High Protein Low Carb Cat Food

Checking out stores will give you a lot of options for products that are made with wheat, corn, and other grains. These ingredients are not safe for your cats and can trigger the development of certain diseases such as allergies, diabetes, and obesity. Excess weight in cats can give them more problems, and you need to save them from it.

Cats are obligate carnivores, and carbohydrates are not necessary on their diet. Good thing, many cat food manufacturers started to create recipes that are labeled as high protein low carb cat food. According to The Cat Doctor and Visionary pet, the more moisture your cat receives, the better. Currently, canned food is the best option for offering the right moisture level that your cat needs.

Serving high protein low carb cat food can help your cats have happier and longer lives. This also means that there will be lower veterinary bills. Some cat owners will choose to offer freeze-dried cat food, and other diets, but make sure that you will be familiar with those diets before doing anything else. 

High Protein Low Carb Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Delights Wet Cat FoodChicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Potatoes, Natural Flavor10%9%1.5%Click Here
Weruva Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat FoodChicken (Boneless, Skinless, White Breast), Water Sufficient For Processing, Potato Starch, Sunflower Seed Oil, Dicalcium Phosphate10%1.4%0.5%Click Here
Wellness Signature Selects Natural Wet Cat FoodTuna, Tuna Broth, Water Sufficient for Processing, Mackerel, Salmon10%3.5%1%Click Here
Blue Wilderness High Protein Adult Dry Cat FoodDeboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Potato Starch, Fish Meal40%18%4%Click Here
Merrick Before Grain Cat FoodChicken Deboned, Chicken Meal, Potato Dehydrated, Turkey Meal, Salmon Oil36%18%3%Click Here

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Delights Wet Cat Food is formulated to have high protein and low carb content that is perfect for cats of all ages. This recipe offers the right level of vitamins and minerals that can keep your cat healthy and helps promote a healthier and shinier fur and coat. It also promotes the wellness of their skin.

It features tender chunks of chicken with added flaky tout that makes it highly digestible and lets your cats have the right level of nutrients that they need. It also comes with essential amino acids and vitamin D3 to help them boost their immune system and avoid the risk of different sensitivities.

It is recommended to serve two (2) cans per 6 to 8 lbs. of body weight each day. Make sure to consider the body weight of your cats and their eating habits before you start switching to this recipe.


  • It is recommended for cats with a sensitive stomach.
  • It is packed with vitamins to boost your cats’ immune system.
  • It offers natural flavors for great taste.
  • It is formulated close to the natural diet of cats.


  • Bacteria can grow quickly when left out after opening.

The Weruva Classic Grain-Free Wet Cat Food features boneless and cage-free white meat chicken that is healthy and safe for your cats’ consumption. This recipe is free from gluten, grains, GMO, and MSG. It is an all-natural, complete, and balanced diet that offers high-quality proteins to promote an ideal body condition.

It is low in fat and carbs, and it helps promote a healthy urinary tract. It is formulated to have the proper moisture level and is a great choice for cats that fussy or those that won't eat anything. This is a recipe that is based on what your cats had in their natural habitat.

Furthermore, this is packed with all the vitamins that can promote the wellness of your cats such as vitamin E, A, B1, B2, B3, B12, B6 and D3 supplements. It helps them have a healthier immune system and lets them fight off possible sensitivities. This is recommended for adult cat maintenance, so make sure to follow the recommended servings when feeding them.


  • It is free from gluten, grains, and any other harmful ingredients.
  • It is low in fat and carbs. It promotes the healthy urinary tract of your cats.
  • It has the right level of moisture to keep cats hydrated.


  • Cats can be messy when eating this meal.
  • Some cats don’t like the texture of this recipe.

The Wellness Signature Selects Natural Wet Cat Food is an all-natural recipe that features flaked skipjack tuna with wild salmon entrée in broth. It gives an amazing flavor that your cats will surely love! The ingredients include boneless chicken, chicken broth, vitamin A, D3 supplements and sunflower oil. This is rich in quality protein that is ideal to promote the healthy weight and overall body condition of your cats.

This recipe is free from grains and offers a complete and balanced nutrition for your cats. It is hand packed with delicate flakes of real tuna and wild salmon. It is an all-natural formula that is made with no meat by-products, corn, wheat, and soy.

This cat food is available in custom-design, upside-down can that lets you easily open it and make mealtime fast for your cats. This is also being offered in other flavors such as salmon, tuna, chicken beef, and shrimp. Make sure to choose one that is palatable for your cats.


  • There is no meal by-product used.
  • It gives a natural and balanced diet to your cats.
  • It has shredded cuts of real meat.
  • There are a lot of flavors to choose from.


  • Cats can make a mess when eating this.

The Tiki Cat Canned Cat Food Hawaii Grill is a whole food diet that has been certified for human consumption. It is made with shredded wild tuna and is all natural, complete and balanced for the needs of your cat. It has added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients that makes it highly recommended for cats of all life stages.

It is free from grains and is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements that have been established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles. The first listed ingredients include Tuna, Water for processing, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tricalcium, and Phosphate. Compared to other wet canned recipes, this offers a boasting of 15% crude protein, which is really high.

Most of the wet canned recipes only offer an average of 10-12% of crude protein. Aside from that, this meal is highly palatable and is often used for prevention and treatment of a certain condition of your cats.


  • It is certified for human consumption.
  • It offers 15% of crude protein from wild tuna.
  • It is free from grains and additives.
  • It has added vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients.


  • There are cats that won’t like this.
  • Having too much ocean flavors is not recommended for most cats.

The Best Feline Friend B.F.F. Tuna and Chicken 4EVA Cat Food is an all-natural recipe that is complete and well-balanced for the special needs of your cats. It is formulated to have a perfect blend of tuna and chicken in gravy that makes it highly palatable and easily digestible, so it can aid sensitive stomach of your cats.

