15 Smallest Cat Breeds

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, from the biggest cats in the wild to the smallest cats in our homes. Some people would prefer to take in big cats, while some prefer to have the smaller cats around. Here is a list of some of the smallest cat breeds that are known to mankind. Learn more about them as you read further!


Tiny Miniature Cat Countdown

1. American Curl Cat

The American Curl originated from California. The American Curls has a very rich domestic ancestry; you can get a shorthair or a longhair one, depending on your preference. Their coat, patterns, and colors come in different designs too. When an American Curl is born, their ears appear to be straight; but as they age, their ears began to curl back.

An American Curl is a very reliable and loyal companion to humans. In fact, the very first American Curl was very loyal to its human companion and was so protective of its siblings. This is truly one of the cutest miniature cats! This cat also makes it to our 25 cats that dont shed blog post.

2. Cornish Rex Cat

The Cornish Rex is like your quiet seat mate, but when you actually get to know it more, you will realize that the Cornish Rex is simply amazing! It is a great companion for humans and animals alike. Even if it is small, it can give lots of love and affection to everyone.

Even though they are small cats, they do poop a lot!

3. Davon Rex

The Davon Rex’ inviting appearance could surely lure any human to play with it. With its oversized ears and large eyes, the Davon Rex is sure to capture most people’s attention. It is known to be a really witty and sly cat. I guess that also explains why Davon Rex cats easily get in trouble. Nevertheless, these cats are in constant need of your attention.

The Davon Rex or Devon Rex to some is also quite the prankster. It loves to sneak up on people and surprise them. Although, despite this prankster nature, the Davon Rex can be really lovable and affectionate.

4. Munchkin Cat

Well, well, if it isn’t the famous Munchkin cat. Well, in the world of cats, if you are asked about the smallest cats that you know – the Munchkin never fails to make it on the list. Aside from the catchy ring to its name, the Munchkin is also incredibly cute and adorable. No wonder most people will remember this cat.

A lot of people want to have Munchkin if given the chance to choose which small cat to bring in the house. Munchkins are pretty satisfied beings, they will not demand a lot of things from you and they are very comfortable with being alone.

5. Singapura Cat

You do not have to worry about introducing a Singapura to a human of any age – this cat can just get comfy real quick! The Singapura is the Malaysian name for Singapore – its place of origin. Singapura cats do not find it hard to assimilate with their environment. It is very easy for them to adapt. They love engaging in exciting activities that will keep them busy.

6. Siamese Curl

Here is also another famous cat that’s quite a crowd favorite. The Siamese cat is a really loving cat. It will be there when you need it, quietly sleeping in your lap, purring to sleep to help you relax as well after a long day’s work

7. Oriental Cat

Who knew that in a cat this small, it is actually possible to store up lots of energy in its tiny body? Well, the Oriental cat surprises us with its agility and high energy as it eagerly runs, jumps and climbs around whenever it gets the chance. Surely, there will be no dull moment when you have an Oriental cat around.

8. Japanese Bobtail Cat

Hello Kitty in the flesh! The worldwide phenomenon is said to be based from the Japanese Bobtail. Just like Hello Kitty, the Japanese Bobtail loves making friends and looking out for others. It loves to discover new things and is a fairly curious cat.

9. Burmese Cat

Another cat that came from the Asian region, southeast to be exact, the g is ready to blow us all away with it wit and charm. A Burmese cat can keep itself busy but of course spending some quality time with it is still a must.

The Burmese cat is extremely friendly with any member of the household – age doesn’t matter to this cat! If it likes you, it likes you! you will also have no problems introducing this cat to other people for the first time for it is pretty hospitable too!

10. LaPerm Cat

The LaPerm has been known to many as the cat with style! Why? It is because the coat of a LaPerm got a perm – see now why it is called LaPerm? Now more than its fancy curls and beautiful coat; a LaPerm is usually expressive when it comes to giving its owner affection. A LaPerm is a very friendly cat not only to human but to other animals as well. This small cat breed is perfect with our Golden Retriever.

11. Turkish Angora Cat

One of the national treasures of Turkey, the Turkish Angora stands with pride amidst it lack in height. There's nothing to be ashamed of being small, the Turkish Angora is still magnificent and royal as it struts around the place. Don't get me wrong, these Turks are not arrogant at all. They love playtime the most and would love to mingle with everyone.

12. Minskin Cat

You get a Minskin when you mix a Sphynx and a Munchkin! This new addition to the cat world is just amazing. Some refer to the Minskin as the Corgi of the cat world because of its evidently short legs and body structure. The Minskin has its own charm that no human will be able to resist. The Minskin likes to go about and it especially likes to be in high places.

13. Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinians are known for their timid and quiet personality. They also love to spend quality time with their human companion most of the time. Despite the timid and quiet nature, an Abyssinian is still ready for some action-packed game time. You will need to keep this cat on its paws, maybe constructing a DIY cat tree is the answer?

14. Korat Cat

The Korat is one of the cat breeds that possess an exceptionally beautiful coat. It has this glow and shimmer that no other cat can imitate. This is what makes the Korat unique. It does not require too much work when it comes to maintenance and management. The only thing that you have to work on when you have a Korat around is the amount of time you spend with it. A Korat loves to spend time with its human companions!

15. Sokoke Cat

You would not be able to keep a Sokoke stay put in one place. Sokoke cats are not known for being lap cats, but they certainly compensate by playing a lot with you instead. Of course, they still love to receive affection from their human companions. If you are out for a long time and you get home, expect that your Sokoke will be eager to tell you about its day. At the same time, it will be eager to listen to yours as well. Sokoke cats are known for being one of the most vocal cats there is.

Small, but terrible(y cute)!

These cats may be the smallest cats in the pack but they certainly have a big heart for having fun and showing affection to those around them. Most of the cats in this smallest cat breeds list are also cats that usually shed less than most of its peers. More and more people are deciding to take in smaller cats in their households. These cats are simply hard to resist!

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