Soulistic Cat Food Reviews

For first timers, hearing about Weruva might be a little strange to many cat owners. However, as you start to check out Weruva cat food reviews, you’ll learn and know what it can offer to you. Weruva is a popular cat food brand that offers wet canned recipes. They don’t make any dry food.

According to their website, all of the formulas are made in a human food facility. This means that they are following the same standards and restrictions made in producing foods for a human. The ingredients they used can be recognized easily and is something that you are probably serving to your family members.

Their base protein ingredients include beef, chicken, and fish. On top if, they also add quality muscle meats such as whole tuna loins, white breast chicken, and beef. Their flavors are great and tasty for many cats. To achieve that, they are adding fresh vegetables and unique ingredients such as tuna, calamari, tilapia and a whole lot more!

They claim to offer luxurious and natural pet food that was inspired by the three rescued pets of David and Stacie Forman. If you are planning to purchase one of their recipes and is in doubt, then there are more things you should know about them.


Soulistic Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Soulistic Nautical NirvanaWater Sufficient For Processing, Tuna, Skipjack, Tapioca Starch, Sunflower Seed Oil10%1.4%0.5%Click Here
Soulistic Luna Tuna DinnerWater For Processing, Tuna, Pumpkin, Tapioca Starch, Sunflower Seed Oil9%1.4%0.5%Click Here
Soulistic Aqua Grill Tilapia & Tuna DinnerWater Sufficient For Processing, Tilapia, Tuna, Tapioca Starch, Sunflower Seed Oil10%1.4%0.5%Click Here
Soulistic Grain-Free Moist and Tender DinnerTuna Broth, Tuna, Chicken, Tapioca Starch, Sunflower Oil9%1%1%Click Here
Soulistic Island Illusion Salmon & Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup Cat Food PouchesWater For Processing, Salmon, Tuna, Pumpkin, Tapioca Starch9%1.4%0.5%Click Here

The Soulistic Nautical Nirvana wet canned food is a blend of skipjack and tuna, served in delicious gravy sauce. Cats totally love tuna and this meal is ideal for them. It does not come with grains and has whole tuna chunks that they can savor. This is rich in natural fish oils and flavor, with no preservatives and fillers to worry about.

The gravy sauce adds great flavor and makes the texture soft and tender. Your cats can digest the meal easily and absorb the nutrients that come with it. It is moist enough to keep your cats hydrated and it comes with different minerals and vitamins for the complete health of your cats.

However, it is not recommended as an everyday meal for your cats. Too much fish might actually trigger allergies and make your cat finicky. You can spoil your cat instead and have it as their treat!


  • It has chunks of tuna.
  • It is served in a delicious and flavorful gravy.
  • It has vitamins and minerals that your cat needs.
  • It is rich in protein for the overall health of cats.


  • Too much fish is not good for cats.
  • It can make some cats finicky.

The Soulistic Luna Tuna is by far the most popular among the meals offered by the company. Just like the other available meals, it comes with low carb content and zero grains that makes it a perfect choice for cats with sensitivities. It comes with a mix of tuna that is served with real pumpkin soup. If you don’t know it yet, pumpkin is a great supplement that aids in solving digestive problems of your cats.

There is no doubt that this is a healthy meal that can be an additional supplement to the common meals that you are serving to your cats. Unlike the other wet canned foods of the company, this one comes in a pouch that’s 3 oz. in size.

However, many cats don’t really like the taste and texture of pumpkin. It is best if you try it out first and see if it would work for your cats!


  • It has low carb content and zero grains.
  • It has pumpkin soup for healthy digestion.
  • It can be a great supplementary food. It comes in a pouch.


  • Some cats don’t like pumpkin. Finicky cats won’t really eat this meal.

Soulistic is making a change in the market by offering great new recipes including their Soulistic Aqua Grill. This Soulistic Aqua Grill comes with a blend of tuna and tilapia mixed and served in a rich gravy sauce. Just the recipe itself can make your cat drool! This meal can make the finickiest cat have the right appetite and savor every bit of it.

