Orijen Cat Food Reviews

Is there really a need to look for the best cat food for a cat? Well, to answer that question, yes there is a need of course. Not all cats have the same needs and preferences. Some cats have a different need depending on their age, size, body covering and other factors.

In the wide array of cat food flocking the market, one can be misleading and misinformed about which cat food to get. Well, with the help of your vet and looking up cat food reviews like this, one might be able to learn the old tricks of the trade.


Orijen Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Orijen Grain-Free Regional Red Dry Cat FoodDeboned beef, deboned wild boar, deboned goat , deboned lamb, lamb liver, beef liver40%20%10%Click Here
Orijen Original Cat FoodChicken liver, turkey liver, chicken, turkey, monkfish, mixed tocopherols45%35%1%Click Here
Orijen Grain-Free Dry Cat FoodDeboned chicken, deboned turkey, yellowtail flounder, whole eggs, whole atlantic mackerel, chicken liver40%20%8%Click Here
Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Cat FoodFresh chicken meat, fresh turkey meat, fresh whole eggs, fresh chicken liver, fresh whole flounder, fresh whole herring40%20%8%Click Here
Orijen Cat Treats Freeze Dried TundraFresh wild boar, fresh goat liver, fresh venison liver, fresh goat, fresh venison, fresh arctic char 45%35%1%Click Here
Orijen Cat Treats Wild Boar Freeze-DriedWild boar, wild boar liver, mixed tocopherols (natural preservative).45%35%1%Click Here
Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Cat FoodDeboned lamb, deboned duck, whole eggs, lamb meal, catfish meal, goat meal35%20%10%Click Here

What is not to like about Orijen Cat Food? There are a lot of qualities that can only be found in their cat food formula. You just can never go wrong with Orijen Cat Food. You will be surprised at how well they formulated this cat food: they ensured that specific cat needs and preferences are met without sacrificing quality and taste.

Their ingredients mainly include locally sourced ingredients like free-run chicken, turkey, whole eggs, and some fish caught in the local river. Since every ingredient is sourced in the locality’s natural resource, the ingredients are always guaranteed fresh. You will not find even a bit of preservative on ingredients that were gotten from the local land.


  • All healthy and organic diet
  • Contains essential nutrients to meet your cat's nutrition requirement.
  • The formula is so dense; your cat is able to get every bit of nutrient out of it.
  • Helps strengthen your cat’s immune system and aids in prevention of diseases.


  • Ingredients may vary depending on where the branch of Orijen group of company.

Changing your cat to a high-quality diet such as the Orijen Grain-Free Dry Cat Food may be difficult on the budget at first, but you will soon learn how much more you can save with a healthy cat – fewer trips to the vet, less frequent need to purchase over the counter drugs for worms and other parasites! Truly, prevention is better than cure, and there is no better protection than the health benefits of Orijen Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Grain and gluten are not good for your cat’s health, as they need just a high amount of protein to survive and grow up healthy. The food is almost 80% protein, so you and your cat will not get short changed with the health benefits you would be paying for with every pouch of Orijen cat treats.


  • Little to no fillers that serve no purpose other than unhealthily fattening your cat.
  • All-organic and biodegradable ingredients reduces the probability of tummy issues.
  • Dense formula packed with all the nutrients your cat needs.
  • Helps to restore your cat's immune system after a parasite infestation (tapeworms, ringworms, etc).


  • Quite addicting – you may find your cat constantly harassing you for more.

The Cat & Kitten variant is ideal for households with multiple cats as it is safe to feed for cats of all ages and sizes. Whatever the breed and age of your cat may be, he/she will surely benefit from the coat-rejuvenation effects of the Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food. Remember that Orijen uses nothing but organic food to make these delicious meals, so it’s actually okay to overindulge your cat sometimes.

Just a word of warning: cats that have previously no trouble with eating may transform into finicky eaters once you transition them to Orijen products – trust that even cats know if they are being fed the "good stuff," and would definitely get pissed when transitioned back to cheaper foods that have fewer health benefits.


  • Great health benefits from the cat’s digestive system right down to the condition of its fur coat.
  • High-quality ingredients comprising a high-quality meal.
  • Fat content is all healthy fat.


  • May dehydrate your cats especially when they have limited access to running water.
  • Causes cat poop to smell more than usual.

When cats were still grazing in the wild instead of beautifying all our Instagram feeds, their diets are a hundred percent carnivorous. Now that your cat relies mostly on you for nutrition, you should keep its diet as close to what it’s actually supposed to be eating in the wild. A vegan diet is not ideal for cats – it could actually do more harm than good! Remember the family that got penalized by the courts for forcing their vegan lifestyle on a poor carnivore? You don’t want to end up like them!

Luckily, Orijen Cat Treats Freeze Dried Tundra is on our list of Orijen cat food reviews. The low-carb, high-protein diet is the best your cat can get from cat treats. Your cats would surely enjoy expanded servings of this cat feeds; weaning them off of it would be so difficult!


  • High levels of protein, keeps your cat growing healthy, Veterinarian-approved.
  • Great for cats that are allergic to chicken and poultry products.
  • Great for cats of any age, breed, or size.


  • Turns cats into finicky eaters.
  • Turns cats into treat-addicted monsters – get ready for the incessant begging for more treats, all the time!.

