High Fiber Cat Food

Regardless of who you ask, about your cat’s optimal diet, you will get an answer that is along the lines of moderate carbs and fat but high in proteins.  

However, a little while back, I decided to go through the list of ingredients in my cat’s food while at the store. I noticed something different; there were some cat foods that contained fiber and some that didn’t. This got me thinking. Why did some brands include fiber and others omitted it or included it only in small amounts? Does my cat even need fiber in her diet to be healthy?

Armed with all these questions, we started out research. We were amazed at the options available. But before we dive into the options, let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of fiber in your cat’s diet, types of fibers and factors to consider when choosing the best high fiber cat food.

High Fiber Cat Food Comparison Table

NameMain IngredientsProteinFatFiberPricing
Wellness Core Grain Free Original FormulaDeboned Chicken, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Peas, Potatoes, Tomato Pomace38%12%5%Click Here
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Chicken RecipeDeboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Tapioca Starch, Pea Protein, Chicken Fat (preserved with Tocopherols)38%16%6%Click Here
Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat FoodChicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Pork Fat, Powdered Cellulose, Chicken Meal34%19.9%9%Click Here
Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient diet Rabbit FormulaRabbit Meal, Peas, Tapioca, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), Rabbit, Natural Flavor35%15%6.5%Click Here
Merrick Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Duck RecipeDeboned Duck, Water for Processing, Natural Flavor, Dried Egg Product, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Alfalfa Meal8%4%1.4%Click Here
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat FoodBrewers rice, chicken by-product meal, chicken fat, corn, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten29%13%4.7%Click Here
Purina ONE Indoor AdvantageTurkey, Brewer's Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, Whole Grain Corn38%8.5%4.3%Click Here

Wellness Core Grain Free Original Formula

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The Wellness Core Grain Free Original Formula features deboned turkey and deboned chicken as the two main ingredients. Other ingredients include Whitefish meal, chicken meal and turkey meal which represent about 45% of protein source. This is considerably higher than the protein content present in most cat foods. The Dry food formula contains lots of animal based fats like chicken fat and salmon oil which represents about 18% of fat content. 

As for fiber, the food contains 3% of fiber which helps the cat deal with conditions such as diarrhea, constipation and diabetes. The fiber sources include tomato pomace and chicory root extract.


  • Grain free
  • Has real meat as a source of protein
  • Has a higher protein content than most canned foods
  • High fiber content and works to deal with diabetes, constipation and diarrhea


  • Not quite tasty as one would think

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Chicken Recipe

Blue Buffalo is one of the leading cat and dog food manufacturers in the world. There is a nice little story behind their name. Do some digging to find out. Spoiler alert, it involves a cute and playful dog.

This cat food is rich in protein courtesy of the real chicken which is used as its main ingredient. This ingredient is then supplemented by chicken and turkey meal which brings the total protein composition to about 36% the food also contains crude fats from fish oils, chicken fat and flaxseeds. These contribute to a total of 16% of crude fat in the food.

Cats love the animal based ingredients. They are natural and are rich in proteins. The vegetables and fruits are only supplementary and work to provide fiber for weight control and to aid in digestion. The dietary fiber is obtained from powdered cellulose, alfalfa and potato. The fiber content comes to about 5%.


  • Highest fiber content
  • High protein composition
  • Perfect for weight loss and aids in cat digestion


  • Plant protein is not the best protein source
  • One might argue the fiber content is too high

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

Hairballs are more of a common occurrence in adult cats. If your cat is one of those, then this cat food is perfect. Hill’s science specifically designed this cat food with natural fibers that help to get rid of hairballs with ease. The fibers present in the food also work to prevent the formation of new hairballs in future.

The fiber present in this cat food is great for preventing constipation, with this food, your cat will poop frequently and regularly. This will save him/her from the pain and discomfort that comes with constipation. On the bright side, the food is rather tasty and features no additives.


  • Helps your cat to maintain a healthy weight and reduced the amount of hairballs in the digestive tract
  • The coat is shiner and your cat sheds less
  • Helps to solve chronic throwing up


  • It is a corn product and may not be perfect for all cats
  • The new recipe has received from backlash with some clients saying it does not exactly make cats feel better.

