Tortoiseshell Cat Names

If you are looking for a great name for your tortoiseshell cat then this is the place for you. Choose from 50 of the best names for male and female tortoiseshell cats. From names that reflect the tortoiseshell color combinations to names that describe your cat’s nature, this list has something all cat-loving name seekers will love.

What is a Tortoiseshell Cat?

Tortoiseshell cats are not a breed. Instead, the name describes their specific coat type. A tortoiseshell is any cat with 2 colors in its coat that cannot be white. They may be totally mixed up or appear in patches. Typically, tortoiseshell cats will be female, but you do get a fair few male ones these days.

The names below reflect all of the potential color combinations of the tortoiseshell. You’ll also find fun names, characterful names, and creative names in this list. Check them out and find the perfect name for your new cat!

Tortoiseshell Female Cat Names

Have fun choosing from this wide-ranging list of fantastic names for your female tortoiseshell cat:

  1. Ash - Leaves dust all over the house.
  2. Blast - Zips around the house.
  3. Bucky - Plays with deer in the fields.
  4. Calico - Has a descriptive nature.
  5. Canter - Is always running off.
  6. Checker-patch - Loves snuggling up on the couch.
  7. Composition - Takes time to get things right.
  8. Dive - Surprisingly loves her bath.
  9. Diversity - Loves fighting for equality.
  10. Drop - Comes up with the goods.
  11. Drumstick - Will Have 2 sides.
  12. Espresso - Wakes you up when you need to.
  13. Eton-Mess - Has a sweet tooth.
  14. Freckles - Has speckles on her coat.
  15. Fussy - Just picks at her food (check out: these Triumph cat food reviews).
  16. Gale - Has a crazy hairstyle.
  17. Giraffe - Is covered in patches.
  18. Goldschlager - Is freckled with gold.
  19. Gypsy - Is always on the move.
  20. Hotchpotch - Has a bit of everything.
  21. India - Always loves fish curry nights.
  22. Kaleidoscope - Is hard to take your eyes off.
  23. Knotty - Demands to be stroked.
  24. Lava - Makes things hot.
  25. Madonna - Loves changing her style.
  26. Mélange - Has to have a mixture of food.
  27. Mime - Will mimic your character.
  28. Mixtape - Meows musically.
  29. Mosaic - Provides a pretty picture.
  30. Pansy - Always plays in the flowers.
  31. Patchwork - Will love lounging around on the bed.
  32. Penguin - Has a funny walk.
  33. Peppercorn - Has quite the bight.
  34. Pied - Means to have two or more different colors.
  35. Prism - Has lots of sides to her character.
  36. Ras-el-Hanout - Is spice blend.
  37. Rusty - Loves the colors of fall.
  38. Salty - Suits a white cat with patches.
  39. Shady - Loves making dodgy deals.
  40. Shakira - Dances around.
  41. Shock - Looks surprised.
  42. Skippy - Is always active.
  43. Spectrum - Behaves erratically.
  44. Splodge - Will be covered in patches.
  45. Streaky - Has a thing for the smell of bacon.
  46. Sunburn - Is always sunbathing.
  47. Sunflower - Loves high places.
  48. Tie-Dye - Is so colorful.
  49. Tigress - Pounces ferociously.
  50. Turnip - Loves the allotment.

Tortoiseshell Male Cat Names 

Get creative with the name you choose for your male tortoiseshell cat with this list:

  1. Amber - Looks prehistoric.
  2. Bounder - Jumps so high.
  3. Bric-à-Brac - Has a little bit of everything.
  4. Capers - Has nice green eyes.
  5. Charles - Loves exotic holidays.
  6. Chunk - Always finishes his dinner.
  7. Coal - Won’t move away from the fire.
  8. Combo - Will try a bit of everything.
  9. Compost - Is always digging up your garden.
  10. Conglo - Is part of a conglomerate.
  11. Cyclone - Will cause a right old mess.
  12. Dalliance - Loves the ladies.
  13. Dapple - Will have splodges of color.
  14. Darwin - Is an explorer.
  15. Farrago - Is always getting confused.
  16. Flaky - Never follows through.
  17. Galapagos - Has unique qualities.
  18. George - Is a slow mover.
  19. Hoppy - Always bounces around.
  20. Joseph - Has a technicolored coat.
  21. Kurma - Has Hindu heritage.
  22. Labyrinth - Is always getting lost.
  23. Loafy - Spends his time idly.
  24. Lunch - Loves his dinner time.
  25. Marble - Is marvelous.
  26. Medley - Is a mixture of things.
  27. Merlin - Will cast his spell on you.
  28. Oxidized - Hates the outdoors.
  29. Pastiche - Mocks your style.
  30. Patch - Is digs up the vegetable patch.
  31. Pick-N-Mix - Is a flavor for everyone.
  32. Piebald - Means having irregular patches of colors.
  33. Pingu - Waddles like a penguin.
  34. Plummet - Loves jumping down from up on high.
  35. Plunge - Loves trying new things.
  36. Rainbow - Is always running off when it rains and shines.
  37. Rascal - Will do as he pleases.
  38. Riffian - Is a bit of a bully (check out: how to stop my cat bullying my other cat?).
  39. Snowy - Doesn’t stop chasing mice.
  40. Speckles - Is so spotty.
  41. Spiderman - Loves trapping his prey.
  42. Stilton - Loves his cheese.
  43. Superman - Will look great in a suit.
  44. Tangle - Always gets caught up in wires.
  45. Tiger - Has wicked stripes.
  46. Torment - Can be a bit mean.
  47. Tortoise - Loves hiding away.
  48. Weary - Is always asleep (check out: why are cats so lazy?).
  49. Zanzibar - Is always sunbathing.
  50. Zippy - Has a beautiful smile.

Round Up 

Tortoiseshell cats have some of the most beautiful coats around. With their wonderfully varied character as well, they deserve a great name. On this list, you’ll find the purrfect name for your tortoiseshell cat in no time.

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