How Long Can Cats Go Without Water?

Cats are living things just like us! In our science classes, we learn that living things have basic needs. These basic needs include food, water, shelter (and clothing for human beings like us). Basic needs mean that in order to survive; a living thing must be able to have access to these needs.  A lack and deprivation of these needs could become detrimental to a living thing's health. 

Cats also share these basic needs just like us humans. It is going to be rather difficult to live without any of these basic needs. But, perhaps for research purposes, let us scrutinize how long can cats go without water.    


The Basics Needs to Survive

Earlier on, we’ve said that cats also have basic needs. Food and water are primary for them to live. They get the nutrients they need and the energy prerequisite for them to carry out their bodily functions from a balanced diet. It is quite difficult to imagine then, that cats would be able to live long without these resources compared to a scenario where they have access to these.

Imagining a situation where we have to hypothetically ask how long can a cat survive without food or water, almost always garner a sure answer even without thorough research. Despite cats being able to handle days without water compared to humans, it is still only to some extent.

Even if we are aware that cats can go on with no water or food for several days, it still does not mean that we would allow that to happen.

How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Water or Food?

Even though what we are trying to investigate here is the duration of a cat’s ability to last long without water, we would also include food here.

According to some research, cats can live at an approximate of 10-15 days without eating food. Take note that it is only an approximate duration of time and that water intake is an entirely different situation. Unlike food, it will be difficult for cats to go on without enough water in their bodies. This is due to the fact that several of their bodily functions are highly dependent on the water supply that their bodies have.

If a cat can last 10-15 days with no food; without water, cats can only last a few days – the days can even be only counted by the fingers in only one of your two hands. There is really no ideal number that a cat can go without water because it is not advisable at all.  

How Much Water is Enough?

When we speak of how much water is enough to sustain a cat’s lifestyle, we have to look at different factors. These factors include their size, their diet, and the food they eat. The safest you can do is to make sure that your cat will have access to safe drinking water on a regular basis, to ensure that they will have enough that will sustain them.

What Determines a Cats Water Consumption?

1. Size 

A cat’s size is definitive of its water intake. A bigger cat would need more water compared to a smaller sized one. This is because their bodies work double time because of their size and therefore requires more energy to work and function.

2. Diet

Their diet is also a factor to consider. Usually, they should be able to have water that is proportionate to the number of times they eat and the amount of food they consume. And lastly, you should be able to monitor what your cats eat. Cats that have dry food as their main source of food, will need more water compared to those who consume mostly the wet food. The reason behind this is that wet cat food already contain a certain amount of water.

Cat Not Drinking Water?

It could be alarming when your cat does not drink water despite having access to clean and potable water. This could be an indicative sign that something might be wrong. Dehydration may lead to numerous diseases that can become lethal to your cat. We recommend you seek urgent advice from your local vet.

Bottom Line

As cat parents, it is also important to know how our cats can go without any water or food. Why? So that we will never let it happen. It is not that we are expecting something of the same scenario to happen, prevention is our goal. It is our responsibility to ensure that our cats have access to these resources and keep them healthy as part of our family!

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