Funny Cat Names

If you are looking for a cat name and like cat-themed puns, then this is the list for you. We’ve had great fun compiling this list of funny cat names. Choose one of the 50 funny male and female cat names designed to make you chuckle. This name will last so make sure it’s a good one!


Funny Female Cat Names

  1. Atomic Kitten - Has a hot temper.
  2. Cat Kidson - Has a fondness for earrings.
  3. Cat Power - Lives in a sea of love.
  4. Catacomb - Needs a good comb.
  5. Catalie Portman - Likes the ballet.
  6. Catapult - Will go flying out the door.
  7. Cathletic - Is incredibly flexible.
  8. Catillac - Loves driving in your car.
  9. Catmandu - Has a Buddhist calm about her.
  10. Cattitude - Knows how to stand up for herself.
  11. Clawsome - Has a naughty habit of scratching the furniture.
  12. Cleocatra - Will turn many heads.
  13. Condy Clawford - Knows she looks beautiful.
  14. Copy Cat - Is always mimicking you.
  15. Demi Meower - Loves to say hello.
  16. Eskimew - Will love it in the winter.
  17. Fleas Witherspoon - Loves her Pleasantville life.
  18. Furball - Is so fluffy.
  19. Gateux - Plays on the Spanish word for cat and the French for cake.
  20. Hairball - Will always be cleaning herself.
  21. Hisstory - Loves hissing at other cats (check out Why Does Older Cat Hiss At New Kitten?).
  22. Jennifer Lopuss - Her love don’t cost a thing.
  23. Jennifur Anniston - Has lots of great friends.
  24. Katy Purry - Is always up for a cuddle.
  25. Kim Katdashian - Will keep up with the family.
  26. Kitchup - Seems to go with everything.
  27. KitKat - Is fond of her snacks.
  28. Meowtini - Will love a party.
  29. Mewsic - Makes the people come together.
  30. Mewspaper - Is always reading the news.
  31. Octopuss - Acts like she has eight legs.
  32. Pawdrey Hepburn - Will love having breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  33. Pawly - Is often sneezing.
  34. Pawsitive - Has a positive outlook on life.
  35. Pawtrait - Is a sight for fore eyes.
  36. Princess Cattarina - Has a long line of people in front of her to the throne.
  37. Procatstination - Enjoys taking her time over things.
  38. Puma Thurman - Always loves Tarantino movies.
  39. Purrfect - Loves doing what she is told.
  40. Purrplexed - Always looks extremely confused.
  41. Purrsuasive - Can convince you about anything.
  42. Purrty - Loves to look pretty.
  43. Purrverted - Loves licking herself continuously.
  44. Pussy Galore - Loves the James Bond film, Goldfinger.
  45. Radiclaw - Has a radical side.
  46. Scratchlette Johanson - Is a sassy cat (check out these badass cat names).
  47. Tartare Sauce - Loves fish and chips night.
  48. The Mousekeeper - Keeps pests out of the house.
  49. Thunderclaws - Loves scratching the sofa.
  50. Yo-cat Ono - Loves John Lennon’s music.

Funny Male Cat Names

  1. Ashton Kitcher - Loves the later seasons of 2 and a Half Men.
  2. Bill Clawton - Did not have intimate relations with that cat.
  3. Bruce Flea - Is always scratching himself (check out these best flea treatments for cats).
  4. Cat Cobian - Smells like teen spirit.
  5. Cat Damon - Loves the Jason Bourne movies.
  6. Cat Stevens - Knows when morning has broken, like the first morning.
  7. Catatonic - Always moves strangely in his sleep.
  8. Catmit the Frog - Likes living on Sesame Street.
  9. Catsanova - Is a hit with the ladies.
  10. Catticus Finch - Is always chasing mockingbirds.
  11. Catty Potter - Has impressive magical powers.
  12. Catzilla - Can get really angry when he’s hungry.
  13. Chairman Meow - Always gets his way.
  14. Charles Lickens - Knows how to keep himself clean.
  15. Che Purrvara - Loves fighting for revolution.
  16. Christofur Columbus - Always conquers new territory.
  17. Colin feral - Is wild as hell.
  18. David Meowie - Plays guitar and is such a rebel.
  19. Donald Trumpuss - Gets dumber by the day.
  20. Elvis Pawsley - Lives on in your cat.
  21. Franklin Catsevelt - Has the qualities of a great American President.
  22. Freddie Mercatury - Will give one hell of a performance.
  23. Furmidable - Inspires faster than a GTS.
  24. Furrari - Is faster than a GTS.
  25. Fuzz Lightyear - Has been to infinity and beyond.
  26. George Clawsington - Loves the constitution.
  27. George W. Puss - Is not the sharpest tool in the toolkit.
  28. Gigabyte - Has an incredible memory for faces.
  29. Hissterical - Laughs completely uncontrollably.
  30. Hot Fuzz - Loves watching movies with Simon Pegg in.
  31. Jimmy Kitter - Always chooses peace.
  32. Jude Claw - Likes digging his nails in.
  33. Kitty Stardust - Loves the West Side Story.
  34. Lex Lufur - Is a little bit bald.
  35. Litterate - Always keeps his mess in the litter box.
  36. Meowgli - Hangs out in the woods.
  37. Meowntain - Towers over other cats.
  38. Officer Clawsky - Loves the West Side Story.
  39. Paul McCatney - Loves hanging out with cats named Jude.
  40. Pawdon Me - Never hears you the first time.
  41. Picatso - Loves making things feel surreal.
  42. Pooch - Is funny because it’s a dog’s name!.
  43. Purrcolator - Is crazy abut coffee.
  44. Puss in Boots - Loves putting your shoes on.
  45. Raul Catstro - Enjoys the smell of cigars.
  46. Ron Purrsley - Has ginger hair.
  47. Santa Claws - Makes every day Christmas day.
  48. Sourpuss - Seems to love eating lemons.
  49. Supercat - Looks out for everybody.
  50. William Shakespaw - Has a knack for high-quality prose.

Round Up 

So there you have it! 100 funny cat names to choose from. Whether you’ve found one ready-made on this list or these ideas have sparked off some punny ideas of your own, we hope you have enjoyed this list of funny cat names!

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