Siamese Cat Names

Siamese cats are one of the world’s most popular cats. Originally from Thailand (formerly known as Siam), these cats have sacred credentials in Buddhism, having formerly acted as guards to temples.

In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best bits about this friendly breed and 100 of the best male and female names for Siamese cats.

What are Siamese Cats like?

With their stunning blue eyes, it’s easy to see why in terms of looks alone. However, their temperament also makes them great for families or anyone looking for some extra companionship. Sticklers for routine, you’ll need to feed Siamese cats their meals at regular intervals. If you forget, this vocal breed will let you know soon enough!

Female Siamese Cat Names

  1. Anh - Is smart and intelligent.
  2. Aom - Demands cuddles.
  3. Arya - Will demand to be respected.
  4. Bi - Is a good choice of Siamese cat name for a cat with greenish eyes.
  5. Bi - Is green with envy.
  6. Boonsri - Is more beautiful than the sun.
  7. Caihong - Will be like a rainbow brightening a cloudy sky.
  8. Chenda - Has a marvelous intellect.
  9. Chime - You will love forever.
  10. Chodren - For pretty little lambs.
  11. Dojin - If you’re a romantic.
  12. Dokai - For energetic walkers.
  13. Druki - Devotes herself to peaceful days.
  14. Erhi - For a musically inspired name.
  15. Eshvi – Will be a gift from God.
  16. Fuji - Makes an ideal choice for cats that like high places.
  17. Fumiko - Is so intellectual.
  18. Garma - Won’t stop dancing.
  19. Goldeheve - For cats with a sixth sense.
  20. Hayma - When your cat loves staying out in the forest.
  21. Hella - For victory.
  22. Inzali - If you need some help from above.
  23. Jampa - If your cat is peaceful and kind.
  24. Karma - For a cat beaming with positivity.
  25. Kesang - To while the hours away with.
  26. Khatina - Who just loves the rain.
  27. Kwang - Leaps likes a deer.
  28. Lawan - Meows beautifully.
  29. Lotus - Is a good choice for enlightened cats.
  30. Madee - Marks a good beginning.
  31. Mima - Will be wonderful.
  32. Myitzu - Is so charming.
  33. Myo - Lives for family.
  34. Nyunt - Gambles like a lamb in spring.
  35. Opame - For a shining star.
  36. Pharaoh - If you love ancient Egyptians.
  37. Qacha - For a cat who is always by your side.
  38. Rochana - Who meows so sweetly.
  39. Sandar - Suits a lady of the night.
  40. Shway - For a cat who is as good as gold.
  41. Taka - An honorable Siamese cat name.
  42. Takako - Must be treated royally.
  43. Taki - Loves the water.
  44. Tho - Just loves live.
  45. Xanadau - Will start a dynasty.
  46. Yuzanar - Is as sweet as an orange.
  47. Zarni - Is beautiful inside and out.
  48. Zen - When your cat loves the peace and quiet.
  49. Zenji - Loves to chill.
  50. Zeya - Brings success.

Male Siamese Cat Names

  1. Adika - An excellent choice for needy cats.
  2. Anuman - Who has limited patience.
  3. Arkar - For cats who think they can fly.
  4. Ashai - For cats that love the early morning.
  5. Avici - Is a good choice Siamese cats with a devilish nature.
  6. Bao - When your cat is as cute as a dumpling.
  7. Batbayar - Will bring you joy.
  8. Batsaikhan - Will be strong but kind.
  9. Cahya - Is a great choice for brightly colored cats.
  10. Candrasurya - Likes to spend time in the moonlight.
  11. Canh - A name for Siamese cats who love to roam.
  12. Daiji - Is ideal for a cat full of love and compassion.
  13. Daikan - Makes a great name for powerful pussycats.
  14. Dashin - Is always content.
  15. Dharma - For cats who understand the laws of nature.
  16. Eido - Will brighten up your day.
  17. Enmei - Understands the circle of life.
  18. Erden - Is bound to be a true treasure.
  19. Fa - If you love new beginnings.
  20. Fu - For lucky cats.
  21. Fumihiro - For cats with a bit of a temper.
  22. Gan - For cats who are bold and brave.
  23. Genghis - Always comes out on top.
  24. Gurtej - A great name for obedient cats.
  25. Hakue - Will be a blessing.
  26. Hanumanta - With the chubby cheeks.
  27. Indazita - If your cat gets into all sorts of scrapes.
  28. Itsuki - Will love climbing trees.
  29. Jie - Knows how to be alone.
  30. Jikai - for cats who look after everyone.
  31. Kan - If your cat is full of luck.
  32. Lamon - Makes a great name for gentle cats.
  33. Mahayana - For Siamese cats who scream of greatness.
  34. Minato - Loves living by the sea.
  35. Nirvana - For cats who are just perfect.
  36. Nyunt - For cats who love the spring blossom.
  37. Och - If your cat sparkles with joy.
  38. Od - Friendlier than all the rest.
  39. Om - When your cat behaves like a meditative guru.
  40. Phyu - For white Siamese cats.
  41. Qara - Ideal for a Siamese cat name if your cat is always away with the fairies.
  42. Ritthirong - For cats that always get into fights.
  43. Samsara - If your cat is always on the move.
  44. Shein - Will reflect your character.
  45. Shway - Is a great choice for Siamese cats with golden coats.
  46. Tadaaki - For faithful friends.
  47. Ulagan - For a Siamese cat name for a worldly fellow.
  48. Veda - For cats who are wise.
  49. Winny - Is a bright little kitty.
  50. Yaza - Will behave like a king.

Round Up 

You’ll also find that Siamese cats are full of energy and will need to be kept occupied. They love scratching posts so if you want to keep your furniture safe, these make a good investment! You will need to spend plenty of time with Siamese cats as they love company and crave attention. Siamese cats also love playing games and are highly intelligent. Siamese cats don't shed their fur either, meaning you don't have to worry about cleaning up fluff on the sofa.

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