Gray Cat Names

Are you on the hunt for a cool name for your new cat? Does it have gray, silver, or an almost blueish fur? If so, then this is the place for you. In this post, we will explore why people call gray cats blue and some typical traits of gray cats.

We will then introduce to 50 female and 50 male names ideal for cats with that silvery-gray tone. Choose from funny cat names, cute cat names, and other great gray themed cat names.


What are Gray Cats like?

Gray cats come in all sorts of breeds. From the British or American Shorthair to the Thai Korat, the German Nebelung, the French Chartreux, and the Russian Blue, lovers of gray have a world of personalities to choose from. You’ll need to choose the best cat food for your breed carefully. However, even though gray cats can be from a wide variety of breeds, some people say that a cat’s personality can be linked to its color. Indeed, gray cats can be particularly affectionate and will love cuddling up to you at night.

Female Gray Cat Names

  1. Aoko - Is always looking blue.
  2. Aquene - Will always be serene and calm.
  3. Arianwen - Has to eat from a silver bowl.
  4. Ash - Loves warming herself by the fire.
  5. Ashley - Will love climbing trees.
  6. Atifa - Meows affectionately.
  7. Azura - Stays in high places.
  8. Bluebell - Will love the springtime.
  9. Charisse - Leaves the room with grace.
  10. Dawn - Makes her own way out in the morning.
  11. Dove - Loves the peace and quiet.
  12. Fizza - Is Arabic for silver.
  13. Frida - Knows about art.
  14. Gin - Is the perfect tonic to a tough day.
  15. Goose - Likes to be let loose.
  16. Griselde - Means Gray battle maiden.
  17. Hazy - Looks far away.
  18. Heather - Is sometimes rather prickly.
  19. Indigo - Keeps the blues at bay.
  20. Iria - Always brings joy to a room.
  21. Jayana - Has the grace of a bird.
  22. Karma - Won’t put a foot wrong.
  23. Keeva - Is gentle, kind, and beautiful.
  24. Koala - Loves having cuddles.
  25. Konstantina - Will always be true.
  26. Lady Gray - Demands to be respected.
  27. Latifa - Can’t wait for you to get home.
  28. Lilac - Hates loud noises.
  29. Meg - Has mystical powers.
  30. Mercury - Is always cozy.
  31. Navi - Is friendly with everyone.
  32. Nila - Is linked with blue in India.
  33. Omana - Is always happy to help.
  34. Pepper - Lives for flavorsome food.
  35. Periwinkle - Plays in the flowers.
  36. Philena - Often falls in love.
  37. Plata - Is Spanish for silver.
  38. Rain - Glistens in the light.
  39. Sage - Brings a calmness to the room.
  40. Shadow - Will lurk in the shadows.
  41. Shiva - Loves to look good.
  42. Simin - For Persian cats with a silver hue.
  43. Smoky - Loves sitting around the campfire.
  44. Teal - Wonders over new terrain.
  45. Toshawa - Is sparkly.
  46. Twilight - Loves a saga.
  47. Willow - Ideal for flexible cats.
  48. Windy - Moves as she pleases.
  49. Yuka - Searches for her prey.
  50. Zezili - Has gray eyes.

Male Gray Cat Names

  1. Alfredo - Lives for the quiet.
  2. Azul - Is Spanish for blue.
  3. Carbon - Is hard as nails.
  4. Casimir - Will cause a lot of havoc.
  5. Dinh - Gets into the tiniest corners.
  6. Dolphin - loves to leap.
  7. Dusky - Is a party animal.
  8. Eron - Always knows what to say.
  9. Federico - Never gets angry.
  10. Floyd - Likes heading into the mountains.
  11. Foggy - Keeps himself to himself.
  12. Fritz - Always keeps the peace.
  13. Ginjiro - For cats that bring good luck.
  14. Godfrey - Gets the family back together.
  15. Gokmen - Has blue eyes.
  16. Grady - Gets on with the bunch.
  17. Graham - Is a basic play on words.
  18. Greyhound - Will always runoff.
  19. Hiccup - Is always falling over.
  20. Hinto - Will be furry and blue.
  21. Hioraki - Never lets you down.
  22. Hotah - Is at one with nature
  23. Hurricane - Is a breeze to have around.
  24. Jaxith - Makes the most of his dinner.
  25. Jeff - Loves to be friendly.
  26. Jonah - Has to be by the sea.
  27. Kazuhito - Always finds his balance.
  28. Locke - Loves speeding off out the door.
  29. Macbeth - Leads a charmed life.
  30. Mackerel - Makes light work of his dinner.
  31. Masichuvio - Is mischievous
  32. Mingan - Means prowls like a wolf.
  33. Moonface - Will always be out at night.
  34. Pebbles - Always bounces along.
  35. Puff - Always looks cool.
  36. Rahim - A great name for compassionate cats.
  37. Slate - Can keep you warm in the cold.
  38. Smudge - Will bring in the dirt.
  39. Snowball - Makes a great name for a tumbler.
  40. Spirit - Is bound to be a hippy.
  41. Sterling - Is all about the money.
  42. Stony - Will glare at you piercingly.
  43. Storm - Is happy when it rains.
  44. Sunil - Is a dark and sultry character.
  45. Thunder - Loves to roll.
  46. Tinsel - Will make it feel all Christmassy.
  47. Twain - Makes a great name for a twin.
  48. Yahto - Is Native American in origin.
  49. Ziggy - Is stardust.
  50. Zilpher - Is a good choice for silver cats.

Round Up 

Gray cats are actually a cat with a ‘diluted’ black coat. In the cat breeding world, gray and blue are used pretty much interchangeably. This is perhaps because of the more exotic sound the blue gives to a name. However, some cats really do seem to have an almost blue glow emanating from their gray fur. Where some people see blue, others see silver. All of these hidden colors leave lots of room to play around with names that capture your cat’s character and look.x`

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