Nutrisource Cat Food Reviews

Are you looking for a nutritious food for your cats? With many brands and recipes available, it can be overwhelming.  

KLN Family Brands is one of the biggest pet food manufacturing companies on the market and has been operating for over 50 years. They have presented Nutrisource as a new premium brand and with good background of their parent company on the market, there’s no doubt that there would be good and positive Nutrisource cat food reviews out there.

Checking out our Nutrisource cat food reviews will help you know the differences and similarities of their recipes. They do have a variety of cat foods that are divided into dry and wet food.


Nutrisource Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Nutrisource Grain-Free Ocean Select Cat FoodTrout, whitefish meal, peas, salmon meal, pea protein36%16%6%Click Here
Nutrisource Grain Free Country Select EntréeChicken, duck meal, peas, chicken meal, chickpeas36%16%5%Click Here
Nutrisource Senior and Weight Management Cat FoodChicken meal, peas, pea fiber, barley, oatmeal29%9%12%Click Here
NutriSource Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Cat FoodChicken, chicken meal, rice, pea flour, chicken fat32%19%5%Click Here
Nutrisource Grain-Free Great Northwest Select Canned FoodSalmon, turkey liver, fish broth, natural flavor, alfalfa meal12%9.5%1%Click Here

The Nutrisource Grain-Free Ocean Select Entrée Cat Food is a great formula that focuses on giving ocean flavors to your cats. If your cat prefers seafood, then this is ideal for them. It features a blend of trout, whitefish meal, and salmon to offer the right level of protein that is necessary for the health of your cats.

It features the Good 4 life supplement system that supports the gut health of cats, their skin and coat, promotes odor control, and improves their brain function. It is a grain-free meal for your cats and comes with balanced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which is important to improve the health of their coat and their immune system.

It also comes with L-carnitine that helps your cat with proper digestion. This is formulated for cats of all life stages and has added minerals and vitamins for the complete nutrition that they need.


  • It offers real ocean flavors.
  • It features good 4 life supplement system.
  • It has balanced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • It comes with L-carnitine for proper digestion.


  • Some cats don’t like ocean flavors.
  • There are cats that have allergies to ocean flavors.

The Nutrisource Grain-Free Country Select Entrée Cat Food is formulated for all cat breeds and offer complete care for mature cats. It delivers the right premium nutrition needed for easy-to-digest, holistically formulated, and low glycemic meal for your cats. This meal combines low ash duck meal, fresh chicken, and farmed peas to promote balanced growth for your cats.

It is ideal for cats with sensitivities as it helps relieve allergies, sensitive stomach, and poor coat and skin. It comes with added Good 4 Life supplements that work together to promote the overall health and wellness of your cats. This meal is highly digestible and lets your cats absorb the nutrients it offers.

This has been cooked with fresh human-certified chicken raised on farms. It is a special diet that can benefit most cats. Some of the other ingredients added include duck meal, peas, chickpeas, turkey meal, tapioca starch, and chicken fat.


  • It is formulated for all breeds of mature cats.
  • It promotes the balanced growth of your cats.
  • It is recommended for cats with sensitivities.
  • It is highly digestible and can let your cats absorb the nutrients easily.


  • Some cats may not like this meal.
  • Farmed peas may cause allergies to some cats.

The Nutrisource Senior and Weight Management Cat Food are formulated for cats that are matured and heavy. This is a highly recommended formula that offers quality protein and premium nutrition that is essential for the needs of senior cats. It is easy to digest and gentle on their stomach, so it won’t add up to their weight.

The main purpose of this meal is to balance and promote the ideal body weight of your cats. It comes with low ash chicken meal, USA-grown brown rice, and other ingredients that promote the balanced weight gain of your cats. Even the finicky cats are loving this meal!

It uses the Good 4 life supplement system that is the key to promote and repair the gut health of your cats. It is plain, simple, and works for most of the cat issues that you may be worried about. Say goodbye to hairballs, smelly odors, and other sensitivities.


  • It is formulated for the needs of obese senior cats.
  • It promotes proper weight and the ideal body condition for your cats.
  • It repairs the gut health of cats.
  • It helps to get rid of cats’ sensitivities.


  • It is only ideal for overweight and senior cats.

The Nutrisource Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food are formulated for all cat breeds and offer complete care and nutrition for kittens and senior cats. It offers premium nutrition in highly digestible and holistically formulated food. They have combined human-grade chicken, low ash chicken meal, North American farmed peas, and brown rice to create a perfect meal that your cats will enjoy.

It comes with carefully selected ingredients that promotes unparalleled and balanced health of your cats. It is the number one priority of all cat owners and Nutrisource understands that. They boast to offer Good 4 life supplements that guarantee you to say goodbye to litter box issues and to expect healthier immune system.

The bioavailability is essential for the long-term health of your cats, so this meal has been created to be highly digestible and comes with the nutrients that they need. It is made in the USA and is proven to support healthy skin and coat as well.


  • It offers revolutionary supplement system.
  • It repairs and promotes the gut health of your cats.
  • It is highly palatable and works on litterbox issues.
  • It promotes proper growth and development.


  • There are cats that have allergies on rice.

The Nutrisource Grain-Free Great Northwest Select Canned Food is just one of the many flavors of wet canned food that the company offers. This meal does not come with grains and offers a perfect blend of salmon and turkey liver. It has been formulated for the needs of the cat of all ages.

It helps support the skin and coat of your cats and control the odor of their litter boxes. This is highly digestible and is made to be palatable enough for your cats. They can easily absorb the nutrients that come with it.