This offers an adequate level of moisture and flavorful gravy that is perfect for the needs of cats of all ages. This is not too chunky unlike other recipes and it has softer textures. Furthermore, this brand is offering their ingredients that have been caught turtle safe and using dolphin fishing. This is also free from gluten and grains, so it won’t cause allergies to your cats.

It is all natural recipe that is a complete and balanced diet that offers high-quality protein. It is also low in carbs and fat content and is recommended for the needs of most of the cats. Lastly, it has been made in a human-food facility that is following superior and strict safety standards.


  • It offers a high level of protein and low in carb content.
  • It is highly palatable and easily digestible.
  • It is free from grains and other additives.
  • It is all natural, complete and balanced diet for your cats.


  • Some cats won’t eat this.

The Blue Wilderness High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food has been formulated to have protein-rich and delicious deboned chicken. It comes with added sweet potatoes that can offer healthy complex carbohydrates and help your cats for better digestion of the stomach of your cats. Also, it offers a high level of antioxidants coming from blueberries, cranberries, and carrots.

This is all natural recipe is made with no artificial preservatives and no wheat, corn or soy. It is free from gluten and grains, which makes it highly recommended for cats that have sensitivities. Switching to this new diet is very simple as you can gradually increase the proportion and you can do it in the next 14 days.

There is no chicken by-product used and it also features added protection with the help of BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits. This is a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are greatly needed by your cat’s body in order to avoid the risk of many health condition and sensitivities.


  • It is rich in protein from deboned chicken.
  • It has complex carbohydrates for better digestion.
  • It is free from gluten and grains.
  • It has exclusive LifeSource bits for better protections.


  • Some cats won’t like this flavor.
  • High moisture level is needed by most cats.

The Merrick Before Grain Cat Food is formulated to have meat as the number 1 ingredient. It is made in the USA and comes with no grains and gluten, which is perfect for the needs of the cats. It listed chicken, chicken meal, potato, turkey meal, chicken fat and sweet potato as the main ingredients of the product.

This is a new formula that features better nutrition that is needed to promote overall wellness of your cats. The meat they use is USDA inspected and the brand has been producing cat food products for more than 25 years. They are highly recommended by many veterinarians and give you a complete nutrition.

However, it is important to keep in mind that cat needs more moisture on their meals, and serving dry cat food will require you to provide available fresh water for them at all times. You can also mix this with wet canned food recipes if you want to have assurance on the level of moisture that your cats are getting and don’t forget to serve other supplements for additional nutrition.


  • It uses USDA inspected meat as the main ingredient.
  • It is formulated with no gluten and grains.
  • It promotes overall wellness of your cats.
  • This is highly recommended by many veterinarians.


  • Most of the cats may need higher moisture level.
  • Some cat owners would prefer the old formula of the brand.

The Risk of a New Diet Change

In the wild, cats will eat meals with a very small quantity of carbohydrates. They commonly eat mice, rabbits, or even birds. Most of their diet consists of organ meats, muscle, and bones that gives them the right level of protein they need. However, many cat owners don’t know that serving high carb diet for their cats is risky and leads them to several diseases.

Some of the health conditions that they may experience include the following below:

Diabetes. When you serve high protein low carb diet to your cats, it helps lower their risk of developing diabetes. For some cats that are already suffering from this condition, having this new diet can let you manage their health easily.

IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. There are cats that vomit regularly, and it can be because of the high grain content of their meals. This can contribute greatly to IBD and it is best to avoid it as soon as possible.

Chronic Kidney Disease. When you are offering dry cat foods, there is a huge probability that your cats would likely suffer from chronic dehydration which leads to kidney disease. Wet canned food that is free from grains and is non GMO cat food can be a great diet to support the overall needs of your cats.

Cystitis or Urinary Crystals. If your cats are having high carb diet for years, then developing urinary crystals won’t be new for you. This is an inflammation that can easily be reduced if you will choose to offer high protein low carb cat food. This type of food helps offer increased hydration and lowers the pH in urine.

Obesity. Also, foods that come with high grain content and other forms of carbohydrates can lead to your cats’ obesity. On the other hand, cat food that has higher protein levels can help burn excess fats that would eventually result in weight loss.

How to Know If the Diet has High Protein and Low Carb Content?

As you do your research about your options on the market, you’ll encounter a long list of cat manufacturers like Nutrisource, Primal, and a whole lot more. Each of them will claim to offer the right meal that is ideal for your cats. However, when you are switching to high protein low carb cat food, it is important that you check everything to have better assurance that you are getting the right meal for your cats.

The diet of your cats is very important and to easily be familiar with it, the first thing you should do is to check the label. Most cat food manufacturers would be able to give information on the label about the guaranteed analysis of the ingredients they use and the percentage of it in their recipes. Make sure that the first ingredient is real meat to ensure that it comes with high levels of protein that your cat needs.

On the other hand, identifying cat meals with low carb content is easy if there are no grains or corns used. Check the labels if there is “high protein” or “grain-free” statement printed on it. It is often supplemented with higher level of vitamins, minerals and other trace minerals for better support on the nutrition of your cats.

There are many wet canned recipes that have high protein and lower carb content, and can be more recommended compared the dry cat food. If you are in doubt, you can ask for the advice of your veterinarians as they can give you more information.

The Round Up

High protein low carb cat food is highly recommended because it mimics the natural diet of your cats while they were in the wild. This can help them achieve their ideal body condition and helps them avoid the risk of having different sensitivities and diseases. It is usually supplemented with the right level of vitamins and minerals that your cat needs for their overall health and wellness.

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