How to Get Rid Of Stray Cats Permanently?

As a cat parent, you are compassion and realize that a cat should not be misconstrued as a stray because they are in different environments. Most homeowners talk about How to get rid of stray cats permanently? However, this is not always the case. As such, there should be some factors to consider.

A stray cat may be found at your door, your garden, the poor cat needs some rescue. As such, as a cat parent, you will be faced with a dilemma as to what needs doing about this cat that you assume to be a stray. You may want to feed the cat but also have some misgiving about feeding and inviting the stray to your place.

Therefore, here are some considerations to take before feeding the cat.


Is the cat a stray?

Before we proceed to deal answer, ‘how to get rid of a stray cat permanently?’, we should determine if it is a stray cat. There are some tell-tale signs. This will help you know if it is just a cat in unfamiliar territory or a stray cat. Such factors as a collar or tag around its neck will help you identify these signs. 

It is obvious that strayed cats look more disheveled compared to your well-groomed furball. As such, you need to know how to notice a stray. If there are some bruises, scars, and it is less preened, there is a possibility it is a stray. Naturally, some are not neutered.

You also need to know that some of these cats have microchips in them as opposed as opposed to being collared. Therefore, you should never assume that it a stray dog by just plain sight. It is rather clear to most cat parents that their cat pets roam and will wander every time in search of mates, food that they do not get at home, and other whims that they need to indulge to prove their predatory instincts. Therefore, take the following steps.

  • Take the pet to a vet who will check if there is a microchip
  • Check throughout your neighborhood to ensure there are no neighbors who have lost a cat
  • Post pictures online as well as around the neighborhood with a picture of the cat to find out if someone will come forward

Most people will handle a stray cat carelessly by calling animal control before doing the above. Be empathic and consider the fact that it would be your cat that has to spend a rainy night outside and now looks disheveled with no direction of where their home would be.

How to relocate a stray cat from your home

Once the above factors are crossed out, you need to know how to take this feline stray to a place where they will be safe.  Follow the following steps for relocation. You have four options that will help the cat get to safety. Being a cat parent, you want to know that she will be safe where you leave him or her. Therefore, here is what to do.

  • Find the cat a shelter that is willing to help him or her temporarily before another family adopts her. Ensure that they will provide some comfort that is required for her to feel welcome. Else, you take her home.
  • You have friends, relative, and work colleagues who you know have wanted a cat for some time. Find a suitable home for your feline stray and help him or her get rid of her insecurities.
  • If this fails, you can take the stray cat to your care and invite him or her to your place to take refuge before you get a solution.
  • If this is not a possibility, and you do not have the capability, you found the cat a stray, let them stay in the outdoor life.

Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you try to get some bond with that stray cat when you leave him or her. The cat could have been mistreated before; however, how you treat them you will give them a new hope at life. You may come to a home shelter and the stray cat will recognize her once you are once able to take her home.

You should not starve a stray cat to get rid of the cat- get rid of a feral cat

Stray cats are domesticated; nonetheless, they have their survival instincts when they are outside. They have to ensure that that they defend and struggle to manage the outside life. During extreme conditions such as winter, they are cold, as such; they may seem savage when trying to get food. Their health detriments are not their fault as some are born among other stray cats that were either left alone by their owners or decided to get away from mistreatment.

You may be worried to feed a stray cat fearing that it will come again and look for food at your residence. Nonetheless, that is never the case with cats. Unlike dogs, they roam in search of what they need.

Difference between stray cats and feral cats

As a cat parent, what you should be afraid of is a feral cat. These cats are used to survival and do not need to be domesticated. These are the differences between stray and feral cats.

  • A feral cat unlike a stray is aggressive and will not be approachable
  • Due to living outdoors for a long time, you will notice that they are disheveled. There are many battle scars as there are catfight among feral cats.
  • Regardless of having a clean well-kept coat, they tend to beg, meow loudly, and make eye contact when you approach them seeking to give compassion.
  • More likely, feral cats are nocturnal; however, you will find a few who will be around during the day still scavenging.
  • In case they come to your place and you feed them, they will rarely come back unlike stray cats. They are independent and despise living indoors as they feel trapped from what they could accomplish while outside.

In case you find a stray cat and notice that it is a stray cat based on its behavior, you can feed it with the following. 

Consider feeding your cat with regular tinned cat food.

  • Feed it twice a day with a gap of eight to twelve hours.
  • There should be clean fresh water is available in plenty.
  • Over time, invest in commercial cat food, as it will provide this stray the cat with a balanced diet that it needs.

Give it a new home

The best answer to, ‘how to get rid of a stray cat?’, is not getting rid of it, instead get it a new home. There is a big difference between a stray and a feral cat; you should get rid of feral cats. Stray cats may be a few days to months away from their original home. As explained earlier, they may have been mistreated in their previous homes. That is the reason they need to be handled with care.

If you find a cat that shows aggression, that is a feral cat, that is the cat that you need to get rid.

Once you catch the stay cat, you may want to take it in and give it your care. Consider the following.

  • If it has any injury, you should take it to the vet, as it would be injured further if left alone outdoors. Never release a cat that is injured.
  • Find a suitable home if you do not wish to take it into your home. Animal shelters are not very kind to stray cats. Give it a place where it will find a better place. Else, take it home with you.

Bottom Line

To surmise, a stray cat may be the very best companion based on how you treat it while it is a stray. Do not always get rid of strays, do consider their situations and learn that strays are very different from feral cats.   

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