15 Friendliest Cat Breeds

There is this common notion about cats, that they are the most of the most: crankiest of all, most snob of all and the most uncaring and unaffectionate pets that you can ever have around. Little did some of these people know that cats can be really friendly as well! And that these notions are only misconceptions about cats! Read further to get to know these friendly little fur balls!

It is hard to decide who is the friendliest among these 15 cats! They are all just adorable and really affectionate that you would want to have them in one room and just let them smother you with their cuteness, their love, and their affection! Cats can be really nice too, if only we look past misconceptions – we will realize that they are great life companions too.

Most Sociable and Sweetest Cat Breeds Countdown

1. Maine Coon cats

In folklores, giants are thought to be scary and mean; but in kitty-lore giants like the Maine Coon is most certainly a gentle giant! The Maine Coon is considered to be one of the largest cat breeds relative to its fellow felines. You might even mistake it as a cat that belongs in the wild.

A big sized cat like this surely has a big sized heart as well. It is known to be very affectionate to humans, fond of sleeping in laps. Maine Coons are very social, they are fond of meeting new people. As it is a big-sized cat they do poop a lot! Be sure to read our non tracking cat litter blog post to help solve the whiffy problems you may encounter.

2. Abyssinian cats

Getting an Abyssinian is going to be one of the best choices you will ever make in your life! You will get an instant partner in crime, a constant companion, and a loving furball friend! Not only are Abyssinians smart, their wits are also a force to reckon with – they are extremely smart! The Abyssinian breed is always ready to mingle with people.

Abyssinians are usually warm creatures. They can get comfortable real quick! They love to receive attention from their human companions and even from people they haven’t even met yet. In fact, if an Abyssinian gets neglected and ignored there will be a possibility that for it to become depressed.

3. Exotic Shorthair cats

The Exotic Shorthair is born from its Persian and American Shorthair origins. The mix not only brought Exotic Shorthair to the world but it also brought out a perfect mix of friendliness and playfulness!

But you know, despite its playfulness, you do not have to worry about fur being all over the place. The Exotic Shorthair is one of those cats that minimally shed. (Read: 25 low shed and CATS that don’t shed) They shed very little, making them easy to manage and maintain.

4. Burmese cats

Even if you already have other pets at home like dogs and other cats, you will not have any troubles at all when you bring a Burmese cat in the picture! You do not have to worry about introducing a Burmese cat to a new animal or human companions because the Burmese cat can adapt really well among its peers and among humans. It has this amazing ability to get along with anyone in its surroundings – even a dog has no problems being around this cat.

If this is a beauty pageant, we will give the Ms./Mr. Congeniality award to Burmese cats!

5. Sphynx cats

Very much like how a dog will greet you when you come home, expect that a Sphynx cat will also be at the ready when you come home – patiently waiting for you to get back. The Sphynx cat, despite how odd it may look, is actually really friendly. They love interacting with other cats and humans alike.

6. Siamese cats

Now the Siamese cat has its roots back in Siam or Thailand as it is called now. The Siamese cat is a well-sought out cat because of its beautiful appearance and its extroverted nature. You will not have any troubles getting Siamese cats familiar to its environment, it is ready to explore and meet new people and peers at all times. This cat also makes it our 15 smallest cat breeds blog post.

7. Somali cats

The Somali cat has a lot of set skills that makes it really energetic and highly interested in playing. It is relatively capable of climbing higher and jumping farther than most cats. Its close relative is the Abyssinian cat. The Somali cat is a highly observant cat and a curious one at that! When something catches the interest of Somali cats, it can get hooked on it for hours!

Expect that a Somali cat will get affectionate with most members of the family, and especially kids! No worries about bringing visitors at home, because you will be surprised to see that your Somali cat will be part of the welcoming committee when your visitor arrives.

8. Ragdoll cats

This is one clingy cat! The Ragdoll cat is so fond of its human companions that it wants to be around them most of the time. The Ragdoll cat got its name because when you pick it up, it will suddenly just go limp. There have been no explanations yet as to why Ragdoll cats do so. They just look so adorable every time they do it – ready for cuddle time anytime!

9. Persian cats

Persian cats are quiet but friendly cats, they may not be as fond of moving around as other cats, but they do love sitting quietly with other people and cats alike. A Persian cat is a good companion for people who loves to read books – you know quiet sessions like that because a Persian cat will most likely just sit on your lap and comfortably purring to sleep.

10. Russian Blue cats

Do you have this friend: during your first meetings, he/she is all quiet but after a few more and you have finally become friends he/she is actually very talkative and warm as a person? Well, imagine a cat just like that and you get a Russian Blue cat! A Russian Blue may seem to be an introvert at first, but as soon as they get comfy, expect that they will be your most loyal companion in life! They will always be by your side.

11. Birman cats

Birman cats certainly love petting sessions! Give them lots of love and they will certainly shower you with affection too. They are really sweet cats and really good with the kids too. They know when it is the time to play and be friendly; and they know when it is the time for a good, quiet, cuddle session. This personality allows them to easily get comfortable with new people it meets.

12. Singapura cats

Like most cats that have its origin in Asia, the Singapura cat is also extremely affectionate and friendly. It may be small compared to other cats, but its love for companionship is certainly so much bigger than its size!

13. Manx cats

You might be surprised to see that this cat has no tail. However, you do not have to worry because this is the unique characteristic of a Manx cat! The absence of its tail does not get in the way of its sociable nature. They definitely love interactive play and loves quality time with other animals and humans alike. These cats mainly come in Black, if you are looking for Black cat names, then our guide will help.

14. Bombay cats

Despite its intimidating jet black color, its heart is as pure as snow. Extremely playful and caring, Bombay cats love to be around people. It is always ready for a heart-warming cuddle and at the same time hours and hours of play and quality time!

15. Chartreux cats

The Chartreux cat no matter how complex the spelling of their name is; isn’t a complex creature at all. They just love playtime with you and getting cozy and comfortable with you.

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