German Cat Names

A classic German Cat goes by the name of the German Rex. Medium-sized with a friendly nature, this amiable cat bonds quickly with owners. With a silky but curly coat, the German Rex can be found in any color.

The time you spend with these curly whiskered felines will be time well spent at any time of the day.  Below, we outline 50 male and 50 female cat names that are just Wunderbar for German cats.

Female German Cat Names

The following 50 names are all great for as names for German female cats. Your cat will thank you for any one of these carefully themed names:

  1. Ada - For noble cats with regal qualities and inventive prowess.
  2. Agathe - If you’re wild for the mysterious type.
  3. Anka - For graceful cats you will favor over all others.
  4. Albina - If you love a cat that behaves saintly.
  5. Alexandra - If you’re keen on Greek mythology.
  6. Beatrix - For cats who like to explore far and wide.
  7. Britta - If your cat likes to lord it over all others.
  8. Brunhilde - When your cat is a prowler of the shadows.
  9. Bertha - For well-known cats.
  10. Cassandra - When your excels at surprising you with unexpected gifts.
  11. Cecilia - For atheists.
  12. Clara - When your cat s famous on your street.
  13. Cora - For lovers of the Mohican style.
  14. Diana - For angelic cats.
  15. Doris - If your cat likes getting frisky.
  16. Dorothea - For a cat received as a gift.
  17. Edith - Makes a great name for sleepy princesses.
  18. Elisa - Just loves to have fun. Perfect for a cat that loves to roll in the mud.
  19. Elvira - For German cats who do as they are told.
  20. Frieda - Will bring you peace and joy.
  21. Frau - Demands to be respected.
  22. Flora - Is a delightful choice for cats with a spring in their step.
  23. Gretchen - Accurately describes a shining pearl.
  24. Greta - For cats determined to make positive changes in the world.
  25. Gertrud - Has the maternal instinct.
  26. Heidi - Has to be listened to.
  27. Helga - Is holy in nature.
  28. Hilda - Will fight anyone in battle.
  29. Ilona - Accurately describes cats who are timid and shy.
  30. Ida - Is a hard-working German cat name
  31. Jördis - Will deserve to be treated like a goddess.
  32. Jutta - Is a delightful choice for a cat with an old-fashioned character.
  33. Judit - For cats with a stern demeanor.
  34. Karla - Will be the family matriarch.
  35. Kriemhilde - Suits a vengeful cat.
  36. Lola - Nothing will do but Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola.
  37. Leni - Is a good choice for the cutest of cats.
  38. Marta - Makes for a fine furry feline name.
  39. Mischa - Who loves making mischief.
  40. Nina - Makes a great name for a little cat who loves cuddles.
  41. Nora - Who likes to get her claws in.
  42. Oda - Bound to be a great furry friend.
  43. Odilia - For a German cat with a piercing gaze.
  44. Petra - A glorious German feline.
  45. Philomena - Will always be loved.
  46. Regina - Is wiser than an owl.
  47. Tanja - Won’t take any messing.
  48. Ursula - For a cat cuter than a little bear.
  49. Yela - Meows when she wants something.
  50. Zelda – For a cat with a darting leap.

Male German Cat Names

The following 50 names are common German cat names ideal for German Rex or any other cat you want to sound cultured:

  1. Adalbert - For bohemian minded artistes who like things a little bit different.
  2. Adrian - For the cats with pious qualities.
  3. Alban - A great name for quirky cats.
  4. Axel - If you love cats who just love to roll around.
  5. Bach - Is a great choice for German cats with a taste for music.
  6. Bruno – For cats that behave like drunken Franciscan monks.
  7. Burkhard - Is an ideal choice for cats that are brave protectors.
  8. Bode - for little Mr bossyboots.
  9. Carl - If your cat is brighter than the rest.
  10. Cologne - For cats with a delightful smell.
  11. Claus - If you love you want your cat to feel it is Christmas all year round.
  12. Christian - If your cat has a compassionate side.
  13. Dirk - When you know your cat is the one in charge.
  14. Didi - If your cat is a warrior.
  15. David - Is a great choice for cats who have beaten the odds.
  16. Ebbe - For cats who like their food.
  17. Edgar - If your cat brings good fortune.
  18. Eike - When your cat likes to live life on the edge.
  19. Franz - Who always plays by his own rules.
  20. Felix - Is bound to bring you happiness and prosperity. Great name for a cat with a bushy tale.
  21. Fritz - For cats who love the peace and quiet.
  22. Gabriel - For German cats with a message to tell you.
  23. Gunther - If your cat is always on the warpath.
  24. Gerald - Makes a great name for cats with sharp claws.
  25. Hansel - For felines who love listening to your tall tails.
  26. Hagan - Is a good choice If your cat likes to keep himself to himself to himself.
  27. Hieronymous - Makes a great name for felines with messy paw prints.
  28. Immanuel - Likes to ruminate and is fiercely loyal.
  29. Ivo - Suits cats with saintly behavior.
  30. Janus - For a cat that treats 2 people as its owners.
  31. Joachim - Ideal for German cats with family values.
  32. Jurgen - For cats (or owners) fanatic about Liverpool football club.
  33. Kaiser - A classic name fit for a German king.
  34. Kaspar - Friendlier than the friendliest ghost.
  35. Lars - Will demand to be treated like a saint.
  36. Leon - For a cat with a lion’s roar.
  37. Max - Will surely be the greatest of friends.
  38. Mose - For a German cat that leads the clowder.
  39. Nico - A high achieving cat.
  40. Noah - For a cat surprisingly keen on water.
  41. Oskar - For a cat with a big heart.
  42. Otmar - Will purr with pleasure.
  43. Pascal - An inventive cat who loves the Easter holidays.
  44. Poldi - For German cats with the speed of a leopard.
  45. Quirin - Is a good choice for cats with sharp claws.
  46. Sepp - Will Always find a place to lay his head.
  47. Valdo - A powerful cat born to rule.
  48. Wolfgang - Knows the journey is all about the paths you take.
  49. Xeno - For German cats with strange voices.
  50. Zeno - With a pounce like no other.
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