Irish Cat Names

Ireland is a beautiful country with wonderful people. They also have some of the most interesting words and names around. If you agree and are looking for a name for your cat, then you’re in the right place. We have 50 top female cat names inspired by Ireland. We also have another 50 great male cat names that take Ireland for their inspiration.

Irish Female Cat Names

Choose from Gaelic words to Irish food, Irish dance, and famous women important to Ireland’s history. This list of 50 name ideas has a little bit of something for everybody:

  1. Aisling - Is like a dream to look at.
  2. Alaine - Can brighten any room.
  3. Allana - Loves to be babied.
  4. Angela - Is fond of ashes.
  5. Barmbrack - Loves her morning meal.
  6. Black Pudding - Has a big belly (check out these High Protein Low Carb Cat Food).
  7. Bryna - Is the strongest cat on the street.
  8. Buckfast - Has a powerful touch.
  9. Caiomhe - Pronounced kee-va, is so precious.
  10. Caitlyn - Behaves as she should do.
  11. Cara - Gets by with a little help from her friends.
  12. Ceara - Will suit a black cat.
  13. Ceilidh - Is always dancing around.
  14. Celtic - Seems like she knows her roots.
  15. Champ - Is a stocky cat.
  16. Clover - Brings you good fortune.
  17. Colcannon - Will warm your cockles.
  18. County - Prefers to keep things local.
  19. Cranberry - Will linger in your head.
  20. Deirdre - Always gets her heart broken.
  21. Enya - Will always soothe you.
  22. Farl - Loves a slice of toast.
  23. Fiadh - Is a wild little cat (pronounced fee-a).
  24. Fidelma - Seems confused.
  25. Finola - Always looks good in a dress.
  26. Gael - Is proud of her Irish heritage.
  27. Galway - Is so vibrant.
  28. Hurling - Chases after her prey (check out How Fast Cats Can Run?).
  29. Jockey - Moves so fast.
  30. Keely - Is unrivaled for her beauty.
  31. Kirsty - Loves Christmas in New York.
  32. Limerick - Makes only fleeting comments.
  33. Lochlyn - Loves it down by the lake.
  34. Macushla - Loves the sound of your beating heart.
  35. Madra Rua - Looks like a red fox.
  36. Mocree - Has a big heart.
  37. Niamh - Is absolutely radiant (pronounced Nee-iv).
  38. Olta - Loves to sink a few pints down at the local.
  39. Orla - Will always do as she is told.
  40. Pirate Queen - Is always getting her way (Grace O’Malley).
  41. Race - Has a fondness for the horses.
  42. Raegan - Has a mind of her own.
  43. Riverdance - Has the fastest of feet.
  44. Rosie - Always fights for what is right (Rosie Hackett).
  45. Shamrock - Always brings you good luck.
  46. Sinead - Nothing compares to you.
  47. Soda - Is light and fluffy.
  48. Teagan - Is always sleeping (check out Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?).
  49. Thin Lizzy - Loves it when the boys are back in town.
  50. Trouble - Is always in the wars.

Irish Male Cat Names

Choose from name inspired by top Irish musicians to classic Irish drinks, beautiful towns, and famous Irishman from history. These male cat names will get your creative juices flowing and help you find the perfect name for your cat:

  1. Adams - Helps to make the peace.
  2. Aiden - Never gives up his spot by the fire.
  3. Barry - Is full of surprises (Dr James Barry).
  4. Bono - Is rather arrogant.
  5. Bushmills - Is always in the whiskey cabinet.
  6. Caine - Frightens the life out of other cats.
  7. Cassidy - Has curly hair.
  8. Christy - Loves folk music.
  9. Ciaran - Loves it in the shadows.
  10. Connor - Thinks he’s a dog.
  11. Cork - Isn’t just something you put in a wine bottle.
  12. Cormac - Loves knocking things over.
  13. Craic - Likes to have fun.
  14. Donahue - Loves his brown fur.
  15. Dooley - Is fond of his mullet.
  16. Dublin - Is the biggest cat in the world.
  17. Fearghus - Is stronger than he looks.
  18. Fionn - Is oh so handsome.
  19. Flannery - Is a proper battler.
  20. Gerry - Has political prowess.
  21. Giant - Looks meaner than he is.
  22. Glendalough - Is double-barreled.
  23. Guinness - Is black, white, and a party animal.
  24. Kelsey - Loves showing off his bravery.
  25. Kilkenny - Lives in a castle.
  26. Killian - Has a religious side.
  27. Knock - Hangs out by the airport.
  28. MacGowan - Lives in a dirty old town.
  29. Morgan - Can be quite a battler.
  30. Morrison - Expects you to play fine jazz music.
  31. Paddy - Always wins in a race.
  32. Peet - Has fire in his belly.
  33. Plaw-Maws - Always knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.
  34. Pogue - Has a pair of brown eyes.
  35. Pope - Has a vicars collar.
  36. Potato - Is always found in the garden.
  37. Quinn - Is exceptionally wise.
  38. Rugby - Loves the Six Nations.
  39. Shane - Loves fairytales in new york.
  40. Slane - Knows his whiskey.
  41. Spleodar - Is the embodiment of joy.
  42. Stew - Can always make you happy.
  43. Taoiseach - Will rule the roost.
  44. Teeling - Behaves consistently.
  45. ToBeSure - Has a quick wit.
  46. Tullamore - Always looks classy.
  47. U2 - Is too big for his boots.
  48. Van - Is the man.
  49. Varadkar - Will think he is the boss.
  50. Whisky - Loves sitting on your lap by the fire.

Round Up 

Ireland is a land of beauty, music, and folklore. The lilt of the language whether spoken in English or Gaelic is beautiful and leads to some fantastic sounding names. Bring some of the magic of Ireland into your home with one of these fabulous Irish cat names.

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