Rapper Cat Names

If you love Hip-Hop, rap, and cats, then you are in the right place. This list is packed full of the best female and male rapper names that work great as names for your cat. Can you guess the song we refer to from these exceptional artists?

Read on to find a fun name for your new cat based on top rappers from history to the present.

Rapper Female Cat Names

  1. Beastie - Always gets jealous of the Beastie Boys.
  2. Becky-G - Knows how to be a bad bunny.
  3. Cardi-B - Will love going to the rodeo.
  4. Cypress - Can jump around.
  5. Da Brat - Loves getting into high places.
  6. Dej-Loaf - Will always have your back up.
  7. Digga - Learns the lessons of today.
  8. DJ - Will have great taste.
  9. Doja - Will make you do as she says so.
  10. Foxy - Is always finding the house hot spot.
  11. Fugee - Is coming to find you ready or not.
  12. L’Trimm - Has real pretty eyes.
  13. Lady Tigra - Won’t rain on your parade.
  14. Lauryn - Can’t take her eyes off of you.
  15. Lil’ Kim - Might just have a crush on you.
  16. Lopes - Appreciates the simple things.
  17. M.I.A. - Loves going missing in action.
  18. Mama - Appreciates how you raise her.
  19. Mary-J - Shows you what real love is.
  20. MC-Lyte - Loves a rock party in the winter.
  21. Mew Tang Clan - Will make people chuckle.
  22. Minaj - Makes sure she is a hot girl in the summer.
  23. Missy Elliott - Loves it when you get your freak on.
  24. Outkast - Doesn’t get on with other animals (check out How To Stop My Cat From Bullying My Other Cat?).
  25. P Kitty - Is a play on P-Diddy.
  26. Queen Latifah - Knows how to be good to her mama.
  27. Rapsody - Is a powerful cat.
  28. Rebel - Will never be played by suckers.
  29. Remy Ma - Feels so good to stroke.
  30. Rihanna - Isn’t bothered by the rain.
  31. Salt-N-Pepa - Loves hiding things from you.
  32. Scratch - Will know what to do with a record player.
  33. Sugarhill - Plays with her gang.
  34. Tekitha - Knows all she’s got is you.
  35. Young-M.A. - Has Twenty-twenty vision.
  36. Yo-Yo - Will love bouncing up and down to rap.

Rapper Male Cat Names

  1. Andre 3000 - Is always singing ‘Hey Ya!’.
  2. Bambaataa - Will change the world.
  3. Biggy - Isn’t to be messed with.
  4. Boogie - Loves dancing in the South Bronx.
  5. Busta - Will give you some more love.
  6. Cool-J - Loves the sound of rocking bells.
  7. Damian - Knows how to jam and rock.
  8. De La Soul - Will look after me, myself, and I.
  9. Dead-Prez - Hell Yeah he knows they schools don’t teach him.
  10. Dr. Dre - Never forgets about Dre.
  11. Ebow - Loves cuddles Twenty-four-seven.
  12. Eminem - Suits a white cat.
  13. Fiddy - Gonna take you to the candy shop.
  14. Ghetto - Will have your mind playing tricks on you.
  15. Ghostface - Loves jumping out on you.
  16. Gil - Knows the revolution will not be televised.
  17. Grandmaster Flash - Gets the message.
  18. Hammer - You can’t touch this cat.
  19. Ice Cube - Wants to arrest the president.
  20. Immortal - Has danced with the devil.
  21. Jay-Z - Has 99 problems but you ain’t one.
  22. Jurassic - Knows what’s golden in life.
  23. Kanye - Is a gold digger.
  24. Khaled - Hates making new friends (check out How to Raise a Friendly Cat?
  25. Method Man - Can bring the pain with those claws.
  26. Nas - Helps you see that happiness is just a state of mind.
  27. Ninety-Nine - Causes you a whole world of problems.
  28. Notorious (C.A.T.) - Always listens to Biggie Smalls.
  29. Public Enemy - Knows how to bring the noise.
  30. Quest - Loves heading out on different adventures.
  31. Raekwon - Loves a bit of ice cream.
  32. Rakim - Knows that you got soul.
  33. Run-DMC - Plays tricks on you.
  34. Shakur - Will do it for love.
  35. Skinnyman - Doesn’t enjoy his food (check out the Best Natural Cat Food).
  36. Snoop - This is for the G’s.
  37. Tupac - Will have everybody’s eyez on him.
  38. Wu-Tang - Will bring da ruckus.
  39. Wyclef - Can Call 911 if you need it.

Round Up 

Rap is an underappreciated genre, not least for the amazing names of the best artists. Give your cat a name that will make it the coolest cat around with one of the rap inspired names from this list.

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