Stupid Cat Names

There are many reasons why cats make great pets. They have a thing for running into glass doors, chasing down streaks of light and hunting everything that moves. Interestingly, describing cats as goofy, funny and clumsy is quite accurate and finding a stupid name for your cat is just what the doctor ordered to solidify your connection to your cat.

Stupid Female Cat Names

  1. Anderson Pooper: Perfect for cats that ‘live’ in the litter box. Pun for Anderson Cooper.
  2. Peevee: Because his Pee smells like Vee (vinegar).
  3. Meowses: Why didn’t you think of this earlier? It’s witty and very obvious!
  4. Elvis Catsley: He is a performer always on his feet jumping up and down.  
  5. Houdini: The little devil can escape from any room around the house.
  6. Poops-a-lot: You’re always finding him in the litter bin.
  7. Bing Clawsby: He cracks you up and always shreds your couch.
  8. Chubby Bunny: He takes his meal time seriously and has added a few pounds.
  9. Catticus: He gets on your nerves but you can’t imagine life without him.
  10. Foghorn: He just loves to howl.
  11. Sir-purrs-a lot: Great name for cats that love purring.
  12. Pee Wee: If you can make fun of his poo, why not also make fun of his pee?
  13. Deadpool: The movie is funny and so, is your cat. It’s a match made in heaven!
  14. Chairman Meow: He is bossy!
  15. Elvis Catsely: He loves the limelight.
  16. Picatso: The best groomed, hygiene conscious cat.
  17. William shakespaw: He has a creative side to him.
  18. Catapult: He is always jumping off of stuff.
  19. Blackie Chan: He is a hitter.
  20. Catsanova: He knows how to get down with the ladies.
  21. Cat-titude: Perfect for proud ‘independent’ cats.
  22. Catsup: He always runs to say hi at the door.
  23. Galacticat: He has a great attitude and good looks. He must be from another galaxy.
  24. Chubastic Mow-Mow: He just loves eating.
  25. Pawssanova: Easy on the eye, with a touch of pride.
  26. Ninja Killer-1000: He is super stealthy
  27. Thunder Paws: Perfect for a Strong, and athletic cat.
  28. Wigglebutt: Just can’t stop shaking it.
  29. Your majesty: A true king!
  30. Hammerhead: When the cat keeps banging into things.
  31. Sluggish: He loves lying around and is never in a hurry. (Also check out why cats sleep alot)
  32. Obi-Wan Catnobi: He is a Jedi cat.
  33. Captain Frankenstein Von Tunahead: He’s a fuzzball and loves Tuna.
  34. Hairy Potter: A pun for Harry Potter.
  35. Behemoth:  Perfect name for Maine Coons.
  36. The Furminator: Pun from the Terminator!
  37. Bacon Bit: Just loves munching on his bacon.
  38. Cue-ball: Perfect for hairless Sphinx cats.
  39. Dog: When he thinks he is a dog and behaves like one.
  40. Fred: You will be surprised by how people get cracked up by a cat called Fred.
  41. Kilobyte: For tiny cats.
  42. Meowise: Little wise cat.
  43. Sooty: For black cats.
  44. Boots: Because you shouldn’t name your cat after clothes or footwear.
  45. Rabid: He acts a little crazy sometimes.
  46. Lil’ Hitler: He is a cold hearted dictator who loves attention.
  47. Pissy: Pees on everything and everywhere.
  48. Dammit: You can’t get angry at the cat without cursing.
  49. Bubba: Another funny name for an overweight cat.
  50. Goofus: He is goofy and clumsy.

Stupid Male Cat Names

If you have a female cat, there are tons of stupid names for her as well:

  1. Cookie: Brown-coated cats.
  2. Meowly Cyrus: A divalicious cat
  3. Kitney Spears: A pun from Britney spears
  4. Babushka: If she is really old.
  5. Pawlina: A Pun from Pauline.
  6. Moscato: Is the name of a white wine. Perfect for white cats.
  7. Jennifurr: A Pun from Jennifer.
  8. Cleocatra: She is beautiful with an evil look.
  9. Her royal catness: Demands royal treatment at all times.
  10. Veronicat: A Pun from Veronica.
  11. Miss Thang: Because you can’t find enough cat slang names.
  12. Puma Thurman: A Pun from Uma Thurman.
  13. Felinegood: She is always happy.
  14.  Pawjamas: Loves her kitty bed.
  15. Purrsnickity: She is fussy and trivial.
  16. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang: Overly excited with great energy.
  17. Fish Breath: You can’t stand her breath in the morning.  
  18. Little mewmaid: She loves water!
  19. Purrcahontas: She is liberated.
  20. Sleeping Mewty: Cute when she sleeps.
  21. Fleas Witherspoon: She just can’t stay away from fleas.
  22. Kathmandu: Perfect for Nepalese cats.
  23. Diva: She loves attention.
  24. Sassie: Perfect for Himalayan cats with a persona to match.
  25. Tempurra: She is moody with a temper.
  26. Cinpurella: Takes her looks seriously.
  27. Winnie the Purr: Kind-hearted with a dash of clumsiness.
  28. Lady squashface: Nice name for Persian Cats.
  29. Ms. Sassy Boots: She has white paws and an attitude.
  30. Prima Donna: Need we say more?
  31. Terabyte: She packs some weight and loves to eat.
  32. The Poop Machine: You’re always finding her in the litter bin. (check out these great cat litter options)
  33. Black widow: She is black and she is not playing.
  34. Goldilocks:  For golden-coated cats.
  35. Stinky Poo Poos: Her poo stinks.
  36. Trouble Boogers: She is always getting into trouble.
  37. Fartfang: She is a gas bomb waiting to happen.
  38. Other Woman: When you love her just as much as your partner.
  39. Theophagus: Eats everything she finds.
  40. Ziggy Starpuss: Named after a rock god.
  41. Cat Mao: Catonese for Cat.
  42. Kittles: She has a sweet tooth. And he is sweet!
  43. Catatonic: For the kitty that spends most of his time napping.
  44. Bagel Face: Because cats love bagels too.
  45. Bunny Foofoo: Perfect for small, affectionate cats. (Also check out this list of the most affectionate cats).
  46. Fluffernut: She is fluffy with a love for nuts.
  47. Bon-Bon: She is a sweet tooth.
  48. Bodacious: Lean and curvy.
  49. Aphrodite: She is very clingy and possessive.
  50. Ruckus: She is little but noisy!              

Round Up 

Let your cat live out its funny characteristics by picking a name to match its character. Whether it’s a pun from your favorite celebrity, your favorite movie or movie character or a name you just pulled out of a hat, make sure it’s a name that sticks and gets people to laugh every time you call your cat.

Rebecca Welters

Yes, I am that weird cat lady with 200 cats and live in the darkest corner of the city where no one dares to go! Joking! But I am a cat lover and have 2 Ragdoll cats called Toby, he's 3 years old and Dory, she's 8 years old. I'm 36 years old and live in the quiet town of Washington.

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