5 Tips How to Help a Cat Lose Weight

The fact that there is an Association for Pet Obesity Prevention dealing mainly with the issue of animal obesity should give you a clue how serious this is, despite how cute you think your cat is when it gets too fluffy.

​The thing is, veterinarians are quite sure that overfeeding cats are just as bad as starving them since cats are supposed to be agile creatures. When your cat gets too heavy for its own good and you start to see that it can no longer do the things it used to enjoy like pouncing and jumping without difficulty, then it may be time to help your cat lose weight.


  • The dangers of cat obesity
  • The perfect diet
  • Obesity poses a lot of danger for cats. An obese cat is prone to having heart problems and may possibly lead to other complications. Obesity makes your cat vulnerable to multiple health problems. In addition, there will be a lot of lifestyle changes when your cat becomes obese, your cat may become lethargic and may not be able to move around as much.
  • Once your cat goes obese, it will be difficult to revert back to its normal self, if the situation remains unattended.

Top 5 Tips to get your Cat in Shape!


Use Cat Treats

Using cat treats has been an effective method to train cats into behaving better. Now, you can also use cat treats in the same way – to help your cat lose weight! What you can do is put some cat treats in a cat toy with a little opening, a ball perhaps; then your cat will have to figure out how to bring the cat treats out of the ball.


Play as a Form of Exercise

Playing is a good form of exercise; give your cat lots of interesting toys to play with. Choose a cat toy that will definitely catch your cat's attention. Make playtime a very appealing activity for your cat. If your cat seems to be uninterested in playing alone, maybe you can try to introduce playmates – your neighbor's cat or bring your cat to cat-friendly venues and allow it to explore.


Regulate its Food Intake

Watch out what your cat is eating and how much! You might want to change your cat’s diet and food regimen. Your cat will have to move around in order to get treats, don't just give them! Now you might be wondering, your cat is already overweight, why feed it more? Well, if your cat is moving around as it eats; then there will be no problem! Besides, you will not be putting a ton of cat treats there, just a little is right.


Do Not Turn to Starving

Even if your cat has extra pounds, do not ever turn to starving! That is a cruel way that's not even going to help your cat shed weight. Feed your cat at regular intervals, just make sure you don't over feed your furball. Be sure to read our guide on how to tell if you cat is in pain.


Attention is a Must

Do not simply dismiss that your cat has turned into a big blob of fur. This situation certainly needs attention. If you particularly need advice, you can go to your most trusted vet and consult about the situation.

How to Encourage Your Cat to Exercise

Exercise With Toys

Give your cat the best interactive toys that will encourage your cat to move around. There are a lot of interactive cat toys out there that will get your cat moving around. Cat toys that have moving parts are most likely the toys that will entice your cat to move and start being active again. Cat teasers and laser enabled cat toys will surely make your cat moving.

Spend Quality Time

Nothing is going to beat spending quality time with your cat and exercising together. This will serve as your bonding activity! Isn’t that nice? Both of you get to stay fit and healthy, at the same time strengthening the bond between the two of you!

Meet Speclists 

You can bring your cat to specialists that encourage cats to lose weight In our day and age, there already exist special institutions that specialize in encouraging pets to lose weight. Imagine a pet gym – or a cat gym for this instance.

They will know best on what regimen to give your cat so that it may be able to shed some weight. You can also consult with your vet and ask for some advice regarding your cat’s weight. It is essential to know the consequences and the danger that your cat’s lifestyle and weight will bring.

Live Healthily!

A healthier lifestyle is a key to a happier life. You will soon see the changes in your cat once you help it live a healthier lifestyle. It will be its good old active self again! Just watch your cat closely. The fact that your cat is undergoing some difficulty may not always be easily observable, use this article for your reference: How to tell if your cat is in pain. I hope all goes well for you and your cat!

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