It comes with essential supplements that are needed by their body and they will fall for its scent, taste, and soft texture. The tuna chunks are nutritious and offer quality protein to support the overall development of your cats. It is low in carbohydrates and is safe for adult cats. There is nothing to worry about their weight management as it works best for that problem.

However, mixing this meal with other cat food is recommended as too much seafood is bad for your cats. You can spice up their usual meals with this or serve it as their treat – whichever way, they totally deserve it!


  • It is a perfect blend of tuna and tilapia.
  • It is highly palatable and recommended for most cats.
  • It comes with tuna chunks that they will love.
  • It is soft and tender, and easily digestible.


  • Too much fish is bad for your cat.

The Soulistic Double Happiness offers a great recipe that you can’t find in any other brands. It is a mix of tuna and crab surimi served as jelly bits in a can. It comes with essential minerals and vitamins that can support the overall needs of your cats. There are also no added soy, grains, and artificial fillers.

It has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that can help in promoting a healthier skin and coat to your cats. It uses all-natural ingredients that give high levels of protein. This is highly palatable, and your cats will totally love this.

On the other hand, some cat owners won’t recommend this meal because it can make some of their cats finicky. It also comes with starch that might trigger the allergies of your cat.


  • It uses tuna and crab as the main ingredient.
  • It is a brand-new recipe that you can consider.
  • There are no grains and fillers added.
  • It helps promote a healthy skin and coat.


  • It comes with starch that can cause allergies to cats.

Looking for a mix of poultry and seafood meal? The Soulistic Tuna and Chicken Dinner in Gravy makes it possible for you. This meal is a wet cat food that is made from USDA-approved human food facility. It is a premium meal that comes with identifiable and limited ingredients. There are no hormones added, no grains, no gluten, and no fillers.

It comes with natural ingredients that offer added minerals and vitamins essential for the health of your cats. It has lean whole cuts of premium meat from skinless white chicken breast and tuna. It is available with custom cat magnet pouches that make it easier for you to serve to your cats.

Nonetheless, some cats may not like this flavor as they are probably used to chicken flavors. Too much seafood for your cats is also not advisable as it can make them finicky and they may start to build different sensitivities.


  • It does not come with grains.
  • It has limited ingredients.
  • It uses premium quality of meats as a source of protein.
  • It is available in easy to serve pouches.


  • Some cats are not interested in this flavor.

The Soulistic Island Illusion Salmon and Tuna Recipe come with a powerful mixture of tuna and salmon. If you are interested in serving your cats some great treats, then this can be the best one for you! It offers a delicious taste of tuna and salmon mixed together in pumpkin soup. It is highly palatable and they can digest every chunk of it easily.

Just like what we mentioned earlier, the pumpkin soup can aid in easing the sensitive stomachs of your cats when digesting meals. It can also make it easier for them to get the nutrients this meal has to offer. This is available in different pouches that you can easily open and serve to your cats.

However, it is not good to use this as the main meal of your cats because of high seafood content. Tuna and salmon are both great sources of protein, but too much of it can make your cats be finicky and develop different sensitivities. It is also not recommended for cats with low white blood cells.


  • It comes with the right mixture of tuna and salmon.
  • It is highly palatable for your cats.
  • It is easily digestible and is ideal for cats with a sensitive stomach.
  • It is available in easy to serve pouches.


  • It is not ideal for cats that have allergies to seafood.
  • Too much of it can make your cats finicky.

The Soulistic Good Karma Chicken Dinner in Gravy offers the usual recipe that you can get from other brands. It has a mix of real chicken in gravy that is totally mouthwatering and ideal for the needs of your cats. They will savor and love every chunk of it.

If your cats are having digestive problems like farting, then it is the solution they need! However, this does not come with any protein sources to make it appetizing for your cats. You can serve it together with some freeze-dried treats or make it appetizing for them.


