Top Entry Litter Box

The only reason you might be interested in getting a top entry litter box is because you are tired of having to deal with messes your cat creates. I have to be honest here; my cat is not the cleanest there is. Actually it is probably the most fastidious cleaner when it comes to its own personal hygiene. I am forced to give it a bath every so often (though it is usually a tussle).

With a top entry litter box, it meant that you will not have to be cleaning up messes every time. The time saved I could spend doing something more constructive – or so I make myself believe.

Entry Litter Box Comparison Table

Product NameNon-Slip MaterialDimensionsPricing
Iris Top Entry litter BoxNo20.5 x 16.1 x 14.6 inches ; 4.85 poundsClick Here
Clevercat Top Entry LitterboxNo20 x 15 x 15 inches ; 4 poundsClick Here
Modkat Top Entry Litter BoxNo15.9 x 15.9 x 14.6 inches ; 5.29 poundsClick Here
Arm and Hammer Top Entry Litter PanNo20 x 15 x 15 inchesClick Here
Top Entry Litter Box With Bucket and ScoopNo22.63" x 15.94" x 12.99"Click Here
Petmate Top entry Litter PanYes20.3 x 15.1 x 15.2 inchesClick Here
CatIdea Luxury Sifting Top Entry Cat Litter BoxYes16 x 16 x 10.5 inches ; 5 poundsClick Here

Truth be told, the word attractive is rarely, if ever, used alongside litter boxes. But be it as it may, this litter box is often described as being attractive. As a matter of fact, to many, this litter box is not exactly distinguishable as a litter box.

This litter box comes with a litter scoop that is hanged on its side. The lid features grooves that help to catch any litter from your kitties’ paws as it leaps from the box.

This cat box comes with a whopping 11 different colors. In the event you are wondering about its size, it has the capacity to accommodate a large 20 pound male with great ease. The box measures 16.14” x 20.47”x14.56”. The top opening is just 10.5”x9”.

While the interior of this unit is easy to clean hence not needing a liner, any large liner can be used on this unit. This entry box is exciting to most cats as it quench their exploring curiosity.


  • Has a scoop hang on its side.
  • Has grooves on the top surface.
  • Available in 11 different colors.
  • Is large enough to accommodate a 20 pound male cat.


  • If the cat pees around the side it may be difficult to get all the litter out and hence it will stink.

Going right to the measurements, this litter box measures an impressive 20”x15”x15” and has a diameter entry of 9”. The top has a textured feel to it. This ensures that any stray litter is caught before the cat jumps off the box. It works well for most cats. I say most because there are some that seem to explode right off the box and they leave with litter stuck to their paws.

Speaking of scooping, the bottom of this unit is flat. This is an important factor to remember which makes scooping easy. When you are positioning the box, you should place its end – the one with the hole – towards the wall. This will make it extremely difficult for your pet dog to get its head through the top hole.

The lid is designed to snap right off so that it cannot get knocked off when the cat jumps. The plastic used to construct this box is a thick matter. While Clevercat does make some liners for this particular box, not many cat parents use liners with this box.


  • Designed to prevent creation of a mess - you do not need to keep sweeping away litter.
  • Cats with no over instincts will not cause your house to smell.
  • Fits properly in a corner.


  • It is a midrange priced product.
  • Your cat may not like to use it.

Aside from its pretty design, one of the greatest features this unit comes with is a tarp liner. This liner is reusable. Needless to say, it will help you save a great deal of cash compared to the normal litter box liners available in the market today. This tarp liner is sturdy and is designed to be lifted right out of the box while it contains all its litter and be emptied fast.

This tarp features a tension band that aids in snapping it back into place. It holds the unit firmly in place. This liner is washable with soapy water and can be replaced. The length of time the liner will last will depend on your cat. That said, to ensure that it lasts considerably longer, you should consider allowing a considerable amount of litter to build up in the box. This will keep your cat from scratching the liner and destroying it with time.

With most litter boxes, controlling odor is the biggest challenge there is. Scooping out the litter on a regular basis is the solution to this problem. With top entry boxes, litter tracking is slightly improved. The lid on the box of this Modkat litter box is swiveled such that any litter on the top surfaces falls back into it when the lid is opened. The lid is designed to lock into place.

This unit measures 16”x16”x15” and the entrance of this unit is about 9” in diameter.

With so many different colors available, this unit looks great and sleek. The glossy finish further complements its look. Additionally and worth noting is that this unit comes with a scoop hanging down on the side.


  • Offers great access.
  • The swivel lid makes it easy to clean.
  • Features a reusable liner.
  • It prevents your cat from tracking litter.


  • It does not have enough room for large cats.

This litter box measures about 15x20x15 inches. Needless to say, it is more of a rectangle than a square. The top of this unit measures about 9” in diameter. By now you might have noticed that this is the standard size for the top opening. However, there are some top opening litter boxes that do feature larger openings.

This box’s floor is smooth and makes it easy to scoop litter. While this feature may seem negligible, the effect it has on increasing the ease of scooping litter is incredible. On the side of the litter box is a hook designed to hold the scoop. You should note that the scoop is not included in the purchase of the litter box.

The box features a matte plastic finish. There are liners available for use with this litter box. But like with other litter boxes, very few individuals use the liners with their litter boxes.

This lid features a grate that holds on to litter from your cat’s paws. The litter finds its way back into the box when closed. The lid is sturdy and snaps into place. This keeps it from coming off when your cat is making an exit.


  • Has a smooth for easier scooping.
  • Has a top grate that traps litter on cat’s paws.
  • The lid is snapped tight into place.