Okay, if your cat is still roaming in the wild, chances are that it will not partake in a dinner of wild boar, but only because your adorable little feline couldn’t stand a chance to a wild boar. In cases where cats come across a wild boar that’s already dead or sick, they actually love feasting on it, so why not feed them freeze-dried wild boar now that you have all the power in the world to just indulge them with the kind of food they deserve?

Single-source treats like the Orijen Cat Treats Wild Boar Freeze-Dried are best for cats that have an allergy or food sensitivity issues. Since the ingredients are limited in number, you can easily pinpoint what is causing your cat unprecedented suffering, and you may proceed in avoiding said ingredient in future feedings.


  • Made from actual Alberta wild boar meat.
  • No artificial flavors and preservatives that serve no good purpose in a cat’s diet.
  • Tastes wonderful to cats – note sure if your cat would like it? Try a piece of bacon first. If your cat loves that, he would love this, too.


  • An acquired taste for some cats.

Opposed to the Orijen Cat Treats Wild Boar Freeze-Dried that is a single-ingredient treat, the Orijen Grain Free Regional Red Dry Cat Food is made up of a cool mixture of different meats, all from the regions. Here are the meats present in the formula: wild boar, lamb, Angus beef, heritage pork, and bison.

Just a note of warning: this type of food should pose no problem with cats that have no allergies whatsoever. It is actually good for cats that have grown to like complex flavors. It is not advisable to sick cats and those who are food sensitive, as the multi-ingredient formula makes it hard to pinpoint which ingredient your cat is reacting negatively to. It is an exciting new taste for cats who love to adventure with food!


  • High levels of protein from various meats.
  • Has added fruits and berries that ensure a complete, well-balanced diet for your cats.
  • Reduces unwanted carbohydrates and unwanted weight gain.


  • May cause diarrhoea since the antioxidants work their magic with digestion.
  • Not suitable for cats with severe food allergies and sensitivities.

All-natural foods sourced from grasslands are what make the Acana-Orijen Regionals Grasslands Dry Cat Food. It provides all the benefits promised by the Orijen brand. Among all the variants, too, this one is the most popular in terms of taste. Maybe because a lot of the other variants have strong, overpowering flavors while this one has a mellow, non-complex taste.

Cats are known to be unpredictable and temperamental – the trick is to alternate wet food with dry food like this one so you will not run into problems like cats suddenly getting sick because of just eating all-dry or all-wet food.


  • Taste and smell not overpowering – still enticing, but not overwhelming.
  • Good for cats with tummy problems.
  • High levels of protein that ensure strong cats. And helps restore a cat’s fur coat to its stellar condition.
  • Works like medicine for slight discomforts such as itching and allergies, mostly because of the health benefits.


  • Make cats poop a stinky lot.
  • Turns cats into treat addicts that always ask for more treats every time.

Why Choose Orijen Cat Food?

Orijen has proven itself worthy of cat lovers’ trust throughout the years, it has been in the list of the healthiest cat food by most cat food reviews. Did you know that there are 11 amino acids that a cat’s body can’t produce? Well, good things that Orijen’s cat food formula contains those 11 amino acids! Below are a few more reasons by you should choose Orijen cat food:

  • Fresh Everyday – Freshness is always ensured at all stages of production to retain its high quality even as the production comes to an end
  • Tummy Friendly – Contains minerals that help prevent urinary tract diseases and other health problems
  • Full of Meat – An approximate of 90% of the cat food comprise of meat, the rest must be the vitamins and minerals that work hard to develop and improve a cat’s bodily systems
  • 100% Cat Food – You will not find any fillers, extenders, and preservatives anywhere near the meat nor the whole cat food formula
  • Healthy Fatty Acids – There are healthy fatty acids in this cat food formula, namely the omega 3 & 6, that primarily take good care of a cat’s heart muscles
  • Full of Vitamins – The Orijen cat food formula contain vitamins and minerals and nutrients that make the overall formula very dense. It is not surprising to find out that the ingredients used to manufacture this cat food are non-GMO

Tips on How to Encourage your Cat to Eat!

With the sheer amount of cat food available on the market (such as Royal Canin cat food), it might be tempting to let your cat try a lot of them, even just for the variety. However, while the human species live for the variety, it is not so good for the health of cats. Varying their food every so often may do them more harm than good, so a sudden change in diet should only be implemented in cases of the following:

  • Elevate its food bowl a bit, you will be doing a great favor for cats who are too lazy to stoop down.
  • Check what food texture does your cat prefer, most cats prefer the pate like texture.
  • Freshly cooked food might do the trick and make sure to consistently clean your cat’s food bowl.
  • You can try to feed your cat small amounts at a time.
  • Bond with your cat and feed it with your hand for a change.
  • Ensure that the food you give your cat is always fresh.
  • Warming up the food a bit might work.
  • Make sure that your cat’s diet varies in flavors.

Feed your Kitty!

Deciding to have a cat around is no easy job. It's definitely like having a baby around. Well, in this case, a much more active and sneaky baby. Just like how a baby needs all the nourishment it can get, your cat also needs the same kind of treatment. Give your cat the nutrition it deserves and lives happily and healthily with them!

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