Korean Cat Names

Are you looking for a new name for your cat? Have you ever been to or do you want to go to Korea? If so, then you’re in the right place as we have 100 names inspired the wonderful country that is Korea.

From stunning mountains to beautiful landscapes, hyper-modern cities, and K-pop, Korea has so much to offer. With a great ring to them, these names will make any cat purr with pleasure.


Female Korean Cat Names

  1. Ae-Cha - Is always loving.
  2. Bong - Makes everything new.
  3. Chin - Is a precious cat.
  4. Chingu - Always looks after her friends.
  5. Cho - Knows she is pretty.
  6. Chujeog - Loves chasing her tail (find out why cats chase their tail).
  7. Chul - Demands to be listened to.
  8. Chun - Means spring in Korean.
  9. Chung-Cha - Behaves righteously.
  10. Cung-Ae - Meows with love.
  11. Dae - Is the greatest of them all.
  12. Dong - Will always seek the East.
  13. Eun - Loves things made from silver.
  14. Gyosu - Looks very wise.
  15. Hae - Has a meow like the sound of the ocean.
  16. Haenguni - Will be the luckiest cat on the street.
  17. Ha-Neul - Lives in the clouds.
  18. Hee - Is bright and sprightly.
  19. Hei - Always acts with grace.
  20. Heut-Eojin - Brings homes the strays (check out why a stray cat keeps coming to your house).
  21. Hui Mang Ee - Always looks on the bright side of life.
  22. In - Is more knowledgable than most.
  23. Iseul - Loves the morning dew.
  24. Ja - Has fire in her belly.
  25. Jag-Eun - Has to be let out at night.
  26. Jibang - Eats too much.
  27. Jogakbo - Is a Korean patchwork (and a great cat name for calico cats).
  28. Joo - Will be your most precious.
  29. Kim Bab - Has a fondness for sushi.
  30. Kimchi - Is spicy on the outside but sweet on the inside.
  31. Kiseu - Is always licking you.
  32. Kkachi - Is magpie in Korean (a great name for black and white cats).
  33. Kwan - Will always stand up for herself.
  34. Kyung - Expects to be respected.
  35. Ma Bub - Makes magic happen.
  36. Ma Eum Ee - Has a heart that beats only for you.
  37. Mi-Hi - Will bring you so much joy.
  38. Myeong - Will radiate beauty.
  39. Na Bi - Looks like a beautiful butterfly.
  40. Na Moo - Has a tendency to climb trees.
  41. Na Ra - Loves living in the countryside.
  42. Sarangi - Will charm the pants off anyone.
  43. Soo - Is gentle in spirit.
  44. Sun-Hee - Hasn’t got a bad bone in her body.
  45. Suni - Loves to be kind.
  46. Taeyang - Is always chasing sunny spots in the garden.
  47. Taeyang - Hates it when it gets dark.
  48. Tamchim - Travels far and wide.
  49. Uk - Loves getting up at the crack of dawn.
  50. Yoon - Is always getting spoilt.

Male Korean Cat Names

  1. Abeoji - Loves his children.
  2. Ablyeog - Knows how to apply pressure.
  3. Amseog - Loves sitting on rocks.
  4. Ba Ro - Always lives in the present.
  5. Bae - Is inspirational.
  6. Bam Ee - Will come into his own at night.
  7. Bbo Bbo - Is always giving you kisses.
  8. Chin-Hae - Has hidden depths.
  9. Chita - Lives for the hunt.
  10. Don-Yul - Is so passionate.
  11. Duck-Young - Has integrity like no other.
  12. Eodum - Is a great Korean name for a black cat.
  13. Ga On Ee - Likes to be the center of attention.
  14. Ga Ram Ee - Is always on the move.
  15. Gi - Will always seek to protect you.
  16. Go Mi Nam - Is a handsome cat.
  17. Gongjeonghan - Treats everyone fairly.
  18. Gook - Leads a patriotic life.
  19. Goyohan - Will always hide himself away.
  20. Haengboghan - Has always got the broadest smile.
  21. Haneul - Behaves like an angel.
  22. Haneunim - Will be worthy of high praise.
  23. Haru - Will be your best friend.
  24. Ho - Is fond of the pond.
  25. Ho-Sook - Loves a romantic stroll by the lake.
  26. Hwan - Loves it in the sunshine.
  27. Hyun - Is wiser than his years.
  28. Il - Thinks he is superior to everybody.
  29. Il Sik - Has celestial power.
  30. Isanghan - Is suitable for a strangely behaved cat.
  31. Ja Jung - Goes out at midnight.
  32. Jung - Will never stray from your side.
  33. Kal - Loves getting into fights.
  34. Keyowo - Is so cute when he rubs his head into you.
  35. Kyong - Makes everything seem so much better.
  36. Maek Ju - Will always try to drink your beer.
  37. Makki - Is so tiny.
  38. Mal - Is as big as a horse.
  39. Mal-Chin - Can be very persistent.
  40. Man-Shik - Just wants to stay indoors.
  41. Min-Ki - Loves it when you do the crossword.
  42. Mong Chong Ee - Tends to make a bit of a fool of himself.
  43. Mulyo - Is always running off.
  44. Nongbu - Is surprisingly green-fingered.
  45. Seunglija - Hates losing at games.
  46. Shiro - Is an ideal name for a Korean white cat.
  47. Suk Ee - Is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.
  48. Tongtonghan - Will be the chubbiest cat you’ve ever seen.
  49. Wangja - Is Korean for a prince.
  50. Yong-Gamhan - Will bravely defend your honor.

Round Up 

Korea is a wonderful place to visit and the land of a vibrant language and culture. Bring some of Korea home with you by choosing one of these 100 Korean names for cats. Your cat will soon show their pleasure with a grateful ‘gamsahabnida’ (Korean for thank you)!

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