Tabby Cat Names

Are you looking for a cute, funky, or out there name for your new tabby cat? Well, you’re in luck! In this post, we will introduce you to 50 male and 50 female names that work great for tabby cats. We’ll let you in on what the name means and the sort of character the name suits too. Taking the time to find the perfect name for your distinctively striped tabby will be worth it!


The History of Tabby Cats

Tabby cats do not come from any particular breed. Rather than the breed, ‘tabby’ refers to cats that have a swirly, stripy, and/or spotty coat. They can come in almost any color, or combination of colors. However, to be a tabby they must have at least one of these 3 coat patterns! You’ll find tabbies to be very vocal, intelligent, affectionate, and really playful. This means choosing them the right toy if they are going to be at home alone is really important! If you have other cats, you’ll soon have lots of fun watching them playing and grooming together too.

Female Striped Cat Names

If you’re looking for a name for a female tabby cat, these ones will get your creative mind flowing:

  1. Abbey – This tabby is not too shabby.
  2. Akiko - Likes the light in the fall.
  3. Aloha - Brings joy to everybody.
  4. Atsuko - Always helps people out.
  5. Ayo - Often gives you the giggles.
  6. Bern - Makes a great name for a brave ginger tabby.
  7. Charity - Is generous with her cuddles.
  8. Courtney - Is a powerful lady.
  9. Daffodil - Can’t wait for the spring.
  10. Diza - Hates to see anybody sad.
  11. Etsuko - Plays with childlike glee.
  12. Farah - Moves faster than lightning.
  13. Ha - Is bound to make you laugh.
  14. Jewel - Demands the finest.
  15. Joan - Meows musically
  16. Jovie - Will always be jovial.
  17. Jubilee - Seeks only bliss.
  18. Karise - Has to get her beauty sleep.
  19. Keena - Wanders wherever she likes.
  20. Kinga - Means business.
  21. Lalette - Lives for joyous time together.
  22. Leah - Is leopard-like.
  23. Litzy - Ideal for cats who bouncy tabby cats.
  24. Loca - Will like to let out her wild side.
  25. Luana - Is a lucky charm.
  26. Meg - Loves dreaming about the future.
  27. Moriko - Lives for her nap time.
  28. Nanna - Will rule the roost.
  29. Oihane - Loves to cozy up at bedtime.
  30. Omana - Stays to help in a crisis.
  31. Pantha - Loves to pounce.
  32. Patsy - Will follow your lead.
  33. Quirky - Is so eccentric.
  34. Raya - Is Spanish for stripe.
  35. Rishelle - Has to have a lie-in.
  36. Ruqayyah - Knows how to charm people.
  37. Saida - Is always landing on her feet.
  38. Sarama - Looks like the boss.
  39. Sasha - Always looks after you.
  40. Solara - Loves to sunbathe.
  41. Solstice - Will love the longest day.
  42. Sparrow - Won’t let the birds play.
  43. Sundown - Heads out at night.
  44. Sylvie - Has to get plenty of sleep.
  45. Tammy - Has a twin.
  46. Tiger - Loves to toy with her prey.
  47. Toots - Loves playing with tails in May.
  48. Uma - Knows how to show love.
  49. Xylona - Loves running up and down the xylophone.
  50. Yuki - Plays in the snow.

Male Striped Cat Names

For some help finding a funky name for your male tabby cat, here are 50 ideas:

  1. Arwan - Is bold and courageous
  2. Atigrado - Is Spanish for tabby.
  3. Baheera - Is just like a tiger.
  4. Benigno - Gets smiles out of stones.
  5. Brady - Will bring his bunch back with him.
  6. Bubbles - Always chases things.
  7. Chancer - Will love taking risks.
  8. Chaucer - Is a hit with the ladies.
  9. Ciro - Makes the sunshine every day.
  10. Dakari - Is a great way to start the evening.
  11. Dexter - Has too much intelligence.
  12. Dinesh - Is a spiritual cat.
  13. Dreama - Is always in a daze.
  14. Flash - Has a stripey coat.
  15. Forrester - Loves the great outdoors.
  16. Freckles - Is covered in spots.
  17. Gilon - Can keep anyone amused for hours.
  18. Guido - For sleepy cats.
  19. Happy - Will make you smile.
  20. Haruto - Never goes out in the rain.
  21. Hootie - Gets all the attention.
  22. Jazz - Loves being stroked soothingly.
  23. Kabili - Loves to try new things.
  24. Koa - Will always have your back.
  25. Leonardo - Looks like a painting.
  26. Lok - Always has a smile on his face.
  27. Loki - Is bound to be crazy.
  28. Macavity - of T.S. Elliot fame.
  29. Magar - Is a blessing.
  30. Manchas - Is spotty like a leopard.
  31. Marble - Makes a great name for tabbies of any color.
  32. Marnin - Always delights a crowd.
  33. Motley - Gets on with his crew.
  34. Muffin - Loves his food.
  35. Nigel - A great name for shy tabbies.
  36. Onni - Is happy go lucky.
  37. Oscosh - Will be braver than them all.
  38. Pebbles - Will never change his spots.
  39. Pyjamas - Makes everyone smile.
  40. Rahim - Is kind, compassionate, and loving.
  41. Ravi - Is up with the rising sun.
  42. Sampson - Makes a great name for fluffy tabbies.
  43. Shogo - Likes to show off.
  44. Sohan - Is a fortunate fellow.
  45. Sol - Has to lie out in the sun.
  46. Starbuck - Is just so stripey.
  47. Tigger - Likes jumping over walls.
  48. Vasily - Is always in a good mood.
  49. Yeti - Taken from the German for tabby ‘getigerte’.
  50. Zahar - Always has a twinkle in his eye.

Round Up 

Tabby cats are some of the coolest looking cats around. They are also highly intelligent, caring, and attentive to their owners’ needs. Have fun naming your cat with one of these fun and funky tabby cat names.

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