chicken, Turkey, Ocean Fish, Animal Liver9%5%1%Click Here

The Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats comes with real tuna in a rich flavorful sauce. This is highly recommended for cats that have sensitivities and may have a hard time in eating meals. Many cat owners are considering this meal for their senior cats that are losing appetite. It can be easily digested, and your cats can absorb the nutrients that it offers effortlessly.

The real tuna offers quality protein that is essential for your cats’ proper diet. You can serve it as a meal or as a treat for them. With this meal, you expect them to lay on the ground and ask for more.


  • It is recommended for cats with sensitivities.
  • It is ideal even for senior cats.
  • It comes with high levels of proteins.
  • It promotes proper digestion.


  • There’s not much information available about it.
  • It can make some cats finicky.

The Trader Joe’s Ocean Fish, Salmon, and Rice Dinner Cat Food is a great alternative to common chicken meals that you can find on the market. With ocean fish and salmon, it comes with high levels of protein that is not too strong for cats with weak kidneys. This is recommended for cats of all ages and is a great meal especially for those that have sensitivities.

There are cat owners that offer this meal for their cats that recently underwent surgerical procedures. It is a quality product that you can consider for your cats’ satisfaction and proper diet. This comes with a good water level content that makes it easily digestible for your cats and keeps them properly hydrated.


  • It is a new flavor to try.
  • It is recommended for cats of all ages.
  • It comes with high levels of protein.
  • It is good for cats that recently had surgeries.


  • There is not much information available about this meal.

The Trader Joe’s Wholesome and Natural Cat Food is designed for cats of all size and ages. This is a great meal that can provide the nutrition that they need. It is nutritionally complete and has added minerals and vitamins for your cats’ health and well-being. It has added taurine to promote a healthy vision and a healthy heart.

This meal also comes with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help to promote healthier skin and coats for your cats. The main ingredients used includes chicken meal, whole grains, brown rice, and oats. It is highly digestible and comes with fiber that helps in easing the sensitive stomach of your cat.

It is the only dry food variety of the brand and is available in a bigger pack that can possibly last for a week or more. However, it is pricier compared to other recipes they offer.


  • It has added minerals and vitamins for your cats’ well-being.
  • It comes with taurine for a healthy vision and a healthy heart.
  • It helps promote healthy skin and coat.
  • It is highly digestible and is ideal for cats of all ages.


  • There are cats that don’t like this meal.

The Trader Joe’s Turkey and Giblets Dinner is a highly recommended meal that works best for many cats. It is a wet canned food that can be served to cats of all ages. This helps in keeping your cats hydrated because of the water content, and easily fight off different sensitivities. It is highly digestible and helps in better absorption of the nutrients for your cats.

Despite being offered for a cheaper price, you’ll be surprised with the quality of ingredients used in making this meal. It offers quality protein that is essential for the nutritional needs of your cat. Cats that are starting to lose their appetite may also end up loving this meal and they will not turn their nose up.

Additionally, it won’t let your cats have a smelly stool.


  • It is recommended for cats of all ages.
  • It is ideal for cats with sensitivities and allergies.
  • It helps cats to absorb the nutrients that they need.
  • It is recommended for cats that are losing appetite.


  • There is insufficient information about this meal.

The Trader Joe’s Chicken Turkey and Rice Dinner is a premium cat meal that uses chicken, turkey, and rice as its main ingredients. 

The combination of chicken and turkey offers high protein content that can support the overall health of your cats. The added rice offers enough fiber content that aids your cat in digesting the food easily and in absorbing the nutrients that this meal offers. Having the right amount of fiber helps cats that has sensitive stomachs in getting the vitamins and minerals that they need without having to risk their health.

It is offered at a great price that can fit the budget of average consumers. This is being considered by a lot of cat owners especially those with multiple cats in the house as it can help them to save money while still providing the quality of ingredients that their cats need.


  • It comes with high levels of protein.
  • It supports the health needs of your cats.
  • It is recommended for cats of all ages.
  • It is highly digestible and safe for cats with sensitivities.


  • The sizes are small.