This product is made from quality and premium ingredient. It contains carbs that are highly digestible and animal proteins. It is gluten and grain free which makes it a product perfect for cats with food sensitivities or allergies.

Also, the food contains synthetic vitamins and mineral supplements chemically bound to the proteins and which make it easier for the cat to digest as well as absorb the nutrients.


  • Free of gluten and protein
  • High in fiber at 14%
  • Supplements for minerals and vitamins


  • The supplements are synthetic
  • Quite low on protein content

This is a perfect solution for all your cat’s digestion related issues. This cat food not only contains a high fiber content, it also is labelled as a limited ingredient food. This means that the food has a lower risk of triggering food sensitivities and allergies.

Also, note that the food features a single source of animal protein. Deboned duck is the first protein source and ingredient. The food, however, contains organic alfalfa meal and pea protein. Both of these provide plant protein which supplements the animal protein. The protein content translated to 8% which equates to 36% of dry matter which is within the recommended AAFCO range for the adult cats.

In addition, this cat food is also rich in fiber. The fiber is gotten from alfalfa meal (organic). This ingredient also contributes to a healthy amount of minerals and vitamins.


  • Food works almost immediately even for heavily constipated cats
  • Can be substituted for some traumatizing medication
  • Does not excite allergies


  • May work even better combined with wet canned cat food

This is a global pet food company that is dedicated to manufacturing as well as supplying cat and dog food. The company was formed by a French Vet surgeon. It has since grown and spread to other parts of the country.

This product was developed to provide dietary support to cats that are sensitive to some ingredients and that are experiencing some digestive health concerns. The cat food is easy to digests and injects high energy into your cat. The food also works to manage gastrointestinal diseases in kittens and cats.

It is a balanced diet and has a perfect mix of proteins, fiber and some essential nutrients. The diet should be given with the approval of a qualified vet.


  • Manages any gastrointestinal disease
  • High quality food
  • Perfect for cat with sensitive tummy


  • May not be sufficient for multiple cats

This is one of the best cat and dog food manufacturers. The product designed by Purina ONE features real meat as its first ingredient. This adds a natural flavor to the food which cats seem to love. The cat food contains lots of proteins and has no fillers.

The real meat in this cat food is real turkey designed to give the cat healthy muscles and the energy it requires to go through the day. In addition, the product features a natural blend of fibers which are imperative in maintaining healthy weight, minimizing hairballs and aiding in digestion.

Other ingredients of the product include omega 6 fatty acids which are great in improving healthy skin and coat. It also comes with minerals and vitamins which work to support the overall body functions. The crunchy texture of the high fiber helps to keep the teeth strong and clean.


  • Does a great job in extending the life of the other food you serve
  • The occasional tear stains are sorted with the food


  • Some say its better a filler food compared to nutritional food
  • The amount packaged in one bag does not last long when served for one cat

Important Points to Consider

Below are some of the significant factors you ought to consider when buying:

  • Quantity of Fiber - Many people who stumble on fiber rich cat food think that in itself it is enough for their pets. But take it from me, it is not. Your cat requires more nutrients to maintain a healthy body. As a matter of fact fiber is required in very small amounts between 3-5%. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the more fiber you feed your cat the stronger and healthier it will be. On the contrary, as earlier pointed out, the effect may be quite the opposite.
  • Extra vitamins and nutrients - Cat foods rich in fiber help in fighting against diabetes and constipation. They also help in managing weight and reduce the risks of cancer in cats. But besides these, cat food should also contain extra nutrients including vitamins as well for an all-round healthy cat.
  • Age of Cat - Speaking of nutrients and vitamins, when considering the ingredients, you should also bear in mind the age of your cat. Kittens are playful and need a lot of energy to grown and play. As such foods rich in proteins and fats as well is critical. For old cats, high protein content will work fine as they only need it for muscle repair.
  • Price - The cost of the high fiber food matters a lot. As such, if your cat suffers from severe health issues like diabetes, you will want to feed her on the best quality food there is right? However, in the case of some regular health problems, you can do by serving her with a consistent good quality product. Truth be told, feeding a cat on the most expensive high fiber cat food can prove to be a burden (unless of course you are loaded, then it really is not a problem).

