Italian Cat Names

Do you love the romanticism of the language, the taste of the food, and to enjoy the culture of Italy? Are you looking for a new name for your cat? If so, then this is the place for you. In this list, we have 100 great names for Italian cats to choose from. Have fun choosing a delightfully Italian name for a furry new member of your family.


Italy and their love for cats

Italy has a funny relationship with their pets. Many feed their pets as much ice-cream as they eat themselves. In Rome, you’ll find calendars glorifying the cats from across the city. They also have free reign over many of the city’s ancient monuments. One effect of so many cats has been a fantastic reduction in the number of rodents in the city of Rome.

Italians love cats and cats love Italians. So why not choose an Italian name for your cat? After all, this is probably the most romantic sounding language in the world and everybody loves their cat.

Italian Female Cat Names

From famous Italian women to famous Italian food, ancient culture, and playing with the language. This list of 50 female Italian cat names will make it easy to find the perfect name for your cat.

  1. Alba - Is great for cats that love the dawn.
  2. Alda - Always knows what you need.
  3. Amara - Loves you forever.
  4. Angelina - Is so tiny.
  5. Aperol - Makes the perfect apres-ski.
  6. Armani - Looks so stylish.
  7. Baciami - Has a tender kiss.
  8. Basilica - Loves to battle.
  9. Bellissa - Is so beautiful.
  10. Calamari - Loves it by the sea.
  11. Calda - Has a hot temper.
  12. Calzone - Is always folded in 2.
  13. Caramella - Is fond of sweetened milk.
  14. Chianti - Loves having a sundowner.
  15. Ciao - Meows when you leave.
  16. Cuore - Has a big heart.
  17. Divertimento - Loves having a laugh.
  18. Dolce - Will be the sweetest cat you’ve ever seen.
  19. Flora - Demands flowers.
  20. Florence - Loves her art.
  21. Gattara - Loves having lots of cats around her.
  22. Juliette - Will break many hearts.
  23. Jupiter - Has a big belly.
  24. Kathalina - Loves to be tidy (check out these best cat litter boxes for helpful cats ).
  25. Limoncello - Has a dry sense of humor.
  26. Lucciola - Comes out at night.
  27. Lucia - Provides a light in the darkness.
  28. Macaroni - Loves her cheese.
  29. Maria - Always loves a puzzle.
  30. Mattina - Wakes up early.
  31. Nonna - Looks after the whole family.
  32. Occhi - Has the most beautiful eyes.
  33. Panzanella - Loves the Tuscan sun.
  34. Penne - Fills you with good feelings.
  35. Picante - Takes the spice out of the situation.
  36. Pigra - Won’t get up in the morning.
  37. Pizza - Is fond of the wrong food.
  38. Prosecco - Has the giggles.
  39. Quorra - Is always kind to others.
  40. Ragazze - Just wants to have fun.
  41. Rita - Is a hero.
  42. Roma - Has a beautiful soul.
  43. Rosso - Is a ginger cat.
  44. Sangiovese - Is vibrant.
  45. Sistine - Is a work of art.
  46. Spaghetti - Gets tangled up in everything.
  47. Tarantella - Dances flirtatiously.
  48. Teatrico - Is Is a wonderful actress.
  49. Velocità - Zips around at quite a pace.
  50. Verona - Will be fair (and set the scene).

Italian Male Cat Names 

From mafia villains to ancient inventors, Roman leaders, and Shakespearian characters. This list of male Italian cat names has a bit of something for everybody.

  1. Alberto - Is brightly colored.
  2. Amaretto - Is a little bit nuts.
  3. Anatolio - Is always the first up.
  4. Baffi - Has a mustache.
  5. Bambino - Will always be your baby.
  6. Benvolio - Is good at keeping the peace.
  7. Caesar - Always has your back.
  8. Caldo - Will always be on your lap.
  9. Capulet - Will rule the street.
  10. Columbus - Will plunder the neighborhood.
  11. Cosmo - Loves looking at the stars.
  12. Cretino - Is not the sharpest tool in the box.
  13. Da Vinci - Will be so inventive.
  14. Denti - Will look after his teeth (check out these best cat dental treats for cat dental hygiene).
  15. Disarono - Will have a sweet center.
  16. Doc - Is afraid of the rain.
  17. Don - Is the boss.
  18. Donatello - Has a soft touch.
  19. Enrico - Doesn’t take any messing.
  20. Espresso - Oh so Italiano.
  21. Gramsci - Will hegemonize your mind.
  22. Horace - Has a strict routine.
  23. Leo - Loves to roar.
  24. Luigi - Loves to get into fights.
  25. Machiavelli - Has a wicked side.
  26. Mafia - Is the one in charge.
  27. Maradonna - Loves holiday in Naples.
  28. Martini - Hates to be stirred in the morning.
  29. Mercutio - Is a true comedian.
  30. Milan - Will love getting dressed up.
  31. Mozzarella - Always makes a mess.
  32. Napoli - Loves the sunshine.
  33. Orecchie - Has the funniest ears.
  34. Paradiso - Lives in paradise.
  35. Pavarotti - Has a wonderful voice.
  36. Pazzo - Goes a bit wild.
  37. Pelo - Is proper hairy.
  38. Pesto - Is a jealous cat.
  39. Pomodoro - Always turns up on time for dinner.
  40. Pompeii - Hides underneath things.
  41. Retto - Never leaves your side.
  42. Risotto - Drinks a lot.
  43. Rocco - Loves to relax.
  44. Romeo - Will be a hit with the ladies.
  45. Salami - Only accepts meat for dinner (check out these best canned cat foods for fussy cats).
  46. Tesoro - Is a true treasure.
  47. Turin - Is a black and white cat.
  48. Tybalt - Mocks his competitors.
  49. Venice - Is a romantic at heart.
  50. Ziti - Has hidden depths.

Round Up 

Whether you use this list to pick the name of your new cat directly or simply to spark off your creativity, we hope you will enjoy this list of fun Italian names for cats. Choosing your cat’s name is important so take some time over it and, most importantly, have fun doing it!

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