Orange Cat Names

These days, most people put a lot of thought into what they call their cat. Whilst there is nothing wrong with classic standard names like ‘moggy’, it is fun to add layers of meaning to your cat’s name.

In this post, we will look at ideal options for orange cat names. If you love tabby cats, then this will be a list for you. Choose from 50 great male and female names for cats that scream orange in different ways. With any of these names, you can be sure your cat will love you.

Orange cats can be from all sorts of breeds and are, in fact, denoted by their coat pattern. When cats have stripes on their coat, they are known as a tabby cat. Interestingly, whilst not all tabbies are orange, all orange cats are tabbies! The majority of orange cats are also male, with around 80% of orange cats being male

Female Orange Cat Names

  1. Alani - Loves Hawaiian beaches.
  2. Amber - Suits a real gem.
  3. Apricot - Hates to go out in the rain.
  4. Arancia - For those into Italian oranges.
  5. Blush - Is often shy and embarrassed
  6. Caramel - Is softy and silky.
  7. Cayenne - Is more than a little bit spicy.
  8. Cinnamon - Loves barking up the wrong tree.
  9. Citrus - For orange cats with sharp wit.
  10. Clementine - Is gentle in spirit and merciful by nature.
  11. Copper - Keeps your energy levels up.
  12. Cranberry - Loves G&T o’clock.
  13. Crimson - Is suitable for romantic orange cats.
  14. Cumin - Will liven up any dinner party.
  15. Fire - Keeps things toasty.
  16. Flame - For a cat nobody messes with.
  17. Ginny - Meows meekly.
  18. Grapefruit - Will wake you up in the morning.
  19. Honey - When your  cat is just so sweet.
  20. Kumquat - Is always surprizing you.
  21. Lakshmi - Will bring you good fortune.
  22. Lava - Brings fire to the party.
  23. Mandarin - Suits a cat from China.
  24. Mango - Lives for passion.
  25. Manuka - Is as sweet as can be.
  26. Maple - Will drape herself over anything.
  27. Marmalade - Will make your morning.
  28. Mary - The ginger queen of the Scots.
  29. Melon - Stays by your side in times of need.
  30. Mimosa - Is perfect for a bright orange tabby.
  31. Orainds - Is the Celtic word for orange.
  32. Papaya - Knows how to party.
  33. Paprika - An ideal name for orange cats.
  34. Peaches - Loves her evening cream.
  35. Pippi - Scales new heights.
  36. Pomegranate - Likes to be the center of attention.
  37. Ruby - Loves the summer months.
  38. Saffron - Will only accept the very best.
  39. Salmon - Is always jumping up stream.
  40. Satsuma - Suits male and female tabbies.
  41. Scarlett - Will demand to be looked at.
  42. Scully - If you love  the X-Files.
  43. Sparky - Has quite a firey personality.
  44. Sunrise - Can’t wait to get out in the morning.
  45. Sunset - Won’t come in at night.
  46. Sweetcorn - For  orange cats with a yellowish hue.
  47. Tigress - Leaps on her prey.
  48. Tomato - Gets on with  everybody.
  49. Topaz - Glistens in the sunshine.
  50. Zesty - Is always awakening.

Male Orange Cat Names

  1. Apfelsine - Makes a great name for German orange cats.
  2. Aslan - Is bound to be as powerful as a lion.
  3. Autumn - Will disappear in the leaves in the fall.
  4. Blaze - Cannot be messed with.
  5. Carrot - For  cats with night vision.
  6. Cashew - Is always sneezing.
  7. Cheddar - Will give you cheesy grins.
  8. Cheetah - A great name for  fast orange cats.
  9. Cheshire - Who gets up to secret mischief.
  10. Crookshanks - Makes Harry Potter fans purr.
  11. Dandy lion - Will brighten the room.
  12. Dorito - Is a great choice for fat tabbys.
  13. Ember - Always sits by the fire.
  14. Fergus - Is an ideal name for Scottish tabbies
  15. Garfield - Will make people smile.
  16. Ginger - Is spicy in nature.
  17. Goldfish - Will give people a surprise.
  18. Harry - Is a name fit for a prince.
  19. Lentils - Loves sitting on your knee.
  20. Loki - Is a god of mischief (and an acronym for Little Orange KI-tty)
  21. Marmaduke - Is  all hoity toity.
  22. Nacho - For a companion for the football.
  23. Naranja - Is a good choice for people with a flair for Spanish.
  24. Nutmeg - Can land safely from great heights.
  25. OJ - Short for orange juice.
  26. Orange - Will suit the desciptive.
  27. Peacock - Likes to show off.
  28. Persimmon - Is a sombre fellow.
  29. Phoenix - Lives up to having 9 lives.
  30. Pumpkin - Gets fearful at Halloween.
  31. Queso - Seeks the shade.
  32. Red - Demands your attention.
  33. Rojo - Is the Spanish for red.
  34. Ron - Is a great choice for Harry Potter fans.
  35. Rooney - Is classically Irish.
  36. Rusty - Is always getting into trouble.
  37. Sherbet - Always makes you tingle.
  38. Shiva - Devotes himself to you.
  39. Simba - For the leader of the pack.
  40. Spice - Will envigorate you.
  41. Squash - For a plump cat.
  42. Sunflower - Stands tall above the rest.
  43. Sunny - Understands how to be happy.
  44. Sunshine - Always spends the days sunbathing.
  45. Tangerine - For cats who love watching Casablanca
  46. Tigger - Loves bouncing around.
  47. Tom - Is a classic orange cat name.
  48. Viking - Will raid the neighbours gardens.
  49. Vincent - To pay homage to Van Gogh.
  50. Whiskey - Will keep you warm by the fire.

Round Up 

You’ll love orange cats if you like cats who love to purr and meow. Their vibrant color is a harbinger of positivity and energy according to the psychology of colors. This makes them a great choice for any home.

Rebecca Welters

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