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Owning Ragamuffin cats can be fun and with the best Ragamuffin cat food, it would be easier to provide their needs. Taking care of Ragamuffin cats would require the right attention. This breed first appeared in the year 1994 but there are no concrete data about their origins. Many choose to believe the story that they came from Ragdoll cats.

There are different stories about their breed but they were not recognized until the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London where they were exhibited. Their unusual yet unique look paved the way for them to be a fashionable pet and be popular with many cat owners all over the world.

Today, Siamese cats may come in different patterns and colors. It was the result of various genetic mutation and experiences. They are a natural breed and was being mixed with others to create new and beautiful breeds of cats. They are recognized by all cat associates and getting them won’t be hard for you.

We love to spoil our cats but Siamese is prone to obesity. If you are not going to control their meal, then it can be bad for them. We need to save our cats and do them the favor. You have to find the best Siamese cat food that will offer the right nutrients they need.

Siamese Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Chicken FormulaChicken, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Chicken Broth, Carrots, Natural Chicken Flavor, Sweet Potatoes10.5%7%1%Click Here
Royal Canin Siamese Adult Dry Cat FoodChicken By-Product Meal, Wheat Gluten, Corn, Wheat, Brewers Rice35%14%18%Click Here
Hill’s Science Diet Tender Chicken DinnerWater, Chicken, Liver, Egg Whites, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten7.8%2.5%1.5%Click Here
Blue Buffalo BLUE for Cats Adult Dry Cat FoodDeboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal (Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids), Brown Rice, Barley, Peas32%15%6%Click Here
Nutro Max Cat Indoor AdultChicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Wheat Flour, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)30%15%4%Click Here
Wysong Optimal Vitality Adult Feline FormulaOrganic Chicken, Chicken Meal, Fish Meal, Turkey Meal, Pea Protein, Potato Protein50%15%5.5%Click Here

A classic recipe won’t grow old for your Siamese cats. The Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Chicken Formula is a great meal that can help promote proper health and development to your cats. It comes with high level of protein and easily digestible, so your cats won’t have problems in eating this.

This formula is proudly made in the facilities of Wellness in North America. They are following a very strictly sanitary and quality standards that can ensure the meal you are going to serve to your cats. It is a premium quality meal that uses chicken as the main ingredient and does not comes with grains that can be harmful to your cats.

This is a great meal that would help avoid a number of cat sensitivities. If your cat is suffering from kidney failure, sensitive stomach, and other allergies, then this meal can help strengthen their body.


  • It is a nutritious meal to fight sensitivities.
  • It comes with antioxidants that help to boost the immune system.
  • It helps in maintain the urinary tract health of cats.
  • It is easily digestible.


  • Some cat owners suspected a change of the formula.

Special meals can be your first option. The Royal Canin Siamese Adult Dry Cat Food is created especially for the needs of your Siamese cats. This is a line of cat meal that is being produced depending on their special needs and other categories. This is a perfect meal to consider if you want the optimum result for your cats.

Most of the Siamese cats have problems in boosting their appetite and the Royal Canin Siamese Adult Dry Cat Food can help you. It is created to support the overall needs of your cat as it is highly digestible and comes with probiotics to support the sensitive stomach of your cat.

It promotes healthy fur coat and the kibbles are uniquely shaped, so they can chew it easy and fast.


  • It is made with high quality of ingredients.
  • It promotes the overall health of your cats.
  • It comes with Omega 3 and 6 that is good for the fur of your cat.
  • The kibbles are specially shaped for your Siamese cats.


  • There are cats that become sick from eating this meal.

The Hill’s Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe use chicken as the main ingredient and added brown rice for a better result. This is a well-balanced formula that comes with various ingredients including vegetables, chicken, eggs, brown rice, cranberries and others. It provides a high level of protein that can complete the needs of your cat.

The brown rice is a great source of fiber to help a cat in having faster digestion. There is no wheat, corn, artificial preservatives and coloring added, so it is effective for your cats. The taste is also great and appetizing for all breeds of cats.

It is highly recommended for cats that need to have a healthy weight control. The eggs and other ingredients are a great source of protein for your cats.


  • It is made with the lean and high quality of protein.
  • It helps your cats to get in shape.
  • It is a great source of fiber to promote healthy digestion. There are no wheat and corn added.


  • Some people complain about a change in the formula.

Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Life Protection provides health and great protection to your cats. The main ingredient used is chicken that can offer a high level of protein to support the overall needs of your cats. There are other flavors available such as duck and salmon. You are free to choose on one that best suits the taste buds of your cats.

It does not come with grains or any other additives that can harm your cat. They can easily digest the meal and strengthen their immune system. This meal comes with other ingredients like fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet. There are added minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to support the overall needs of your cats.

Blue Buffalo is known by their indoor line to offer LifeSource Bits and this is something you have to look forward. It is rich with quality ingredients that are efficient proper diet, stronger muscles, and other things that your cat require.


  • It is a complete and well-balanced diet.
  • It is available in different flavors. It helps to strengthen the immune system of your cat. I
  • t helps to promote healthy weight control.


  • It has a strong smell that takes some time to get used to.

The Nutro Max Cat Indoor Adult is a highly recommended meal that gives another option to all Siamese cat owners out there. This meal comes with chicken as the first ingredient and it does not come with grains. It is a perfect meal to consider for cats that have a very sensitive stomach. The ingredients are highly digestible, so your cats can get the nutrients it offers.

