Hippie Cat Names

Did you live through the swinging sixties or wish you had? Are you all into peace, love, and flower power? Do you want to have a spiritual with your cat through the name you give it? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then this list is for you.

Choose from 75 of our favorite hippie names for your cat.


Female Hippie Cat Names

  1. Aquarius - Makes you feel like you’re in the Fifth Dimension.
  2. Aurora - Looks to the stars.
  3. Beads - Will love sitting in your lap whilst you make bracelets.
  4. Buffalo - Knows herself.
  5. Chakra - Is full of natural energy (check out When Do Kittens Calm Down?).
  6. Chamomile - Loves all things calm.
  7. Conscience - Will always do the right thing.
  8. Crimson - Has red fur.
  9. Curran - From Forest Gump was a cool hippie.
  10. Daffodil - Lives flower power.
  11. Daisy - Is nature’s beauty.
  12. Dove - Loves a cuddle (check out the 21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds).
  13. Festival - Is a vital part of being a hippie.
  14. Flower - Gives thanks to mother earth.
  15. Fonda - Always sneaks things into the house.
  16. Free Love - Loves playing the field.
  17. Groovy - Shows off her inner hippie.
  18. Harmony - Will give you balance in a turbulent world.
  19. Janis - Is a piece of your heart.
  20. Joni - Has the mew of an angel.
  21. Joplin - Is a bonafide hippie.
  22. Joy - Will be a ray of sunshine in your life.
  23. Karma - Creates an equilibrium at home.
  24. Kush - Will be totally mellow.
  25. Love - Will always be a hippie.
  26. Mary-J - Appreciates the color green.
  27. Mellow - Will be super-chill.
  28. Mystique - Doesn’t give anything away.
  29. Reiki - Heals you spiritually.
  30. Ribbon - Will dance with ribbons.
  31. Rita - Is the queen of reggae.
  32. Serenity - Loves to keep the peace (check out How to Raise a Friendly Cat?).
  33. Slick - After Grace Slick, known as the ‘Acid Queen’.
  34. Strawberry - Loves listening to the Beatles.
  35. Tie-Dye - Always brightens your day.
  36. Voodoo - Dances to Jimi Hendrix.
  37. Weed - Is always getting where she shouldn’t.

Male Hippie Cat Names

  1. Akio - Brings brightness wherever he goes.
  2. Animal - Gotta get out of this place.
  3. Arthur Brown - The real Arthur Brown.
  4. Beatle - Knows that all you need is love.
  5. Bob - Is a pioneer of reggae, the music of true hippies.
  6. Chi - Loves balanced energy.
  7. Cohen - Sings Hallelujah.
  8. Cream - Relish the sunshine of your love.
  9. Deadlock - Has matted hair.
  10. Duke - Loves watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  11. Fonda - Is an easy-riding hippie.
  12. Forest - Knows he is at one with nature.
  13. Glastonbury - Will love a festival.
  14. Govert - Is the Dutch God of Peace.
  15. Kinetic - Loves bouncing off the walls.
  16. Lennon - Loves Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
  17. Marley - Is always jamming.
  18. Neil - Has a heart of gold.
  19. Nicks - Was dubbed by Rolling Stone Magazine as a hippie queen and earth mother.
  20. Ocean – Has a mystical edge.
  21. Peace - Can calm everyone down.
  22. Reggae - Will love the soundtrack to hippie life.
  23. Ruan - Has a spiritual side.
  24. Shell - Will love the ethereal morning mist by the ocean.
  25. Slater - Is Dazed and Confused most of the time.
  26. Spirit - Knows how to connect with other worlds.
  27. Spirit - Helps keep you positive.
  28. Stardust - Has a sparkling personality.
  29. Sunshine - Will be fond of his cream.
  30. Tambourine - Loves a campfire sing-along.
  31. The Dude - From The Big Lebowski is a proper hippie.
  32. Together - Will love hanging out.
  33. White Rabbit - Is into Jefferson Airplane.
  34. Wild - Was born to be so.
  35. Yin-Yang - Wants everything to be in harmony.
  36. Zappa - Is the mother of invention.
  37. Zeppelin - Is like a stairway to heaven.
  38. Zo - Loves cuddles every day.

Round Up 

Whether you are after a famous hippy name, a name ringing with spirituality, or love tranquility, this list of hippie cat names has something for everyone.

Rebecca Welters

Yes, I am that weird cat lady with 200 cats and live in the darkest corner of the city where no one dares to go! Joking! But I am a cat lover and have 2 Ragdoll cats called Toby, he's 3 years old and Dory, she's 8 years old. I'm 36 years old and live in the quiet town of Washington.

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