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Persian cats are extremely popular and affectionate cats. They are one of the oldest breeds that have been known for years. They have started their existence during the peak of the civilization of Mesopotamia, which was known in the past as Persia. They are long-haired cats that are loving and is being considered by many cat owners.

Their appearance was noticed by Pietro Della Valle who is known in to be the first traveler that brought longhaired cats in 1626 to Europe. They have shiny and silky hair that makes them fluffy. You will surely love to cuddle with them any time of the day!

However, current breeds of Persian cats would have a variety of colors. If you are planning to get one, make sure to focus on providing the best Persian cat food that can help to promote their overall health and wellness.

We know how hard it can be to look on the list of foods that would be ideal for your cats. It is often a challenge to find the best Persian cat food, but we have listed the most common options being considered by other pet owners in the market.


Persian Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition - Persian Persan AdultChicken by product meal, chicken fat, brewers rice, brown rice, corn gluten meal, corn28%20%6%Click Here
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition - Persian KittenChicken by product meal, brewers rice, chicken fat, corn, wheat gluten, natural flavors30%20%4.8%Click Here
Purina Pro Plan Focus - Canned FoodWater Sufficient for Processing, Chicken, Liver, Wheat Gluten, Meat By-Products, Corn Starch--Modified11%2%1.5%Click Here
Wellness Healthy Indulgence Grain - Wet Cat FoodChicken Broth, Water Sufficient For Processing, Chicken, Potato Starch, Turkey, Eggs4%2%1%Click Here
IAMS ProActive Health Dry Cat FoodChicken, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Meal, Corn Grits, Dried Beet Pulp, Natural Flavor32%15%3%Click Here
Purina Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef Feast CollectionTurkey, Liver, Meat by-products, Turkey Broth, Poultry Giblets11%4%1.5%Click Here
Whiskas Wet Cat Food PouchesSufficient Water For Processing, Chicken, Beef Liver, Meat By-Products, Starch, Added Color8%3%1%Click Here
Gourmet Perle Chef’s Collection in GravyMeat and Animal Derivatives (of which Turkey min 4%), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars14%2.5%0.5%Click Here

If you have adult cats, then there is nothing to worry about since there is also a special option available for them. The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition - Persian Persan Adult is specifically created for adult Persian cats. It offers a special blend that would fit their needs. This is basically the same with the first formula except it is highly recommended for the great needs of the adult cats.

The kibbles are designed to help them in chewing and absorbing the nutrients easier. It helps in encouraging them to eat meals properly and avoid problems later. Persian cats have long hairs which makes ingestion of hair a common problem. With this meal, it can help to reduce the risk of hairballs and promote healthy digestion.

It also comes with Omega 6 fatty acids that would be able to help in maintaining the coat and hair of your cats, which can be really important. It is a great choice when it comes to providing them with all their specific needs.


  • It has the complete nutrition that your cat needs.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of hairballs.
  • It helps in maintaining the health of their coats and skin.
  • It promotes better digestion.


  • Some cats became sick from eating this meal.
  • There are cats that would not like this food.

Surely, it would not be hard to choose the right meal, especially if you are going to get one that is specially designed for their breed. Royal Canin is a trusted brand on the market that offers variety meals that would best suit the needs of your cat. For Persian cats, you can look for their Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition - Persian Kitten.

This meal features a healthy diet that can help with the start up your kittens until they grow up. This is a good meal that you can consider providing the specific needs for Persian cats. The kibbles are designed specifically for them, so it would be easier for your cats to eat and chew the meal. It is highly digestible, so your cats can readily absorb the nutrients it has to offer.

It also includes the right amount of fiber and prebiotics that could promote and help the immune system of your cats. It features the right blend of antioxidants such as taurine, vitamins E and C, and lutein that is important for their immune system.


  • The kibbles are designed to be chewed easily for Persian kitten.
  • The proteins are highly digestible.
  • It comes with the right fiber content and prebiotics.
  • It offers the ideal combination of antioxidants.


  • Some of the cats would not like this flavor.
  • There are owners complaining about the gluten added.

Another one one our list comes from a reliable brand that has been serving many pet owners over the years. The Purina Pro Plan Focus - Canned Food is one of the best meals on the market that you can try out because of the different benefits it can offer. It makes use of chicken as the main ingredient and at the same time includes chicken liver and others that comes with high levels of protein.

This comes with right blend of fat and protein content that would be able to help in promoting the proper condition of your pets. If you have cats that have been spayed or neutered, then this can also guide them towards a better and healthier life.

It contains L-Carnitine that helps in converting fats to energy that allows your adults cats to maintain an active lifestyle and to have a fun day with you.


  • It uses chicken as the main ingredient.
  • It comes with the right blend of fats and protein content.
  • It has L-Carnitine that could help in converting fats to energy.
  • It helps cat in maintaining an active lifestyle.


  • Some cats would not be interested on this.
  • It can make cats finicky.

IAMS is known on the market to offer healthy and quality meals that can provide the needs of your cats. Their recipes could be very appetizing and is a good option for all life stages - kittens to senior Persian cats. There is nothing to worry about with regards to the ingredients as it uses chicken to provide the quality of protein that would support the health of your cat.

This recipe comes with 7 essential nutrients that is ideal for their heart, including a fiber blend that is efficient for easier digestion and absorption. This is important, so you can be assured that they are getting enough nutrients from their meals. It also comes with L-Carnitine that is responsible in breaking down fats into energy.

Persian cats can be active and playful, so they need enough carbohydrates to help them keep up with their daily activities. This can also help in maintaining the good liver function of your cats, especially as they grow older.


