Greek Cat Names

Greece has a language of beauty, a wonderful countryside, and a culture rich in history and steeped in mythology. All these things mean it is a great place to look to for exotic-sounding names for your cat that have deeper meanings. In this list, we pull together some of the most wonderful ancient gods, mythical beasts, Greek food, and Greek language that sound great for cat names.

Choose from 50 ideas for female Greek cat names and 50 ideas for Male Greek cats. Lap up the culture and find a name to match your cat’s unique character in this fun list of cat names.

Greek Female Cat Names

There’s a whole lot of love, mischief, and battles in ancient Greek myths. Choose from this varied collection of characterful names for your cat, inspired by Greece.

  1. Abia - Loves making you feel better.
  2. Achelois - Washes the pain away.
  3. Alcidice - Has the qualities of a queen.
  4. Amphinome - Is a loving mother.
  5. Antheia - Looks after the garden.
  6. Aphrodite - Has broken many hearts.
  7. Artemis - Has a knack for trapping mice.
  8. Aspasia - Loves all the boys.
  9. Asteria - Loves strolls by the river.
  10. Ate - Is such a mischief-maker.
  11. Athena - Knows how to plan.
  12. Athens - Brings prosperity.
  13. Baklava - Makes everything feel better.
  14. Calypso - Is renowned on the street.
  15. Ceto - Loves it in the water.
  16. Cleo - Always makes an impressive entrance.
  17. Cleopatra - Has ruled two ancient kingdoms.
  18. Doris - Has a penchant for fish.
  19. Elpis - Brings you hope.
  20. Feta - Loves being healthy.
  21. Gaia - Loves being at one with nature.
  22. Gata - Means cat in greek.
  23. Halloumi - Is always looking in the mirror.
  24. Harmonia - Brings calm to the house.
  25. Hera - Is deserving of praise.
  26. Hermes - Is so fast.
  27. Hydra - Eats her fish.
  28. Iris - Will brighten up the dullest day.
  29. Kokkino - Is a great name for ginger cats.
  30. Koritsi - Means girl in Greek.
  31. Mania - Is a little bit crazy.
  32. Medusa - Has a wild haircut.
  33. Melpomene - Meows solemnly.
  34. Metis - Has wisdom beyond her years.
  35. Muscat - Is always doing as she is told.
  36. Muse - Loves looking at paintings.
  37. Nemisis - Just won’t let things go.
  38. Nyx - Loves it when it gets dark.
  39. Olive - Will always be in your favor.
  40. Olympia - Is fond of exercise.
  41. Omorfia - Demands her beauty is recognized.
  42. Opa - Meows in surprize.
  43. Pheme - Is always seeking the limelight.
  44. Retsina - Is a tree climber.
  45. Rhea - Is a force to be reckoned with.
  46. Savatiano - Is sweeter than honey.
  47. Selene - Always loves a full moon.
  48. Styx - Is always grooming others (check out these 7 reasons why cats groom each other).
  49. Terpsichore - Loves to dance.
  50. Thalia - Makes you laugh raucously.

Greek Male Cat Names 

The ancient myths of Greece are famous for their hidden meanings. Revel in the wonder of their stories by giving your cat a Greek mythological name:

  1. Achilles - Has a soft spot for you.
  2. Acropolis - Stands up to any test.
  3. Adonis - Is so handsome.
  4. Aeolus - Will be faster than the wind.
  5. Agori - Means boy in Greek.
  6. Alexander - Is the greatest of all time.
  7. Antio - Hates it when you leave.
  8. Apollo - Is incredibly smart.
  9. Ares - Loves to get into wars.
  10. Argo - Is afraid of the water.
  11. Aspro - Is a good Greek name for a white cat.
  12. Atlas - Travels boldly where no cat has been before.
  13. Bia - Will get her own way.
  14. Cerus - Goes wild for things in red.
  15. Chaos - Loves to make a mess.
  16. Cronos - Is always staring at the clock.
  17. Cronus - Always loves it at the allotment.
  18. Deimos - Will be terrifying.
  19. Erebus - Has a dark side.
  20. Eros - Is just so tantalizing.
  21. Gorgon - Has a monstrous appetite.
  22. Hades - Has powers of evil.
  23. Helios - Loves the warmth of the sun on his belly.
  24. Hypnos - Will spend most of his time sleeping.
  25. Icarus - Is always climbing higher and higher.
  26. Ilios - Basks in the warm sun’s rays.
  27. Kebab - Is always hungry.
  28. Krasi - Is Greek for wine.
  29. Mavros - Suits a black cat.
  30. Meze - Is always getting things mixed up.
  31. Momus - Is a comic genius.
  32. Morpheus - Will help you have sweet dreams.
  33. Moussaka - Piles on top of things.
  34. Notus - Has A wicked hiss (check out why older cats hiss at new kittens).
  35. Ouzo - Will love a party.
  36. Pan - Leads the way.
  37. Pano - Loves finding the highest point.
  38. Phosphorous - Loves the sunrise.
  39. Plutus - Will bring you good fortune.
  40. Poseidon - Will be fond of his bath.
  41. Psari - Lives for his fish.
  42. Simaino - Is a bit of a bully (check out how to stop your cat bullying your other cat).
  43. Themis - Will keep everything in order.
  44. Triton - Delivers you little messages.
  45. Troy - Loves Turkish food.
  46. Tychi - Is always getting lucky.
  47. Tzatziki - Pronounced 'sat·see·kee’.
  48. Vinsanto - Behave like a sun-dried tomato.
  49. Zephyrus - Will bowl you over.
  50. Zeus - Heads out into the storm fearlessly.

Round Up 

The whole world has a lot to thank Greece for, from its myths to its food Greece has long been ahead of its time. These classic Greek names make great names for cats if you are looking for something that will always impress.

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