10 New Cat Breeds

It is again the new age of breeding cats and there are new breeds coming your way. Here are new cat breeds that you may have never even seen before! These newest breeds might be just a figment of your imagination before, but is now turned into reality! Get to know them by reading further!

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Countdown of the Latest Discovered Cat Breeds

1. American Curl

The American Curl is called such because of the evident curl in their ears. This is a feature that is usually indicative of their breed, along with a flat-laying coat and their big expressive eyes.

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2. Cheetoh Cat

Give Cheetos a new face! Here is a Cheetoh cat that will surely keep you hooked just like how the original Cheetos snack does! It is a new breed born from Ocicat and Bengals.

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3. Highlander

This cat resembles the American Curl – they both have that distinct curl in their ears. I guess now, you do not have to manually pull back your cat’s ears just to see what it would look like, huh? Kidding!

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4. LaPerm

Well, this is one hell of a fashionista cat! Imagine its fur even got a perm! A natural perm that is! This is what is unique in a LaPerm, a beautifully curled fur like no other. Not to mention that because of the nature of its fur, it also means that this cat shed less compared to other cats? Read about these kinds of cats here. (Read: 25 low shed and cats that don’t shed)

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5. Minskin

A Minskin cat is seemingly a mix of a multitude of breeds: a Munchkin, a Sphynx and probably a Siamese cat as well. A Minskin is a small cat (a trait that it probably got from a Munchkin), with little to no hair (very much like a Sphynx) and has markings on its nose and ears (similar to that of a Siamese cat).

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6. Toyger

A Toyger is such an exciting cat breed! It is a domesticated cat that greatly resembles its big cat relatives like the tiger!

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7. Peterbald

A funny name for a cat, but a beautiful cat otherwise. A Peterbald has its origins in Russia and is born from a Donsky and an Oriental Shorthair. Just like the LaPerm, it sheds very little.

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8. Ojos Azules

Now, this is one mesmerizing cat! This is a rare breed that boasts of its stunningly beautiful blue eyes – despite its dark colors! Its dark color only accentuates the beauty that can be found in the color of their eyes.

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9. Napoleon cat

Just like the Minskin, a Napoleon cat is also born from three breeds: The Munchkin, the Persian cat, and Exotic Shorthair breeds. It closely resembles the Munchkin because of its dwarf-sized appearance.

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10. Munchkin

And last on this list, is the much talked about Munchkin. We have mentioned it in the past few items and now it is time for its spotlight! A Munchkins appearance is very distinct, they are fairly little but adorable nevertheless.

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How much do these new breeds of cats cost?

The prices for these new breeds of cats definitely vary from cat to cat. Some cats may reach a 7-digit dollar price, but some can also cost at a 2-digit dollar price. There are a lot of things that determine the price of a cat breed. Its newness may not become a factor at all.

Veteran cat owners will tell you that different cats have different needs. For those who are only new human companions for cats – these fur balls need your attention when it comes to their food and their environment.

We all want what is best for our furry best friends; therefore we give them our special love and care. We make sure that the food that they eat is appropriate and in enough quantity for them. We make sure that they are comfortable and keep them active and entertained by giving them their own space and toys.

Average lifespan of Cats

16 Years Outdoor Cats
18 Years Indoor Cats

Should I buy or should I adopt?

Despite the existence of new cat breeds, adopting is still the most recommended option for you. Otherwise, if you have severe allergies and you can seem to find a cat to adopt that will not trigger your allergies, then you could buy.

We are not trying to be preachy here; of course, it is still your choice that matters. This is only a reminder that as much as you are capable, having no complications and all, looks for cats you can rescue at shelters – they are capable of wonders that are unheard of.

But if indeed, circumstance does not permit you to go and adopt – then there is nothing wrong with that. So long as you take good care of your furry friend, it no longer matters where you get him or her.​


Well, I guess that's a wrap! Those are the new line of cat breeds that you might be lucky enough to see around! This is now the new age where more and more breeds of cats are coming. Each breed having its own unique characteristic and purpose.

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