Norse Cat Names

Are you looking for a truly different name for your cat? Perhaps you are well versed in Norse mythology? Or maybe you love the country of Norway itself? Either way, you’re in luck with this list of 75 Norwegian names that work great for cats.

From famous people in history to the wild world of Norwegian cookery, this list has some funky names for your cat you won’t have come across before.


Norse Female Cat Names

  1. Anslo - Is the old name for Oslo.
  2. Aquavit - Will love to travel.
  3. Åse - Is deserving of praise.
  4. Boine - Is fond of jazz.
  5. Bokmål - Is one of the 2 main languages of Norway.
  6. Bouvet - Is always hiding.
  7. Duri - Loves a long doze.
  8. Freja - Behaves like a lady.
  9. Grammaticus - Can be quite particular.
  10. Gro - After the former Prime Minister (Gro Harlem Brundtland).
  11. Ingrid - Is a sight to behold.
  12. Kirkenes - Loves loves turning round in circles.
  13. Kolr - Suits a jet black cat (check out these Black Cat Names 25 Favourites).
  14. Lat - Can be very lazy.
  15. Lefse - Loves the smell of bread in the morning.
  16. Liv - Will prefer to stay indoors.
  17. Lutefisk - Is crazy about cured fish.
  18. Natuk - Is lovely and sweet.
  19. Nynorsk - Is the most popular Norse language.
  20. Oslo - Is happy to make a trade.
  21. Ostehøvel - Is the name of the world’s first cheese slicer.
  22. Peace - Loves watching the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  23. Rakfisk - Has a big appetite for fermented fish.
  24. Reidun - Will make her nest at home.
  25. Scream - Has an awful wail.
  26. Ski - Is always playing in the snow.
  27. Slalom - Loves going from side to side.
  28. Snorri - Was a mythological female warrior.
  29. Spellemanpris - Is the name of the Norwegian Grammy.
  30. Svele - Is hooked on cakes.
  31. Tenner - Has sharp teeth (check out these Best Cat Dental Treats).
  32. Theresia - Has hunting prowess.
  33. Tone - Always loves it in a storm.
  34. Tove - Knows she’s gorgeous.
  35. Wenche - Will be your best friend forever.
  36. Ylva - Seems like a wolf.
  37. Zig-Zag - Will love to slalom on the ski slope.

Norse Male Cat Names

  1. Amundsen - Loves exploring.
  2. Arvid - Can climb the tallest trees.
  3. Astolf - Is so full of love.
  4. Beerenberg - Can erupt like a volcano.
  5. Bjarke - Is as fluffy as a bear.
  6. Edvard - Always meows manically.
  7. Erik - Has to be the one ruler of the house.
  8. Fjord - Loves playing in the river.
  9. Hardangervidda - Looks like a reindeer.
  10. Hårete - Is incredibly fluffy.
  11. Harket - Will say ‘a-ha!’ I told you so.
  12. Hell - Has a home in Norway.
  13. Kjell - Enjoys the warmth of the fire.
  14. Kjøttkaker - Loves a family meal with meatballs.
  15. Knut - Is always getting himself tangled up in knots.
  16. Laerdal - Loves burrowing underground.
  17. Loki - Is a mischief-maker.
  18. Lubben - Always eats too much.
  19. Morten - Loves the song ‘Take on Me’.
  20. Munch - Loves looking at paintings of The Scream.
  21. Nils Olav - Looks like a military ranked penguin.
  22. Paperclip - Loves keeping things organized.
  23. Pinnekjøtt - Loves dried meat (check out this dehydrated cat food).
  24. Raspeballer - Always loves pancake day.
  25. Red - After Erik the Red Viking.
  26. Roald Dahl - Had Norwegian heritage.
  27. Rudolph - Has a red nose.
  28. Slicer - Is a great name for Norwegian cats as the cheese slicer was invented in Norway.
  29. Smalahove - Has a barbarian in him.
  30. Storskog - Always wanders Eastwards.
  31. Svein - Is a little warrior.
  32. Sven - Is your little boy.
  33. Terje - Is keen on the Inspector Norse song.
  34. Tor - Is fond of hammers.
  35. Troll – Is as big as a troll.
  36. Trygve - Is fond of hammers.
  37. Varanger - Loves everyone equally.
  38. Viking - Has ears like horns.

Round Up 

Norway is a land of incredible beauty, diverse languages, and incredibly different food. This all makes for some great names for cats. Choose something different for your cat with these interesting Norse cat names.

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