Mythical Cat Names

Did you know that cats’ personalities are shaped by the name you give them? Why not give them superpowers with one of these fantastical names. Choose from mythical beasts to Ancient Greek Gods, characters from films, and more in this great list of 100 mythical cat names for male and female cats.

Try something different with your cat and choose a name that evokes mythical tales of wonder.

Mythical Female Cat Names

Choose from 50 of our favorite mythical names for female cats:

  1. Angel - Is the best behaved cat you’ve ever known.
  2. Argus - Seems like she has eyes in the back of her head.
  3. Athena - Prefers hanging out with women (check out why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband?).
  4. Automaton - Has a robotic manner.
  5. Azeban - Will like to play tricks on people.
  6. Bai Ze - Always knows how to cheer you up.
  7. Banshee - Has an awful shriek.
  8. Basilisk - Has a look that kills.
  9. Camazotz - Loves it when the evening comes.
  10. Capricorn - Will always be out star-gazing.
  11. Chimera - Is a great name for a cat with a mixed coat (check out these rare cat coat colors).
  12. Cockatrice - Meows at the cockerels call.
  13. Cyclope - Has just one eye.
  14. Deva - Makes you feel totally excellent.
  15. Echo - Always answers you back.
  16. Elf - Is always in total control.
  17. Fairy - Can bring a bit of magic to the room.
  18. Gorgon - Is always chasing snakes.
  19. Grendel - Will meow manically.
  20. Griffin - Has wings.
  21. Kappa - Loves it in the water.
  22. Kraken - gets her claws into everything.
  23. Lynx - Is very elusive.
  24. Medusa - Musn’t be looked at.
  25. Mermaid - Seems to love having a bath.
  26. Naga - Will hang out by the garden pond.
  27. Nephele - Always has her head in the clouds.
  28. Nian - Always hates the sound of fireworks.
  29. Olympia - Loves track and field events.
  30. Oread - Is as big as a mountain.
  31. Pandora - Is always opening boxes.
  32. Pegasus - Moves so fast it seems like she can fly.
  33. Peluda - Is always trying to fly.
  34. Persephone - Has an air of mystery about her.
  35. Phoenix - Always rises again.
  36. Piasa - Loves catching fish.
  37. Saci - Is always making a surprise appearance.
  38. Satan - Brings out your dark side.
  39. Satori - Seems to be able to read your mind.
  40. Shojo - Behaves like a monkey.
  41. Skin-walker - Looks different every day.
  42. Sphynx - Has a roar like a lioness.
  43. Sylph - Is always disappearing into thin air.
  44. Undine - Is fiercely adoring of you (check out Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me?).
  45. Unicorn - Is clean and innocent.
  46. Valkyrie - Has magical powers in battle.
  47. Venus - Is always falling in love.
  48. Will-o-the-wisp - Makes only fleeting appearances.
  49. Yaoguai - Can be a right little monster.
  50. Zaratan - Moves as slow as a tortoise.

Mythical Male Cat Names

Have a magical experience choosing from our list of 50 mythical names for male cats:

  1. Achilles - Has a weakness for you.
  2. Adonis - Is a heart-throb.
  3. Alan - Is always walking backward.
  4. Aphrodite - Knows how to treat you with love and affection.
  5. Apollo - Is always dancing about.
  6. Argno - Will carry you through hard times.
  7. Baku - Helps you sleep soundly at night.
  8. Beast - Loves hanging out on moors.
  9. Bigfoot - Is very overweight.
  10. Bogeyman - Frightens kids on your street.
  11. Cactus - Has fur like cactus thorns.
  12. Centaur - Is impressively strong.
  13. Chuacabra - Loves to eat meat.
  14. Cipactli - Has an insatiable appetite.
  15. Cupid - Loves it on valentines day.
  16. Demon - Loves causing trouble.
  17. Deva - Is divine.
  18. Devil - Is suitable for a naughty cat.
  19. Dragon - Has a hot temper.
  20. Dryad - Loves forest bathing.
  21. Dwarf - Will always be small.
  22. Eros - Loves making love happen.
  23. Faun - Loves having fun.
  24. Ghost - Tends to disappear into thin air.
  25. Gnome - Has a golden sheen.
  26. Golem - Loves his precious.
  27. Gremlin - Just loves making mischief.
  28. Horus - Expects to be worshipped.
  29. Incubus - Will always take over the bed at night.
  30. Jackalope - Looks like he has horns.
  31. Janus - Can be very 2-faced.
  32. Kishi - Has two sides to his character.
  33. Leprechaun - Always brings you luck.
  34. Loch-Ness - Only looks like a monster.
  35. Loki - Thinks making mischief is fun.
  36. Manticure - Behaves like a human but looks like a lion.
  37. Menhune - Heads out at dusk.
  38. Oni - Is as big as a troll.
  39. Panther - Makes light work of catching his prey.
  40. Phantom - Is never where you expect.
  41. Redcap - Loves hanging out in caves.
  42. Satyr - Looks like a horse.
  43. Sekhmet - Is healed by the sunshine.
  44. Serpopard - Would suit a sneaky cat with leopard spots.
  45. Tilberi - Was made by witches.
  46. Troll - Loves climbing mountains.
  47. Tulpa - Can send you into a meditative trance.
  48. Vampire - Only goes out after sundown.
  49. Werewolf - Sounds like he growls when he meows.
  50. Yeti - Likes leaving paw-prints everywhere.

Round Up 

Choosing a mythical name is fun and will shape your relationship with your cat in magical ways. Whether Ancient Greek Gods are your thing, you love famous mythical beasts, or you just want to get the creative juices flowing, this list has a cat name for everybody.

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