Important Points to Consider

There are many cat owners that are considering Simply Nourish cat food products for the overall health and nutrition of their pets. They can be a great alternative to many brands on the market including I and Love and You cat food. However, there are many more reasons to consider this brand including the following:

  • Whole Foods: Most of the cat food formulas offered by the company have whole foods as ingredients. There is whole meat, whole fruits, and whole vegetables. It makes a complete nutrition that your cat requires.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: The formulas of Simply Nourish are well-balanced and have added fruits and vegetables. It can be good for many, but be careful if your cat has sensitivities. They are using frozen fruits to maintain the nutrients of the ingredients upon serving it to your cats.
  • Perfect for Allergies: Simply Nourish formulates meals with wholesome and natural ingredients with no added colors or preservatives. It is a great option to consider if you have cats that are prone to allergies and is looking for a meal that is ideal for their condition.
  • Great protein content: It’s no secret that protein is the first thing you have to check when buying cat food, and Simply Nourish is very much aware of that. Their products come with a great protein content that can help cats to have a higher level of energy and support the needs of their body.

What is Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is a popular American grocery stores chain that are based in California. They have 474 stores nationwide as of this writing. Joseph Coulombe founded the company, but it was sold to Theo Albrecht who is a German entrepreneur. The company started as convenience store that are like 7-eleven.

While they are a typical grocery store that offers most of the needs of the consumers, they have a wide selection of different products that carries their own brand names. They have organic foods, gourmet foods, vegetarian foods, imported foods, vegetarian foods, frozen foods, imported wine and beer, and a variety of pet meals.

They also have other products such as household cleaners, personal hygiene products, plants, vitamins, and flowers. Their pet meals are available for both cat and dogs. Most of their products are environment-friendly and are following a strict quality standard.

Since the company’s start, they have been characterized as notoriously secretive. They lack transparency in letting their consumers know about the sources of their products, not only about their pet food but also with other products that are being consumed by humans.

Trader Joe’s A Quick Background

The Trader Joe’s cat food is offered with high quality of protein sources that includes fish, chicken, and other animal meats. They have three varieties available such as whole and natural cat food formula, premium dry cat food with chicken and rice, and the premium chicken formula. Each recipe may be ideal depending on the needs and preferences of your cats.

The whole and natural cat food formula comes with whole grains like oats, brown rice, and barley. This is a natural meal that is free from corn, wheat, and soy. It also comes with a mix of vegetables, fruits, flax seeds, and others. The other formulas offer a broad range of minerals and vitamins for your cats.

There is not much variety of recipes available, but they have different meals to choose from. Each has different qualities and can be a perfect choice for your cat. We have listed the variety of cat food products that they have, which is being offered online for easy purchase of some consumers.

Trader Joe’s Cat Food Recalls

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store that offers different products that may aid your personal needs. They have created pet food to support the needs of many consumers and offers it for a price that will surely fit their budget. They follow strict standards on their manufacturing facilities. Despite having past recalls on their salads and other products, there are no recorded recalls about the cat food they are selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, there are questions that need the right answers. Not all people knows about Trader Joe’s but may still consider using popular brands on the market today. To have a clear understanding of what they offer, check out the frequently asked questions about their meals.

  • Is it safe for cats? Yes, the ingredients that Trader Joe’s are using is just the same on most of the ingredients used by other brands. It is a great meal that is better compared to other recipes available on the market. They are a grocery store that not only offers food for cats but also for humans.
  • How cheap can the meals be? Compared to the common price that you can find online, the meals are relatively cheaper. Their wet canned foods are available at $0.56 in their local stores, which is cheap and affordable.
  • Is it ideal for cats with sensitivities? They have a variety of meals that uses different ingredients that you can check out. Most of the meals are ideal for cats with sensitivities as it comes with quality protein and they are not using artificial ingredients and preservatives that you should worry about.
  • What is the food serving? They keep most of their information as a secret, but there are labels that you can use to know the proper serving that is ideal for your cat. You need to consider their size, age and needs to help you get started on the required servings for your cats easily.
  • What are the common ingredients used? They are offering quality meals that uses quality ingredients. Some of the ingredients that they use are chicken, tuna, salmon, and turkey. This is basically something that you should expect from popular and well-known brands on the market today.
  • Where do they get their ingredients? Until now, there is no clear information about the sources of the ingredients that the company uses. They have been criticized for it, but many consumers are still purchasing their products.

The Round Up

Cats require a healthy and balanced diet to survive. It can be hard to find more Trader Joe’s cat food reviews online as they keep most of their information a secret to pique the people’s interest and lure them into buying their products and to purchase directly from their local stores. It can be pricey when you purchase it on online stores, but many cat owners still consider this option especially if they live far from a Trader Joe’s store.

Overall, they offer quality meals that are available at an affordable price. It is a good option for cats of all size and ages and those that has allergies and sensitivities making it perfect choice for many average cat owners.

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