How Many Bones Do Cats Have?

Did you know that a cat is a cat because of the unique arrangement of its bones? What do I mean by that? Well, see for example the ability of cats to arch their back in that comically big arch when they’re having that usual morning stretch or when they’re threatened; or the wonders that their tails are able to do!

Cats can arch their backs just like that due to the fact that their backs almost have a 60 count vertebrae! Let us learn more about how many bones cats usually have and probably some of its functions while we’re at it!


How Many Bones Are There?

For us humans, our average bone count is approximately 209! Can you guess how many are there in cats? 245! That’s way more than ours. We see here the reason behind cat’s ability to become really flexible and agile.

Their bodies are well designed for them to be able to achieve the feat that we humans normally couldn't because well our bone structure is far different from them. For example, they have a backbone that we humans do not have which allows them to arch their back in unbelievable angles and also be able to land on their feet gracefully. The number of their vertebrae in their spine is significant because if it turns out to be lesser than 60, cats won't be able to do the necessary proceedings to successfully land on their feet.

Let us have a closer look at a cat’s tail. it’s funny how sometimes it seems as though it has a life of its own. A cat’s tail is actually an extension of their spine. Therefore, it means that it can also be highly delicate and sensitive. It is also one of the reasons as to why cats do not share the same number of bones among one another. Some cats’ tails contain more vertebrae than some, some do not. A cat’s tail is responsible for its perfect balance among other abilities.

Keep Your Cat’s Bones Healthy!

Since our cat's bones are important to them, we cat parents let us help them protect and preserve their bones, here are some tips which you can do to aid your cat in keeping its bones healthy and intact:

  1. Exercise
    We all know how important it is to have at least a little exercise component in our lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to exercise extensively, just the right amount in order to maintain our bones and muscles.

    The same thing goes for cats! It will be difficult for a cat if it becomes too fat to move. They will become more prone to diseases and vulnerable to organ failures. Nevertheless! We must not forget that despite this possibility, it is also possible that we get to prevent this from happening!

    How? Well! Allow your cat to make it a habit to engage in some exercise or play, keep your cat moving, and up and about! You can try and purchase interactive cat toys that will surely keep your cat occupied all day. These interactive cat toys will hopefully capture your cat’s attention and entice it to play around.

    There are also cat exercise wheels, very much like the treadmill in humans, or the exercise wheels for hamsters, which will help your cat engage in exercise that allows your cat to have healthy and stronger bones. 

  2. Balanced Diet
    Our bodies work by getting nutrients from the food we consume and from the activities we engage into. Now, if the food we consume is nutrient deficient, our body will have a hard time to develop and reach its maximum potential.
    The key to a healthier body and sturdier bones is a balanced diet! There are a lot of cat food out there you can choose from that could be suitable for your cat’s needs and preferences. Cat food manufacturers have ensured that their products will be the best healthy cat food out there. This healthy cat food contains nutrients that will be most suitable for your bones.

  3. Calcium
    Aside from having a balanced diet, looking for food that has enough calcium content that your cat needs is also important. It can be in the form of cat food or cat food supplements that mostly cater to strengthening your cat's bones.

Bottom Line

That’s a wrap! A new learning every day is also very nice especially if it will be about our feline friends and how many bones do cats have?

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