  • It is recommended for all life stages of cats.
  • It contains seven essential nutrients for your cat.
  • It promotes nutrition absorption and better digestion.
  • It promotes the breaking down of fats into energy.


  • There are cats that develop diarrhea from this meal.
  • It makes some cats very sick.

Wellness offers a variety of meals that could best support the needs of your cats. If you are interested in getting the right meal for them, then you may want to check out the Wellness Healthy Indulgence Grain - Wet Cat Food. This is a variety of wet cat food that comes with different natural ingredients and flavors that would be able to get the attention of your cats.

There are no by-products added, no corns, soy, wheat or any other artificial flavors that may cause allergies on your cats. This is efficient, so you can be assured that your cat would be safe in consuming this meal, and lets you avoid problems as well.

It is offered in convenient pouches that makes it easier for you to serve the meals. There are 8 flavors available, so you can easily give different flavors to your cats to let them know how much you love them!


  • It comes in different flavors.
  • It offers vitamins, nutrients and minerals essential for the needs of your cats.
  • It is available in convenient pouches for easy serving and travel feeding.
  • It uses natural ingredients to support the overall health of your cat.


  • There are cats that would only choose the flavor they want.

The Purina Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef Feast Collection is one of the top and leading cat food products in the market today and surely, it is worth your time and money. The Purina Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef Feast Collection offers a good texture that makes it easier for your cats to eat and digest. It helps to have a better digestion for your cats to absorb the right nutrients.

The poultry and meat bites can make your cat satisfied, especially with the gravy flavor. Persian cats would surely love every bit of it. It provides all the necessary nutrients that your cat needs and helps them in achieving a healthier lifestyle and overall wellness. Persian cats normally eat in small pieces just like any other cats, and this collection would be able to help them in having easier consumption.

It also helps in keeping them hydrated because of the moisture content and helps maintain the protein requirement of their body without any problems.


  • It comes with great texture that would make it easier for your cats to consume.
  • It offers all the nutrients that they need.
  • It is available in different flavors.
  • It promotes better digestion to your cats.


  • There are complaints about possible changes in formula.
  • Some cat owners think that the chunks are rubbery.

Whiskas is another trusted pet manufacturing company that can offer great selections for your cats. It is one of the top-rated meals in the market today and is perfect for your Persian cats. It is a high quality meal that is ideal for the overall needs of your cats. It’s a 100% balanced and complete diet that is recommended for them.

It can offer plenty of energy and helps maintain their shiny coats at the same time. We all know that Persian cats would have longer hair and may be at risk to hairballs. With the help of this meal, it would be easier to avoid this and have better digestion.

Many people recommend this because it is available on convenient pouches that you can carry at any time of the day. You can use this at home or even when you are travelling with your cats.


  • It is a 100% complete and balanced meal for your cats.
  • It uses high quality ingredients to provide the overall needs of your cats.
  • It is offered for a reasonably good price that can be ideal for you.
  • It is available in easy to serve and convenient pouches.


  • This could cause loose stools to some cats.
  • There are some cats that may not like the taste.

Persians would love to try new recipes and flavors every now and then, and it can be ideal for you to look for Gourmet Perle Chef’s Collection in Gravy. The Gourmet Perle Chef’s Collection in Gravy offers 10 delicious flavors that is perfect for them to enjoy. This recipe is under Purina and went through a strict standard quality control to ensure the experience and nutrients that your cats can get from this.

It offers a variety of vitamins and minerals that could support healthy diet for your cats. It is packed with delicious ingredients that could easily get the attention of your cats. Some cats would not like the flavor, but you can try mixing this with other meals for a better taste and results.

The recipe comes with mini fillets that your cats cannot miss. If you are looking for a cheaper product that still offers good quality results, then this is a great option to consider.


  • It is developed by Purina.
  • It uses high quality ingredients for the needs of your cats.
  • It comes with mini fillets that can be appetizing for your cats.
  • It went through a strict standard quality control.


  • Some cats do not like the flavor.

Average Lifespan of Persian Cats

Persian cats have been known on the market for years, and they are expected to live for about 10 to 15 years. It is important for you to offer the right nutrients that they need, so they would be able to live a longer and healthier life.

How Big Can Persian Cats Get?

The Persian cat is a medium-sized cat, which makes it a better option for many cat owners. It would be easier to take care of them and to provide for their needs. Because of their size, they would commonly weigh for about 7 to 12 pounds.

Make sure to check the weight of your cats to know the right serving of meals that you need to give, especially when getting the best Persian cat food.

What is the Personality of Persian Cats?

Unlike other cats, Persians can be sweet and quiet. They are very classy and would be classified as an ornament in the house than being a pet. Yes, they totally enjoy sitting on your lap or any place you put them in. They would want to enjoy time with you depending on their mood. They are not as playful as other pets. They are very reserved and would only bug you if they need something.

They are not accommodating and may be selective about the people that they are going to trust. They are loyal to the family but is always cautious with the guests. They are not ideal for an environment that is loud, and it means that they are not good with children around the house. They have an expressive and soft voice like a royal queen.

They would sometimes play with catnips and then get meals, but they would not stay beside you for long. They have their own time and life, and they make use of it according to their own plan. They love to stay in soft beds and hide in their caves or boxes.

The Round Up

Getting the best dry cat food for allergies can be convenient and wise. It helps you in saving money and time as it doesn’t spoil easily and you can keep it in your storage. Each pack would be able to last for weeks and is ideal for letting your cat get the nutrients they need. It also promotes drinking fresh water to your cats to keep them hydrated. There are many options available, and make sure to get one that is sufficient and won’t cause allergies to your cats.

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