Russian Cat Names

Russia is the world’s largest country by landmass effectively spanning 3 continents. With an incredibly rich and vibrant history and some exceptional food, Russia offers unrivaled culture. If you agree and are on the prowl for a name for your cat, then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we will introduce to 50 of the best male and female Russian names that are great for cats.

Russian Female Cat Names

Whether you love strongmen, princesses, communism, or vodka, this list has an inspirational Russian name for your cat.

  1. Anastasia - Has to be treated like a princess.
  2. Anja - Loves it when you say sorry.
  3. Anna - Loves to dance around like a ballerina.
  4. Astoria - Seems very traditional.
  5. Bystro - Always runs away.
  6. Catherine - Is great to have around in a crisis.
  7. Commune - Will look after everybody.
  8. Dasha - Is always in a hurry.
  9. Doll - Seems to have multiple selves.
  10. Eagle - Has two heads.
  11. Elena - Has incredibly bright fur.
  12. Equality - Is fond of sharing.
  13. Fedora - Truly is a gift from god.
  14. Firebird - Seems like she is on fire.
  15. Hammer - Will always be hanging out in the workshop.
  16. Herring - Is fond of her fish.
  17. Irena - Loves the ballet.
  18. Ivana - Loves American presidents.
  19. Kasha - Is cheap to please.
  20. Katya - Enjoys things done in a certain way.
  21. Kolyada - Loves singing Christmas carols.
  22. Ksenia - Always wanders off.
  23. Marfa - Will make a great teacher for your kids.
  24. Maria - Is great at sports.
  25. Matryoshka - Means Russian doll.
  26. Mausoleum - Is quite a morbid cat.
  27. Melora - Is a Russian revolutionary amalgamation.
  28. Metro - Loves a journey on public transport.
  29. Moscow - Loves to live in capital cities.
  30. Nastia - Makes use of all her nine lives.
  31. Natasha - Was born on Christmas day.
  32. Okroshka - Is fond of the cold weather.
  33. Olga - Loves people that are pure.
  34. Pashka - Loves the Easter celebrations.
  35. Pussy Riot - Has a political edge.
  36. Russky - Loves running across bridges.
  37. Safaran - Looks great in a dress.
  38. Sezja - Fights to protect her family.
  39. Sharapova - Will have a screeching meow.
  40. Siberia - Looks like she has had a tough day.
  41. Sickle - Loves helping out in the garden.
  42. Sirniki - Is fond of cheese.
  43. Sorrel - Is A very healthy cat.
  44. Spartak - Likes it when you watch the soccer.
  45. Stroganoff - Keeps you warm.
  46. Svyatki - Loves it at Christmas time.
  47. Valenki - Has cute little booties on.
  48. Vera - Loves using her paws on you.
  49. Zenit - Knows how to play soccer.
  50. Zhir - Will be fond of her food.

Russian Male Cat Names

  1. Abramovich - Has some dodgy friends - If you know what I mean (yes that rich man).
  2. Aleksandr - Is the greatest cat ever.
  3. Alyosha - Loves showing you how brave he is.
  4. Bear - Loves the biggest cuddles.
  5. Bogatyr - Is as bold as any knight.
  6. Budenovka - Loves wearing a hat.
  7. Caviar - Is very picky with his food (check out these 9 Lives Cat Food Reviews).
  8. Dmitriy - Gets on with everyone and is a salt of the earth character.
  9. Donskoy - Is  a Russian type of hairless cat.
  10. Dostoyevsky - Accepts his punishment.
  11. Dumpling - Can put his food away.
  12. Egor - Behaves like a farmer.
  13. Gagarin - Is always looking into space.
  14. Hermitage - Has so many felines for friends.
  15. Isaac - Is seriously moody.
  16. Ivan - Likes behaving terribly.
  17. Konstantin - Is constantly getting in your way.
  18. Kot - Mean s ‘cat’ in Russian.
  19. Kremlin - Loves lording it over you.
  20. Lapti - Looks like he is wearing a pair of shoes.
  21. Lenin - Knows where power lies.
  22. Leonid - Has a roar like a lion.
  23. Leonid - Always knows what to say.
  24. Lev - Is Russian for lion.
  25. Levitan - Never smiles but always smolders.
  26. Liev - Knows he is the king.
  27. Maxim - Always makes a great name for a cat.
  28. Mikhail - Expects people to follow his lead.
  29. Nezdorovyy - Is always getting ill (check out How Much Benadryl Can I Give My Cat?).
  30. Orthodox - Seems fairly old fashioned.
  31. Pickle - Always makes things better.
  32. Pirog - Likes his pies.
  33. Podolski - Loves playing soccer.
  34. Pryaniki - Means sweet bread or cookie.
  35. Prygat - Is fond of leaping through the air.
  36. Putin - Knows martial arts.
  37. Pyotr - Loves going to the toilet on rocky ground (check out these best sifting litter boxes https://pawsomekittycom/best-sifting-litter-box/.
  38. Rasputin - Has magical powers.
  39. Sadko - Loves finding new paths to tread.
  40. Sputnik - Seems loves it when you play classical music.
  41. Square - Hangs around in plazas.
  42. Tolstoy - Knows all about war and peace.
  43. Trotsky - Is always looking over his shoulder.
  44. Tsar - Will rule over the household.
  45. Tschaikovsky - Always loves it when you play classical music.
  46. Viktor - Frightens all those he conquers.
  47. Vladimir - Is a born leader.
  48. Vodka - Likes to party.
  49. Yuri - Has a fondness for the moon.
  50. Petrov - Runs like the wind.

Round Up 

Russia transformed a feudal society into a leading power, put the first man in space, and covers such a huge expanse of the earth that it crosses 9 different time zones. This rich and vibrant history has thrown up some real characters. In this list, you’ll find mythical figures, historical figures, food, and more from Russia’s rich tapestry that make interesting names for cats.

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