There are fruits and vegetables added, so it can help to get the antioxidants they need. There are added minerals and vitamins to support healthy bones and immune system. The flavor is appetizing and good for your cats.

All ingredients are natural and guaranteed to be safe and healthy. It can also be effective in supporting healthier skin and coat.


  • It is a complete and balanced diet.
  • It comes with natural ingredients for your cats.
  • There are no artificial flavors and chicken by-product meal added.
  • It offers high quality of protein for best results.


  • There are cats that don’t like the flavor.

The Wysong Optimal Vitality Adult Feline Formula is best known on the market to offer quality meals that are biologically appropriate for the needs of your cats. It is one of the best products from their Optimal Vitality cat food and will ensure the overall health and wellness of your Siamese cats.

This was formulated by best veterinarians and was recommended by many to all breeds of cats. It is a great product that comes with balanced ingredients of fruits, vegetables, and meats. It comes with other supplements such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that make it complete and ideal for your cats.

It is available in a bundle or in bags. You can get a full content that provides everything to your cats.


  • It is ideal for healthy weight control.
  • It comes with complete nutrients that your cat needs.
  • It is a well-balanced meal to ensure the overall wellness of your cats.
  • It comes with right minerals, vitamins, and other supplements.


  • Some cats don’t like the flavor of this meal.

The Hill’s Science Diet Tender Chicken Dinner is a great product that boasts in using chicken chunks with flavorful gravy that makes it appetizing for your cats. This meal may come in other flavors including tuna and ocean fish. This gives a good taste of your cats and lets them have the nutrients they need.

You can try the other flavors, but chicken is the most favorite of many owners to avoid their cats from being too addicted to fish flavors. It is highly recommended for adult cats that would be around 1 to 6 years old. This is available in 24 packs that can last for a week or more of servings to your cats.

There are added vitamins and minerals that can help a balanced diet and keep healthy digestion at the same time.


  • It helps to promote healthy digestion.
  • It comes with added vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition.
  • It promotes healthy weight control. It offers a high level of protein.


  • There are cats that don’t like this meal.

With great flavors and available options, it is a great fit for your Siamese cats. They would love to have a taste of the recipe with a combination of turkey, chicken, and beef. This is a complete meal that is being considered by many cat owners. It is also highly recommended for all breeds of cats.

It is being offered at a great price and comes with tender bites that make it easier for your cats to digest. It promotes healthy digestion and helps a cat in absorbing the nutrients that were packed in it. It comes with gravy that makes it more delicious and tasty for your cats.

It comes with complete nutrients to make your cat healthy and happy.


  • It comes in different flavors.
  • It offers a high level of protein for your cats.
  • It is greatly recommended for all breeds of cats.


  • Many cat owners are complaining about the packaging.

Average Lifespan of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds today. They are friendly and playful cats that love to spend the day indoors, especially on your lap. They can live for about 11 to 15 years, and you can have them as you start your own family and have children.

How Big Can Siamese Cats Get?

Siamese cats can be compared to average or medium-sized breeds of cats. The male Siamese cats weight from about 10 to 15 pounds while the female is normally 8 to 12 pounds. They have a good appetite, and it is important to serve a proper meal that best suit their weight and size.

What is the Personality of Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats have been featured in various movies including Lady and the Tramp by Disney. It is an animated classic that was known to have the Siamese Cat Song and it perfectly shows the personality of this breed. They are very opinionated and talkative. You’ll hear them meow on anything they want in the house and will answer on everything you are going to ask.

They have a very raspy and loud voice, so it is easier to know if they need something. They like to be around people, they are honest and helpful to you as well. They can follow you anywhere you go and would love to spend time taking a nap in your lap. They can also climb on the bed to sleep beside you.

If you are someone who hates noise and extreme playfulness, then Siamese cats are not for you. They can spend a long period of times talking to you and demanding your attention. They are athletic and intelligent. You can have puzzles to keep them busy, but make sure to prepare yourself for more adventures.

Children and Other Pet Interactions

When you are buying a Siamese cat, you have to know that they are loving cats and active that makes them a perfect choice for all homeowners. They are good with children and other pets that you have in the house. They love to play games with your children and can easily feed their curiosities together. They can grow up with your children or even with your other pets.

They can get along with dogs, but they can be irritated at times depending on the character and personality of your dogs. They are the best fit if your dogs are calm and can respect their personal space. They are loyal cats and will only stay indoors most of the time. You can teach them different tricks like playing as the retriever or use different puzzles as well.

Overall, they are not high maintenance cats and can have good activities with your children. Just make sure that they will be treated with respect and understand the limitations.

The Health of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are known to experience a number of health problems that can be genetic in their mix or breed. This can affect your Siamese cat and may need special attention. One of the most common problems is the amyloidosis which is a type of disease that came from a type of protein that infected the liver of the cat. This can be avoided with the right and proper meal to serve.

Some of the other diseases include congenital heart disease and bronchial disease. It is important to have a regular checkup with the veterinarian to keep an eye on the overall wellness of your cats.

The Round Up

Siamese cats experience health problems that can be genetic to their breed. They can have sensitivities that can also give problems, so it is important to get best Siamese cat food. This can help to fight different sensitivities and let them be healthier, strengthen the immune system and avoid the risk of other problems.

Ragamuffin cats can be affectionate and playful at the same time. They are ideal for families and they stay calm around children. However, they have personal needs, and it is important to provide it. You need to get the best Ragamuffin Cat food that could provide the overall nutrients that they need and possibly avoid the risk of different sensitivities.

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