This is proudly made in the USA and offers the good 4 life supplement system that is exclusive to the brand of Nutrisource.


  • It is free from grains.
  • It offers great flavor from a blend of turkey and salmon.
  • It helps control the fecal odor of the cats.
  • It supports healthier skin and coat.


  • There are cats that may prefer dry cat food.

The Nutrisource Grain-Free Lamb and Lamb Liver Select offers the unique blend of lamb and lamb liver. It comes with a great level of protein that is necessary for the overall health and wellness of your cats. This meal helps to support their skin and coat and to avoid having a foul smell on their feces.

This is being considered by many pet owners because of the overall quality and benefits it offers. This comes with added good 4 life system that aids your cat in relieving their sensitivities. It does not come with grains, soy, and other fillers that can be harmful to the health of your cats.

This is highly palatable, free from chicken meals, and is formulated to fit the needs of cats of all life stages. This is proudly made in the USA and had passed strict standards.


  • It has a high level of protein from lamb and lamb liver.
  • It supports the skin and coat of your cats.
  • It helps to control the odor of their feces.
  • It does not come with grains and other additives.


  • There is not much information available about this product.

Important Ponts to Consider When Choosing

Nutrisource is just one of the many brands of cat food that are offering premium quality meals on the market. They have been trusted by many consumers because of the quality of meals and recipes that can fit the needs of your cats. Aside from that, there are more reasons to keep in mind about Nutrisource including the following:

  • Trusted Parent Company: KLN Family Brands have been in the market for over 50 years. They are not just a pet food maker, but they also offer human food that gives better assurance on their strict standards. 
  • Premium Cat Food: Nutrisource is marketing their products as premium cat food. You can expect that they are using the highest quality of ingredients mainly for the source of protein such as chicken, turkey, lamb, salmon, tuna, and others.
  • Variety of Recipes: Nutrisource has limited number of dry foods, but they have a lot of wet canned food to choose from. Each of it offers unique recipes that are flavorful and can entice your cats. Make sure to look for the best recipe that fits the preferences of your cat. 
  • Good 4 Life System: One of the best thing about the brand is that they are known to use good 4 life supplement system that is responsible for promoting the overall health of cats. This system aids the sensitivities of cats and provides better mealtime experience, not only for them but also for the pet owners. 

With those things in mind, there is no doubt that Nutrisource is one of the best brands on the market to offer quality meals for you and your cats. However, there is no clear information about the suppliers of their ingredients.

Good 4 Life System of Nutrisource

Nutrisource is popular because of their Good 4 life supplement system. This system has been formulated by Alltech, Inc. and is exclusive to brands of PureVita, Natural Planet Pet Foods, and Nutrisource. This system is created to focus on the good gut health of the cats and works to ensure their overall health and longevity.

According to their site, proper immune function and gut health are linked together, and some diseases may start in the gut. The Good 4 Life system helps support the proper absorption of the nutrients from the meal to defend cats against possible diseases and infections. This formula works from inside out to ensure that your cats will get the right results that they need.

To have a short overview of what this formula is all about, check out the supplements added below.

•    BioPlex. This supplement is important to support the skin and coat of your cats. It is a trace mineral that is used in all cat food of Nutrisource. It offers organic mineral nutrition through copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, and iron. There is over 20 years of research that shows clear results from BioPlex.

•    Bio-Mos. This is a prebiotic that supports the gut health of the cats. This helps maintain the gut integrity and the overall intestinal health of your pet. This is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract and helps to improve the natural defense. This helps cats in passing hairballs without throwing up.

•    Nucleo-Sacc. This offers different nutrients that helps support the digestive health of your cats. It builds the gastrointestinal tract and promotes their overall wellness. This also helps in building muscle and in promoting a better brain function.

•    De-Odorase. This is primarily added to control and reduce the odor of the litter box and the stool of your cats. This is important in their diet and has been proven to be quite effective.

•    Yea-Sacc. This is a probiotic that helps for a better and proper digestion for your cat. It works in the stomach and stimulates microbial digestion for better and healthier intestines.

Nutrisource Cat Food Quick History

Nutrisource is the same as other brands like Weruva and Natural Balance that focuses on the nutritional benefits of your cat’s diet.  Each brand may have different stories on how they began, and it is worth knowing. KLN Family Brands has been owned and run by three generations of family.

The KLN Family Brands is located at Perham, Minnesota. They manufacture a wide and diverse range of human and pet food that is essential for the preferences of their customers. The KLN Family Brands is committed to their hometown values and community roots. Nutrisource is one of their brands that are introduced to focus on the needs of cats and dogs.

They have a variety of recipes that are available in both wet and dry food. They are using premium-quality ingredients to ensure that the right amount of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins and minerals are added on each of their recipes. They have a good reputation on the market and is often considered by many cat owners.

According to their site, they appreciate and recognize the trust that is given to them by their consumers as it is important to their presence and future success.

Nutrisource Cat Food Recalls

All the products of Nutrisource are manufactured in facilities that are also used for other brands. It is a pet food only facility that ensures the consistency of the Nutrisource meals available on the market. They are following strict standards for safety and quality, especially when it comes to their ingredients.

The manufacturing process is carefully done to avoid possible contamination of any kind of bacteria. With that said, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that they have never been affected by product recalls over the years.

The Round Up

Nutrisource cat food reviews give us better background on what the brand is all about. They are one of the leading brands that focus on the needs of the cats and offer premium recipes with the use of quality ingredients available from their reliable suppliers. On top of it, they are using the good 4 life supplement system that is exclusive to their brand, and some other brands of their parent company, KLN Family Brands.

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