10 Signs Your Cat Loves You

There are a lot of people who prefer dogs over cats just because of the generalization that cats are snobs, cold as ice and independent. Others see cats as having humans for pets instead of humans having cats for pets. These things are not entirely true – cats are one of those greatly misunderstood animals. Here are the 10 signs that your cat loves you after all.


Countdown of What to Look For!

1. Dropping on its side, exposing his/her belly to you

If all of a sudden they drop to the ground and meows like crazy until you give them attention; then it is apparent that your cat really loves you! A cat exposing his or her belly to you means that he or she is very comfortable around you and your cat does not mind being vulnerable when you are around. It is also a sign of trust.

But! You have to understand that a cat doing this (exposing his or her belly in the process), is not asking for you to rub its belly! Nicky Trevorrow, the manager at Cat Protection, tells us that giving your cat a belly rub after he/she does this is already an abuse of your cat’s trust for you.

What you should do instead of rubbing his/her belly is to pet his/her head instead! That’s going to be much better for your cat! If you will notice, some cats do not like getting their bellies rub while some do. It is because of the reason mentioned earlier.

2. Purring and meowing

If only cats could talk – but while they can’t, hearing that rumbling motor-like sound is a good sign that your cat loves you! It’s your cat purring while you are there! Not only that, if your cat meows at you then it is only trying to communicate that it loves you very much.

3. Biting

More often than not, biting is considered a bad behavior by cats; but in reality, it is actually a greatly misunderstood reaction by cats. Bri Luginbill of Smart Living Network tells us that biting from your cat means that it is pleased with you. These are called love bites!

But here’s the catch, the biting becomes “bad” when your cat bites too hard. Soft bites are welcome and are the type of bites that are considered as affection. Hard bites are different. If your cat does hard bites eventually, it is trying to communicate something different to you. It may mean that your cat is already over-stimulated.

4. Scratching at furniture, especially those that you frequent

Cats are greatly misunderstood creatures. Sometimes, their love language is perceived as annoying and destructive. But maybe if only we could learn to appreciate and understand our cat's love language we'll get touched, and melt right there. Like scratching at furniture – cat's seem to do this jut for the sake of doing so but it is actually your cat telling you that he/she likes you and is therefore, claiming ownership of you.

What you can do is put some sisal or mats over furniture your cat frequents – in which case, your furniture is protected while your cat can do his/her thing. We would recommended reading our best cat tower condo guide to stop your kitty destroying your furniture! Maybe your cat needs a cat tree?

5. Kneading (or Massaging)

Do you sometimes get startled when your cat suddenly climbs on your lap or on your back and starts to seemingly ‘massage' you? Well, this free massage is what you call kneading in cats. Cats who love their humans usually do this (but of course cats who do not do this to their humans doesn't mean that the cats do not love them). Getting a cat is like getting your own personal masseur. It is a win-win situation for you and your cat! For more info you can check out this article from our friends at wwwallaboutcats.

6. Frequent body contacts

Sometimes you will wonder why your cat is so "clingy". You know, you're obviously busy doing something and your cat just suddenly shows its butt to your face or rubs its body all over you, invading your own space. There's this also what some call as head bonking, where your cat bonks its head towards your head or your hand or any other body part.

Yeah, those situations are almost always familiar. Well if your cat does this, then your cat surely loves you. It may come off as annoying but is actually cute and funny. It is just your cat’s way of showing their affection for you. Your cat just wants your attention so much and it simply wants you to maybe pet his/her head or have some playtime session.

7. Approaching you with their tail pointing up

Dogs are not the only ones who go up their humans to greet them. Cats do too! When you see your cat approach you with its tail pointing up, it just means that your cat is very pleased to see you! Your cat might even go in for a pet and some attention from you. They may not look as eager as dogs, but hey at least now you know that they actually love you every time they do this to you!

8. Slow blinks

Do you remember moments with your cat, when he/she just stares at you blankly (eyes half closed, or almost looks like as if your cat is in a trance) and slowly blink its eyes on you? Well, no need to get weirded out – it means they love you! It is your cat’s way of saying that they like you and that they are really comfortable with you around.

Aside from their body language, research shows that cats do a lot of talking using their eyes. Gayle Hickman of petful tells us about how this behavior is often referred as your cat giving you the “kitty kiss”.

9. They leave you gifts and they groom you

This is funny and heart-warming at the same time when you realize what your cat is thinking when they do this to you. Do you sometimes wake up to a weird object, not knowing where it came from? Or your cat bringing you dead stuff like small birds, lizards or even rats? Or do you find yourself in a situation where your cat is eagerly and happily grooming you, licking at your hair or patches of your skin? Well, no matter how bizarre these actions are – all of them mean that your cat has a lot of affection for you! And that you are a helpless human that needs caring and nurturing by them.

Your cat probably thinks that you are too weak to get your own food, that’s why it already does the job for you. Oh, and about the grooming? Your cat might be thinking that you are not capable of grooming yourself, given that it does not see you do the same as he/she does. Our cats can be weirdly sweet, I tell you!

10. They sleep on you

Here’s the last item on this list but there’s certainly more of them out there. If your cat loves to sleep around you, or maybe even on you – then your cat deffo loves you! There’s no question in that. They feel at ease with you that they want to be around you even if it is at their most vulnerable - during sleep.

Look Harder!

Maybe we just didn’t notice the first time. Maybe they were saying: “look human! I love you!” but we weren’t looking. Cats may be complicated but they're not stone cold. They can also be affectionate if only we appreciate and understand their love language. Cats have a lot of ways to express their love; we’ll be surprised to know! Get to know them here: (Read: 16 most affectionate cat breeds)

Rebecca Welters

Yes, I am that weird cat lady with 200 cats and live in the darkest corner of the city where no one dares to go! Joking! But I am a cat lover and have 2 Ragdoll cats called Toby, he's 3 years old and Dory, she's 8 years old. I'm 36 years old and live in the quiet town of Washington.

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