How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Cat?

As a cat parent, saying our last goodbyes to our feline friends could be the hardest. If cats can sense sadness, they will surely feel how you’d wish to keep them forever.

If a soil isn't available for you to bury your cat in your backyard, cremation is quite the more appealing option. You get to keep your cat inside the house just like the old days. Below, we'll go into the details of how much does it cost to cremate a cat; don’t worry, we’re with you on this one!

Decide what type of cremation

If you put your cat to sleep at home, and you prefer to have them cremated, finding out which type of cremation you would like for your feline friend is vital to estimate the price for a cat cremation.

There are three types:

Private Cremation 

This is the more expensive option for cat cremation because you are ensured that it is only your cat’s ashes that will be given back to you. Meaning, no other animal will share the cremation chamber with your cat. It usually ranges from $100 - $200.

Individual cremation 

This is the more affordable version for cat cremation, which semi-assures you that your cat’s ashes will be intact. Your cat will be sharing the cremation chamber with other cats, but their remains will be placed in separate trays. Some crematories will offer this kind of service at around $60 - $ 150.

Communal cremation 

This is the most affordable cat cremation, with an approximate cost of $30 - $70. Usually, your cat will share the chamber with other pets, with no separation trays.

Additional costs

Viewing fee – some crematories would allow owners to watch the whole process because some owners find it more comforting to be around their cats until the last moment. Viewing fees start at around $20 - $30.

Urns – these are containers where they place your cat’s remains after the cremation. Urns are usually tagged at $50 to $150 depending on the type and size you prefer. But prices can reach an approximate of $1000 if you chose an urn of a more elaborate design

Mementos – some crematories offer nameplate engraving services or pawprints services where you could keep a memento of your cat. They are usually pegged at $10 - $25

Round Up 

Doing the math, you can expect to spend $200 - $300 for cremating your beloved cat. You can look up the internet for other details on cat cremation. As a last note, if by any chance you are longing for a cat friend to help you get through the grief, there are quite a lot of affectionate cat breeds that can keep you company. Also, do not hesitate to join groups that help in processing the grief over the death of a beloved pet. Hang in there!

Rebecca Welters

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