  • It is formulated for the needs of both dogs and cats.
  • It has insoluble and soluble fibers.
  • It supports proper digestion.
  • It helps to have a quality stool on your cats.


  • It comes with high levels of protein from chicken. It is tender and soft for your cats. It helps catsThere are cats that don’t like this meal. Some cats develop diarrhea from eating this. with sensitive stomachs. It is recommended for senior cats with bad teeth.

Important Points to Consider

Soulistic is a popular cat food that uses only the finest ingredients that are essential for the health and well-being of your cats. They pay strict attention to what is included in their meal and how it is being delivered. They offer great assurance on the nutrition that your cat will get. However, if you are thinking twice about purchasing their meals, checking out Soulistic cat food reviews can be a great help. Looking at the pointers below will also help you in having a better idea of what Soulstic Cat food can offer to your cats.

  • Human-grade facility: Soulistic is following strict requirements to meet safety standards. They have human-grade facilities, which means that they have the same standard with the facilities behind the companies that make food for people.
  • Balanced nutrition: Soulistic boasts a variety of meals that have the proper nutrition that your cats need. They use quality ingredients that are rich in protein and can help promote the overall health of your cats.
  • Grain-Free formulas: Soulistic is one of the companies that offers meals with zero grains. They believe that grains in a cat’s diet are not as helpful as we think. It can trigger allergies and cause sensitivities. Grain-free formulas offer safe and nutritious meals for your cats.
  • Soft texture: The brand is known for offering great wet canned foods that have tender meats. This is soft and highly digestible, so your cats will not have problems in absorbing the nutrients that comes with it. They will love to chew on it and savor every bit. 
  • Wet canned food: The company believes that cats need wet canned foods. They use real ingredients and mixed it with pumpkin soup or gravy to offer great flavors that are essential for the needs of your cats. Most of the meals are recommended for cats with sensitivities because it is tender which helps cats in digesting their meals properly.

Soulistic Quick History

Soulistic is a cat food brand under PetCo. They are offering holistic cat food that means, they are using ingredients that are ideal for the body of your cats – whether it is for their immune system, digestive system, the softness of its fur, shine of its coat, and many others.

The people behind the brand believes that the best cat food should be grain-free and wet. According to their website, they believe that there is no substitute for real food and they feed your cat’s soul. All of their meals are created with no grains. This gives cat owners the option to choose to offer the meals to cats with sensitivities, especially the one with allergies and digestive problems.  

Their meals are also low in carbohydrates that is helpful in maintaining their weight. Soulistic brings new recipes to the market. They use whole meat on their meals that your cats will love to sink their teeth in. With the texture and flavor, your cats will surely meow at night and bug you for more.

Just like any other brand, there are ups and downs to consider when buying Soulistic cat food. There are different online sites that discuss Soulistic cat food reviews to inform cat owners about the possible qualities that they can expect from the company’s products and help determine if this is the right meal for their cats. Take a look at our list and have your best pick!

Soulistic Cat Food Recalls

The company is still relatively new on the market. There are no records of recalls about their meals, giving assurance to many cat owners.

Cost of Soulistic Meals

Nowadays, more cat owners will be a bit particular about the cost of the meals they serve to their cats. This is important as you want to be assured that you can give them the nutrients they need in the longer run. When it comes to Soulistic cat food, it is not too expensive compared to other brands that offer the same recipe.

They have a variety of wet canned foods that are available in different sizes. You can get the smaller cans that have enough serving for your cats. They can easily finish it, and you would have no problems with the leftovers. Their meals are recommended for average cat owners that are looking for cost-effective meals that they can serve their cats.

The Round Up

Soulistic firmly believes that our cats need wet canned food more than anything else. They have a variety of wet canned food available that is a game changer on the market. There are new recipes to choose from, and you are free to try out what works best for your cat! Make sure to check out more Soulistic cat food reviews to get to know more about the things that the company can offer.

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