Maine Coon Cat Names

Do you love the Maine Coon cat? Are you a lover of the state of Maine? Are you looking for a different name for a cat? Or perhaps you are some combination of all three of these things. If so, then you’re in the right place. Choose from famous Mainers (people from Maine), facts about Maine, names based on the Maine Coon’s character, and more.

About the Maine Coon Breed

The Maine Coon is a New England native. These are one of the original cat breeds in the whole of the USA, although there is some evidence linking them to Siberian cats. There are also rumors that Marie Antoinette (the last French Queen) had her cats sent to America but failed to make the journey due to her beheading. Whoever it is that we have to thank, we’re glad they made it here!

These cats are really big and fluffy with very long hair. Making them fun to cuddle and stroke. They are also super affectionate without crossing the line to being too needy. Once used on fishing vessels to catch mice, they are also exceptional hunters – great if you have a pest problem.

Fortunately, they are great with kids too. You’ll have to keep an eye on them though as they are super smart and playful too.

Female Maine Coon Cat Names

  1. Aleshanee - Is always playing games.
  2. Antoinette - Will keep Marie Antoinette’s folk tail about Maine Coon cats alive.
  3. Appelby - Can keep Marie Antoinette’s folk tail about Maine Coon cats alive.
  4. Aselton - After the famous Mainer Katie Aselton.
  5. Augusta - Is the capital city of Maine.
  6. Barbie - Loves meeting new people.
  7. Blueberry - Is almost all produced in Maine (90% of the US crop comes from Maine!).
  8. Brewer - Has a fondness for craft beer.
  9. Broccoli - Loves to be healthy (and Maine produces tonnes of the stuff).
  10. Bubbly - Is full of energy.
  11. Cordelia - Has such a sociable nature.
  12. Crockett - Loves the ‘rock-a-bye-baby’ lullaby sung to her.
  13. Curiosity - Loves investigating the unknown.
  14. Dreama - Has always got a smile on her face.
  15. Eastport - Loves looking out to sea.
  16. Effie - Will have a melodic purr.
  17. Fawn - Has a friendly nature.
  18. Femi - Loves to be loved.
  19. Foxy - Loves to outwit you.
  20. Gay - Is jolly and friendly.
  21. Genevieve - Is great with all the family.
  22. Jennifer - Likes family dinners.
  23. Jolly - Loves hanging out together.
  24. Jubilee - Knows how to enjoy a party.
  25. Kalmus - Is a colorful tribute to the Mainer Natalie Kalmus.
  26. Katahdin - Will be mountainous in stature.
  27. Kaushal - Always has an answer for everything.
  28. Kendrick - Is into Vampires.
  29. Lalana - Will be so playful.
  30. Lavin - Is fond of the TV show ‘Alice’.
  31. Leona - Seems like a lion.
  32. Lobster - Has a red coat.
  33. Marconi - Loves playing with kids.
  34. Narissara - Knows her stuff.
  35. Niznik - Will live a wildlife.
  36. Piper - Is always followed around by children.
  37. Pocahontas - Plays with anybody.
  38. Potato - Is a cute name (and Maine produces a lot of potatoes).
  39. Red Claws - Has a tendency to scratch things.
  40. Sage - Loves to give you top tips.
  41. Siberia - Loves it when the frost settles.
  42. Sixteen - because Maine is made up of 16 states.
  43. Sparrow - Lays his head to rest in high places.
  44. Tabitha - Knows how to find the library.
  45. Toothpick  - Enjoys looking after her teeth (check out 7 of the Best Cat Dental treats).
  46. Varvara - Will always behave differently.
  47. Veronica  - Always seems a little bit restless (check out Cat Twitching in Sleep?).
  48. Xenophon - Has a very strange voice.
  49. Yi Min - Has serious smarts.
  50. Zinc - Is a great name for a cat from Maine.

Male Maine Coon Cat Names

  1. Cariani - Has to follow what’s happening in Law & Order.
  2. Chesty - Loves puffing his chest out.
  3. Chikao - Is incredibly smart.
  4. Chunky - Has legs like tree chunks.
  5. Cirocco - Has an inquisitive nature.
  6. Cosey - Was the name of America’s first-ever cat show winner.
  7. Dempsey - Is himself in a muddle.
  8. Dizzy - Enjoys spinning around.
  9. Dougal - Gets himself in a muddle.
  10. Dr. Sheperd - Is spinning around.
  11. Favian - Inspires a get-together in front of the fire-pit.
  12. Folksy - Loves long hair.
  13. Gamache - Loves getting in punch-ups.
  14. Hall - Seems to be conducting electricity through his fur.
  15. Hannibal - After the former vice president of the USA, not Hannibal Lector!.
  16. Harbor - Loves to stay at home.
  17. Hippie - Has long hair.
  18. Island - Has fun heading out on boats.
  19. Jigger - Knows how to deal with troublesome trees.
  20. Judd - Always loves to have breakfast club.
  21. Kaemon - Is full of joy.
  22. Kennebec - Loves it down by the river.
  23. King - Loves watching horror films with you.
  24. Leo - Lives for the hunt.
  25. Lighthouse - Likes to haunt you at night.
  26. Lok - Plays around in glee.
  27. Maine - Has to be the most classic name for a Maine Coon cat.
  28. Maineiac - Can get a little bit crazy.
  29. Mariner - Loves watching sports.
  30. Monosyllabic - Doesn’t talk much (and is a shout out to Maine being the only state with just one syllable in its name).
  31. Moose - Would fit in with the estimated 75,000 moose found in Maine.
  32. Native - Is the oldest natural breed in the USA.
  33. Owl - Always offers wise advice.
  34. Peterman - Was played by a Mainer in Seinfeld.
  35. Portland - Used to be the capital of Maine.
  36. Rockefeller - Knows how to look after you.
  37. Savvy - Is an intelligent cat.
  38. Sea Dog - Loves watching his team.
  39. Sean Coonnery - Loves the James Bond films.
  40. Skipper - Always catches pests.
  41. Sophocles - Seems to love watching tragic plays.
  42. Stephen - Can be quite scary at times.
  43. Tanay - Loves family camping trips.
  44. Tazmania - Has a little bit of a devil in him.
  45. Toshihiro - Always saves the day.
  46. Tullio  - Always loves playing games (check out the Best Interactive Cat Toys).
  47. Van - Is a family man.
  48. Vinalhaven - Loves having fish for dinner.
  49. Waapalaa - Makes things fun.
  50. Zeki - Loves solving puzzles.

Round Up 

So, there you have it! With 50 female and 50 male names to choose from, this list of 100 Maine Coon cat names has something for everyone who loves the Maine Coon cat.

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