Nerdy Cat Names

Being a nerd has never been cooler. So why not revel in your nerdiness with one of these fun and quirky nerdy cat names. Choose from 50 female and male names that nerds will know and love. From famous scientists to plays on words, computer geekdom, board games, and more, this nerdy list has a little bit of sugar for everyone.

Top Nerdy Names for Female Cats

 your cat a nerdy name they can be proud of with one of these 50 top nerdy names for cats that are female:

  1. Alexa - Is always offering to help.
  2. Anning - Has a knack for finding fossils (Mary Anning).
  3. Atari - Is always playing games.
  4. Blackwell - Makes you feel better when your ill (Elizabeth Blackwell).
  5. Blockly - Will be visually pleasing.
  6. Bones - Is always solving mysteries.
  7. Boolean - Is always making you jump.
  8. Boson - Is always putting on weight.
  9. Buffy - Kicks some serious ass.
  10. Carson - Will only eat organic food (check out these Organix Cat Food Reviews).
  11. Chihiro - Is often spirited away.
  12. Chun-Li - Is a real Street Fighter.
  13. Cloud - Will always be found in high up places.
  14. Coder - Makes things happen.
  15. Dixit - Has a great way of describing things.
  16. Emrakul - Will never be captured.
  17. Ginny - Is a ginger cat.
  18. Goodall - Is always monkeying around (Jane Goodall).
  19. Hacker - Hates injustice.
  20. Hermione - Has an incredible mind.
  21. Java – Sticks to the script.
  22. Jean-Grey - Has a magnetism to her.
  23. Leah - Always triumphs over evil.
  24. Linux - Is so much better than Microsoft.
  25. Mae - Has been to space (Mae C. Jemison).
  26. Matrix - Loves looking at statistics.
  27. Nano - Is so tiny.
  28. Panda - Loves handling data.
  29. Penelope - Gets into places she shouldn’t.
  30. Pestillance - Loves Magic Gatherings.
  31. Pixel - Has very square features.
  32. Radia - Makes impressive connections (Radia Perlman).
  33. Raspberyy-Pi - Is so versatile.
  34. Rose - Will always play with the Dr.
  35. Sansa - Always enjoys the winter (check out these Game of Thrones Cat Names).
  36. SASS - Is particularly sassy (check out these badass cat names).
  37. Seager - Has incredible vision (Sara Seager).
  38. She-Hulk - Knows her own power.
  39. Stirling - Loves violin music (Lindsey Sterling).
  40. Storm - Brings the rain.
  41. Tardis - Will appear out of nowhere.
  42. Tiera - Is going to reach for the stars (Tiera Guinn).
  43. Viticulture - Loves it when you have a vino.
  44. Waterdeep - Looks looks longingly into the pond.
  45. Willow - Has magical powers.
  46. Witch - Makes everyone groan in Dominion.
  47. Wonder Woman - Loves to save the day.
  48. Xena - Is a warrior princess.
  49. Zelda - Meows like a warrior.
  50. Zip - Can get into surprisingly small spaces.

Top Nerdy Names for Male Cats

you’re ready to let out your inner geek and have a male cat desperate for a name, you’re in luck. This list is packed full of classic nerds who make ideal cat names for male cats:

  1. Aslan - Is the lion in Narnia.
  2. Babbage - Loves getting into the oven.
  3. Batman - Always leaves his mark everywhere.
  4. Bill - Is always found by gates.
  5. Boolean - Will always answer yes or no.
  6. Byte - Lives up to his name.
  7. Carcassonne - Always plays with puzzles.
  8. Catan - Tends to build things up.
  9. Chip - Thinks he has been treated unfairly.
  10. Codename - Just gets you.
  11. Cookie - Loves keeping his eyes on you.
  12. Cyber - Is always in front of a screen.
  13. Data - Makes everything clearer to you.
  14. Deadpool - Just makes you laugh.
  15. Diode - Only ever moves in one direction.
  16. Django - Is always pawing at the laptop.
  17. Dominion - Loves wandering around his provinces.
  18. DOS - Loves to be in control.
  19. Duel - Will love photos of the 7 wonders of the world.
  20. Dungeon - Loves it in the basement.
  21. Einsteen - Knows that everything is relative.
  22. Ezio - Has a killer instinct.
  23. Gandalf - Is suitable for a gray cat.
  24. Gizmo - Loves his gadgets.
  25. Glitch - Behaves scattily.
  26. Groot - Is rather boring.
  27. Haku - Will fly like a dragon.
  28. Hellby - Can be quite gruff.
  29. Ipod - Loves listening to music on his chair.
  30. Jabba - Lives for his dinner.
  31. Lex - Will suit a cat with no fur.
  32. LINQ - Is always playing on apps.
  33. Mac - Has a fondness for apples.
  34. Magneto - Attracts you to him.
  35. Node - Has to be at the center of your attention.
  36. Obi-Wan - Has Jedi powers.
  37. Pikachu - Has mad fur.
  38. RAM - Has a razor-sharp wit.
  39. Regex - Is regularly expressive.
  40. Saboteur - Will stab you in the back.
  41. Scythe - Would go into battle for you.
  42. Siri - Is always talking back to you.
  43. Snowden - Loves to reveal himself.
  44. Sonic - Will be so fast.
  45. Spiderman - Is always upside down.
  46. Tezla - Is always poking the sockets.
  47. Turing - Will get out of any maze.
  48. Tzolk’in - Loves to twist your mind.
  49. Wolverine - Has sharp claws.
  50. Wozniak - Likes climbing apple trees.

Round Up 

Picking a cat name is important as you are going to need to love the name for years to come. This list of nerdy ideas is packed full of creative names to help you find the ideal name for your nerd loving cat. Try saying it out loud and see how your cat responds. When they look pleased, you’ve found your nerdy match!

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