  • Does not come with a liner.

It features a semi closed design. It is perfect for cats who prefer to jump into the litter box. The platform on the top side is grated and ha a hole large enough for cats to find its way inside with great ease. The space inside is clean, private and comfortable.

This large space measures 22.6”x40.5”x33cm in height. This space is bound to fit cats of all sizes. It is easy to clean with the split design. Additionally, the scoop stored in a bucket on the side of the litter box makes cleaning the box a breeze.

The plastic this unit is made from is odorless and non-toxic. You can rest easy knowing your cat is safe.


  • Has a semi closed design.
  • Has plenty of room inside for comfort.
  • Made of environmentally friendly plastic.


  • Some customers complained about the ide handles arriving cracked.
  • It needs to be taller.

This is one cute litter box. Unlike most of the other litter boxes we have reviewed above, this top entry cat litter box is designed with an open top. The sides are, however, designed to be high. These high walls are high enough to provide protection against splashing.

Overall, this litter box measures about 16x16x10.5”. On the surface the litter box includes a sifting pan that is designed to work with most kinds of clumping litter. A step screen is added to the design to help prevent tracking (which means a lot less clean-up for you)

Last but not least, and for added protection, the unit features a paw print as well as an anti-tracking mat for additional protection.


  • It is pretty and cute.
  • It has high wall to prevent splashing.
  • Features an anti-tracking mat for added protection.


  • Doesn’t do a great job in reducing chances of your cat ‘missing the target’.
  • It proves to be rather small for most large cat breeds.

This particular box was designed to keep away dogs – to protect the litter from nosy dogs. In the event you are a cat and a dog lover, and you own a big dog, this box is the best protection for your litter. Sure the dog will fit its head, and probably their necks inside the litter pan about 15 inches deep, but that is just about it. It cannot get to the litter. And even for smaller dogs, getting to the litter will not be an easy feat.

While I cannot guarantee that this litter pan is completely dog proof, what I can is that your litter’s protection depends on the size of your dog and just how persistent it is.

This litter pan measures about 15.07 x 20.29 x 15.2 inches. Cleaning this litter box is easier than it is with most.

The lid comes with a texture that allows kittens to jump onto the top surface and land safely. Additionally, the lid comes with a grating that ensures any stray kitten falls back into the box.

Though the top opening is small for large dogs to fit their snouts, it is large enough to fit different cat breeds coming in all sizes. However, If your cat is old and experiences trouble with jumping, you should reconsider getting this box.

The handles built in are designed to ensure that every cat parent has an easy tie lifting the box. The lid is designed with a hinge. Nonetheless, it can be removed for easy cleaning. On the exterior of the box is a hook molded for placement of the scoop. Note that the scoop does not come with this box.

The previous models of this box featured a raised floor that made scooping slightly difficult. However, that has since been addressed in this new model and the floor is now flat.

If you are thinking of going away on a road trip with your cat, be sure to get this box for your cat. It is perfect for travelling, fairly easy to maintain and creates little to no mess.


  • Non-slip lid.
  • Molded in hook to hand the litter scoop.
  • Protected from dogs.


  • Some cat owners feel its low quality.

How To Encourage Your Cat To Use a Entry Litter Box

Now that you have an idea of what to consider when making a choice of the best top entry litter box, how do you get your cat to use the top entry litter box?

Do not switch the litter the same time you switch to a new box

If your cat has grown used to a specific type of litter, it will associate the smell of the litter with its bathroom. Changing the litter box and the litter at the same time will throw off your cat. It will leave it stranded not knowing where to pee. Do not be shocked when you find your cat peeing on your clothes.

Retaining the old litter will help your cat transition better to its new litter box.

Take some of the old litter and mix it with the new litter inside the new top entry litter box Like in the first point above, the old litter will create some familiarity with the cat. You may not get a whiff of the scent but your cat with its heightened and strong sense of smell can. his will surely save you a lot of trouble trying to get your cat to get used to the move.

Place the new litter box in the exact same spot as the old litter box

Again, this will help your cat associate the new litter box with its bathroom spot. It is an easy thing to implement. Though we have this tip on the list, there are high chances that you would have implemented this tip anyway. It feels natural to do so. So probably I should not have mentioned this.

But just in case you were thinking of moving the litter box, you should know it is not such a great idea. Retain the new litter box in its old position. If you have to move it, move it in bits. Shift it slightly in the direction of your final destination a few inches until it finally arrives where you want it to be. Here, patience is key.

Hide the previous litter box – get it out of your cat’s line of sight

If you have a garage that is always locked and your cat cannot gain entry, ten it is a great idea if you put the litter box there. If you prefer to have the old litter box very close to you, to prevent you r cat from having an accident, you can hide it where I prefer to – in the bathroom. But with the bathroom, you have to ensure that the door is locked at times.

Now, I should point out that your cat will try to use the old litter box. My cat for instance, proves to be quite clever and resourceful and clever than I give it credit for. Even if you do not know it yet, your cat is prepared to go to all lengths to get to use its old litter box. You have to be resilient too in this battle.

Show your cat the new litter box is safe

For curious creatures, cats can prove to be overly cautious. They are not too welcoming to new things I their lives. Sure they will want to know what the new addition is, but that’s just about it, you will have to prove to them that it is actually safe before they can use it.

For this, try holding the cat over the new top entry litter box for a while. Try even placing it on top of it just to show that it is safe and that you approve of its use.

The Round Up

There are numerous top entry litter boxes. These are designed to make your life easier. Cleaning is faster with these litter boxes and you are bound to have a lot of fun.

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