21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Cats are often misunderstood creatures. They are always being branded as a snob or cold creatures. On the contrary, if we get to know them more these creatures actually also crave for human affection. These cats are actually loving and affectionate in their own ways! Here is a list of the most affectionate cat breeds there is in the cat world!

It is hard to decide who is the friendliest among these 21 cats! They are all just adorable and really affectionate that you would want to have them in one room and just let them smother you with their cuteness, their love, and their affection! Cats can be really nice too, if only we look past misconceptions – we will realize that they are great life companions too.


Most Friendliest Cat Breed Countdown

Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx cat is known to the cat world as the hairless cat. But little did everyone else now that this seemingly hairless cat isn’t heartless – but instead has a lot of love to give to whoever takes it in.

The Sphynx cat just loves to hang around its human companion especially after a long day of being separated. Expect that your Sphynx cat will automatically greet you at the door when you come home from work or school.

Sphynx cats also love playtime! Keep your Sphynx cat occupied with this cat toy, the Leopard Collapsible cat toy! It will let your cat have hours and hours of play without getting tired of this cat toy.

Balinese Cat

Like its peers that hail from the Asian region, the Balinese cat is very expressive of its feeling to its owners. It is very much interested in cuddle sessions and loves to fall asleep in its owner’s arms. The Balinese is an extremely friendly cat; it loves meeting new people.

Balinese cats get sad when their human companions are not around ever so often. But here is a cat toy that can be the answer to your concerns! The Petcube! The Petcube is a two-way communication device that will allow you to talk and hear your pet. It also has a laser function which you can control from your phone to have great playtime sessions with your cat!

Snowshoe Cat

Who can actually resist the charms of the Snowshoe cat? It is so adorable that it is almost impossible to refuse its affection for you. The Snowshoe cat is called as such because the fur found on its leg area is white – very similar to a snowshoe.

Aside from sweet cuddle sessions with a Snowshoe cat, he/she also loves to enjoy the moment spent with you by playing with you. Show your love to your Snowshoe cat by giving it this cat toy, and watch how he/she will love you more for it! Check out the 2-Tier Cat Tree Condo in our reviews, your cat will surely love it!

Javanese Cat

Here is another wonderful Asian cat! The Javanese cat’s origin can be traced back to Siamese cats, but the Javanese cat is now a different branch altogether. Javanese loves to smother its human companion with love and care.

Meanwhile, it is also fun to watch Javanese cats play because of their adorable quirks. Try getting your cat the Woo Woo Pets Cute Animal Shape Plush Soft Toy! He/she will love how this toy makes a sound as he/she bites on it. This toy is also very pet-friendly and is very safe to use because it has anti-tear properties.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is like a little bundle of joy. It is always very happy to see its human companion and loves to be included in any household affair. Siamese cats have no problems being introduced to other pets or other people; they are really highly adaptive cats that can mingle with humans and other animals alike, anytime, anywhere!

Your Siamese cat will definitely love this cat toy: SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip. Siamese cats love to mix playtime and cuddle time. Getting a cat toy like this will not only make it happy during playtime but they can also have some exercise as well.

American Curl Cat

The American Curl is known for its unique appearance; but what it is not known for is its great love for its human companions! The American Curl loves it when you shower it with lote of attention and you spend lots of quality time with it.

Aside from being a loving cat, the American Curl is also so engaged during interactive play. It can’t contain its energy and always love to pounce and chase around cat toys you give it. This time, why don’t you try out the Go Cat Catcher Teaser! It will surely provide loads of interactive play fun, just like how your American Curl will like it!

Havana Brown Cat

The Havana Brown is known to be the only breed that produces a genuine brown coat color. (Read more about it here: 10 rare cat coat colors) They have this stunningly perfect brown color that everyone will surely love. The Havana Brown is also a very lovely cat to have around. It works hard to relieve you of any stress and tension by just doing its cute antics.

The Havana Brown, like most cats also love a good play session. And it seems that PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser is here to provide great playtime for your cat! It is the usual laser pointer cat toy that any cat would love!

Oriental Cat

Hooray to another cat from the Asian region! Surprisingly, there are a lot of friendly cats that come from this region. The Oriental cat is simply a very sociable small cat breed. It loves to spend time around people, observing them, listening to them, asking for pets on the head and many more. They just seem to like to be loved and at the same time, to love every creature in their environment!

But the Oriental cat is also a mischievous cat that always love to play, its preference are highly interactive games so that it gets to play with other cats or with people as well. KONG Active Feather Teaser is a highly recommended cat toy that will surely satisfy your cat’s love for interactive play!

LaPerm Cat

The LaPerm seems to just have it all! Good looks and a good heart! Not to mention a liking for a good session of climbing, running, rolling and pouncing around. That’s why there is no doubt that the LaPerm will like the Petstages Tower Tracks Chase cat toy! It is pure fun translated into a cat toy!

Not to mention, this cat loves to eat! Be sure to read our blog post on what your cat can eat for some good tips!

Siberian Cat

A surely famous one on this list! A Siberian cat can be seen in more and more households all over the world. Why? It is because they are so kind and gentle, and even good with the kids. That’s why no household will be able to resist this cat’s charm.

Just watching a Siberian cat play, or even playing with it yourself magically releases any stress and pent up tension that you may be feeling at the moment. And the Original Mylar Crinkle Balls are here to give your Siberian cat hours of fun play! Just throw them around and watch your cat chase it all over the house.

Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is one funny cat, when you pick it up – it will suddenly limp, just like a ragdoll. I guess that’s where it got its name. It is really kinda adorable every time it does that. After a long day’s work, it is actually looking forward to cuddle sessions with you. And of course more playtime!

Have non-stop play with your cat using the Cozie Kickeroo cat toy infused with some catnip and watch as your cat enjoys play time with you more and more each day!

Persian Cat

The Persian cat is a well-loved cat by everyone – not only because of its beauty but also because of its good heart. 

Persian cats are quiet but friendly cats, they may not be as fond of moving around as other cats, but they do love sitting quietly with other people and cats alike. A Persian cat is a good companion for people who loves to read books – you know quiet sessions like that because a Persian cat will most likely just sit on your lap and comfortably purring to sleep.

This cat has a lot of energy to spend during playtime so give it the best cat toy you’ve got! And that cat toy is the Fuzzu Donald Trump! Do you think your Persian cat will enjoy dragging and chasing this mini POTUS around?

Cornish Rex Cat

It may have a bizarre appearance but it does not let looks get in the way of love! The Cornish Rex is a very expressive cat. It tells you how much it loves you in ways it understands and at any chance it can get.

The Cornish Rex also loves to play around! They are really active cats that have lots of energy reserve! The KONG Naturals Crinkle Catnip cat toy will surely put them up to a challenge of endurance!​

Devon Rex Cat

Now the prankster of the lot, this cat may be silly and funny but behind this nature is a really loving cat! It will come to greet you as you come in from wherever. It simply wants to be with you at all costs!

Your Devon Rex will surely love the Moody Pet cat toy as it brings intense cat play to a whole new level!​

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is one big cat with a one big heart! It is not a new cat breed, like we have in this blog post, but it's a oldie cat. It loves to be around people and animals alike. It has no problems mingling and socializing with other people or cats.

Aside from meeting new people and pets, one of Maine Coon’s priorities is playing! Cat Wand Toys is one cat toy that can live up to the Maine Coon’s standard of good play!​

A big sized cat like this surely has a big sized heart as well. It is known to be very affectionate to humans, fond of sleeping in laps. Maine Coons are very social, they are fond of meeting new people. As it is a big-sized cat they do poop a lot! Be sure to read our non tracking cat litter blog post to help solve the whiffy problems you may encounter.

Abyssinian Cats

Getting an Abyssinian is going to be one of the best choices you will ever make in your life! You will get an instant partner in crime, a constant companion, and a loving furball friend! Not only are Abyssinians smart, their wits are also a force to reckon with – they are extremely smart! The Abyssinian breed is always ready to mingle with people.

Abyssinians are usually warm creatures. They can get comfortable real quick! They love to receive attention from their human companions and even from people they haven’t even met yet. In fact, if an Abyssinian gets neglected and ignored there will be a possibility that for it to become depressed.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

The Exotic Shorthair is born from its Persian and American Shorthair origins. The mix not only brought Exotic Shorthair to the world but it also brought out a perfect mix of friendliness and playfulness!

But you know, despite its playfulness, you do not have to worry about fur being all over the place. The Exotic Shorthair is one of those cats that minimally shed. (Read: 25 low shed and CATS that don’t shed) They shed very little, making them easy to manage and maintain.

Burmese Cats

Even if you already have other pets at home like dogs and other cats, you will not have any troubles at all when you bring a Burmese cat in the picture! You do not have to worry about introducing a Burmese cat to a new animal or human companions because the Burmese cat can adapt really well among its peers and among humans. It has this amazing ability to get along with anyone in its surroundings – even a dog has no problems being around this cat.

If this is a beauty pageant, we will give the Ms./Mr. Congeniality award to Burmese cats!

Russian Blue Cats

Do you have this friend: during your first meetings, he/she is all quiet but after a few more and you have finally become friends he/she is actually very talkative and warm as a person?

Well, imagine a cat just like that and you get a Russian Blue cat! A Russian Blue may seem to be an introvert at first, but as soon as they get comfy, expect that they will be your most loyal companion in life! They will always be by your side.

Singapura Cats

Like most cats that have its origin in Asia, the Singapura cat is also extremely affectionate and friendly. It may be small compared to other cats, but its love for companionship is certainly so much bigger than its size!

They are really sweet cats and really good with the kids too. They know when it is the time to play and be friendly; and they know when it is the time for a good, quiet, cuddle session. This personality allows them to easily get comfortable with new people it meets.

Manx Cats

You might be surprised to see that this cat has no tail. However, you do not have to worry because this is the unique characteristic of a Manx cat! The absence of its tail does not get in the way of its sociable nature. They definitely love interactive play and loves quality time with other animals and humans alike. These cats mainly come in Black, if you are looking for Black cat names, then our guide will help.

xtremely playful and caring, these cats love to be around people. It is always ready for a heart-warming cuddle and at the same time hours and hours of play and quality time!

Average Lifespan of Cats

16 Years Outdoor Cats
18 Years Indoor Cats

Cat lovin’!

Give and you shall receive, that’s what they always say. The same goes with our cats, we took them into our households; it means that we should provide our cats with so much love as much as we can. It is clear that our cats are also more than willing to do the same for us.

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