Types of Fiber in Cat Food

Now you have read the reviews of some of the best high fiber cat foods, it is important to understand the different types of fiber there are. Fiber in cat food is split into two categories; non-fermentable fiber and fermentable fiber.

Now, all dietary fiber your feline will absorb will be from the carbs it feeds on (most of it anyway). Very little fiber content comes from fat or proteins. As a matter of fact, in comparison, it is almost negligible.

Carbs are broken down into two; simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. You want your cat food to contain complex carbohydrates if you are serious about feeding your cat on high fiber cat food.

Some of the complex carbohydrates present in most cat foods include fruits such as berries, pears and apples, vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots and some whole grains including brown rice, which is by far the most popular high fiber cat food ingredient of all.

Going back to the different types of fibers your cat will absorb from the high fiber cat food, fermentable fiber can be broken down by your cat’s digestive system with ease. With non-fermentable fiber, your cat’s digestive system will break it down, but only a small portion of it.

Note that for a cat to break down and absorb non-fermentable fiber, the body uses a lot more energy compared to breaking down fermentable fiber.

When I decided to feed my cat on high fiber cat food daily, after a few weeks, I started to notice that her pooping became regular, frequent and increased in mass. Gross I know, but I was ecstatic about the whole phenomenon.


Yes, it is true that your cat needs to be fed a diet rich in proteins. This is most critical for kittens. Your vet may advise otherwise depending on the prevailing condition of your cat. but generally, a diet rich in proteins is advised.

This, however, does not negate the importance of high fiber cat food. On the other hand, this piece is not to say that you should sacrifice or replace a diet rich in proteins with one high in fiber – find a balance. Here is a breakdown of the benefits your cat stands to yield.

Upset Tummy & Runny Poo

These two are the number one reasons why most cat parents decide to feed their little bundles of joy with high fiber cat food. Fiber helps in solidifying poop and eases the digestive system back to its normal functioning. It also helps in making pooping trips more frequent, easier and regular, especially for the cats that are constipating.

If this is the reason you are considering cat food, you should prefer wet canned high fiber cat food instead dry high fiber cat food. This is especially if your cat is constipating. The moisture present in the food will go a long way in easing your cats discomfort.

Note that overdoing a fiber diet can prove to be counterproductive of the goal you are trying to achieve. It might lead to malnutrition as the absorption of other important nutrients including minerals and vitamins will be hindered.

Weight Management

Obese or overweight cats are all too common. My very first cat grew obese as a result of feeding it with a diet full of fats (bad fats). By the time I found a solution to the situation, things had already gone from bad to worse and it was too late.

How and why does a diet rich in fiber work? It is simple, and actually, it is the same principle that applies to man and dogs as well. High fiber foods result in the consumption of fewer calories throughout the day since they give the feeling of a full stomach for longer.

That said, I should stress the need to speak to your vet before settling on any fiber related weight lose plan for your cat. Only a vet can guide you on the plan of action and whether your cat requires to undergo the weight loss in the first place. Exercising can work pretty well too. Speaking of which, here are some fun exercise equipment you could get your cat. These include cat trees and tunnels. For cat trees, consider, the Songmics Cat Tree Condo, and for the tunnels consider Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

Kills Cancer

High fiber foods are believed to help in reducing the risks of certain cancers in humans. They have the same effect in cats as well. The strength or the risk reduction may not be as that experienced in humans but it is a possibility all the same.

Blood Sugar Regulation

If your cat requires blood sugar regulation courtesy of say, diabetes or hypoglycemia, high fiber cat food will play a huge role in the regulation. The carbs present in high fiber cat foods are complex and these require more time to be broken down and absorbed in the body. This in turn results in more stable blood sugar levels and keeps your cat’s system from crashing.


And there you have it. Above are some of the best high fiber cat food for both constipation and diarrhea.  Feeding your cat with any of these foods will help keep your cat healthy and give them more energy.

But that said, I should point out that there are some alternatives to high fiber cat food. One perfect alterative includes a water fountain. When your cat constipates, it only means that they do not have sufficient water in their system. And since cats do not love drinking still water, you can involve them by adding a cat water fountain. This will trick your feline to take more water and keep constipation at bay.

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