10 Tips How to Stop a Cat from Biting You

There are a lot of people who prefer dogs over cats just because of the generalization that cats are snobs, cold as ice and independent. So even go far to get cat repellers! Others see cats as having humans for pets instead of humans having cats for pets. These things are not entirely true – cats are one of those greatly misunderstood animals. Here are the 10 signs that your cat loves you after all.


Stop Your Cat from Attacking you COUNTDOWN

1. Have as Many Cat Toys as Possible 

Maybe your cat is just in need of distraction. Keep your cat busy and occupied by giving it a cat toy that can become your cat’s medium of releasing its aggression. How about you give this cat toy a try: Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center. Your cat will be able to do lots of different activities with it, all the while getting fit and healthy?

2. Use the Power of Cat Treats

Well, do not underestimate the power of cat treats! You can also use it to discipline your cat and stop him or her from the biting tendency.

What you can do is during play time: give your cat some treats if he or she is behaving well. But as soon as your cat starts biting again, stop giving him or her the cat treats. This will give your cat the idea that what he or she just did is not nice – and if he or she wants to continue being handed out treats then the biting should stop.

3. Get Another Playmate

Maybe your cat is in need of a companion that is of the same nature. You can also try getting another cat or any other animal that can handle your cat’s antics. At least by getting another cat, there is a new companion that can better deal with your cat’s biting. But of course, you still have to watch over them and see to it that none of the cats are over doing the biting. Make sure that no injuries will be incurred by any of the cats.

4. Find out the Reason Behind the Biting

If the biting still recurs every now and then, what you should do next is to find out what is bothering your cat. Find out the triggers and factors that give your cat the reason to bite all of a suddenly. It could be something that you do, something in the environment, something it did not like, etc. There could be a lot of triggers to your cat's aggression. And of course, one solution is to get rid of these triggers and foster a peaceful environment for your cat.

You can also consult your most trusted vet in this matter. Maybe your vet can better explain to you as to why your cat developed the biting tendency. Biting can also signify pain that your cat maybe feeling. If your cat suddenly starts biting and has other symptoms as well (Read: How to tell if your cat is in pain), then a trip to the vet can be the answer.

5. Get any Human Body Part Out of Playtime

You will also have to adjust if you do not want your cat’s teeth embedded in any part of your body. The thing here is that cat toys exist so that they will be used to play with your cat. Involving your hands, fingers, foot, legs, or any other body part that is not meant to be a cat's plaything will be recognized by your cat as its plaything.

So if on a normal situation wherein you are not using these body parts to play with your cat, your cat would still look at it like a toy and might chase it around. Make sure that you get the appropriate cat toys to keep your cat entertained and occupied. There are a lot of cat toys that put you at some distance with your cat's teeth without compromising the quality time that you will be spending with your cat.

6. Drain the Excess Energy in your Cat

If you come home and your cat suddenly comes at you and starts to bite you then your cat might have lacked stimulation from its environment the whole day and it has a lot of pent up energy – and there comes you who will the first object of its energy release.

It could be that your cat did not have much time to run around or play around and so when the first chance of activity comes, your cat will definitely grab a hold of it.

What you can do is keep your cat's interest while you are away by giving it cat toys that will have it moving around. Of course, you should still also consider your cat's safety in using the toy unsupervised. Choose a cat toy that has secure materials. You can give the Bergan Turbo Scratcher a chance! It keeps your cat have fun and at the same time release tension when it needs to.

7. Relieve Possible Feelings of Anxiety and Stress

There is a possibility that your cat is feeling anxious and stressed about its environment and the only way it seems to release these feelings of discomfort is through aggression. If you see that your cat is distressed, look for what is making your cat feel that way and get rid of it right away. Remember, your cat will not do anything unprovoked.

Go to your vet and consult this tendency in your cat. As soon as unusual behaviors arise in your cat, do not hesitate to consult with your vet right away.

8. Respect your Cat’s Personal Space

Aggressive biting may also mean that you have been too invasive of your cat’s personal space. If your cat does not want to play or does not want to be picked up at the moment, then respect that decision. Just wait out until your cat is ready for cuddles again - There are a number of ways cats tell you they love you, read our signs your cat loves you blog post for a good read!

Consistent training is the key!

You can do all these things and yet your cat could still remain aggressive and really won’t stop with the biting. The key here is your consistency in disciplining your cat and the signals that you give your cat. If you give the wrong signals and it is fluctuating then most likely your cat will just end up confused. Give the right signals at the right moments and you will soon see the improvement in your cat.

Rebecca Welters

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