French Cat Names

French is unrivaled as a language of romance, beauty, and downright elegance. Throw in the wonderful museums, incredible food, and exceptional wine and you have plenty of places to look for inspiration if you love France and need to name your cat. In this list, we give you 100 names inspired by all things ‘magnifique’ in France.

Choose from 50 male and female names that will bring the class and elegance of France into your home and family.

French Female Cat Names

  1. Agnès - Has to be praised regularly.
  2. Aimée - Is impossible not to love.
  3. Amélie - Makes better company even than chocolate.
  4. Antoinette - Lets you eat cake.
  5. Baleine - Is as big as a whale.
  6. Beauvoir - Always put men in their place.
  7. Berhardt - Is your idol.
  8. Bonjour - Always says hello.
  9. Bordeaux - Loves a wine by the fire.
  10. Brie - Loves her dairy.
  11. Cafe - Loves hanging out.
  12. Camembert - Has a bit of a funny whiff about her.
  13. Cannes - Will always watch movies with you.
  14. Carcassonne - Is fond of castles.
  15. Chamonix - Is fond of the snow.
  16. Chanel - Can help you get ready for a party.
  17. Chaussettes - Has the cutest little socks.
  18. Coco - Will always smells great.
  19. Coraline - Is always catching fish.
  20. D’orsay - Enjoys French art.
  21. Delphine - Loves jumping around acrobatically.
  22. Eclair - Loves everything to be served with cream.
  23. Élise - Loves looking at the Champs-Élysées.
  24. Escargot - Prefers things to move slowly.
  25. Feuilles - Loves playing in the eaves in the fall.
  26. Fifi - Loves sleeping in stables.
  27. Fleur - Loves rolling around in the flowerbed.
  28. Fromage - Always makes you say cheesy things.
  29. Graisse - Is a little bit too fond of her food.
  30. Joan - Is a powerful woman (Joan of Arc).
  31. Louvre - Loves looking at the Mona Lisa.
  32. Madame - Will have a stern demeanor.
  33. Marie-Curie - Knows a lot about radiation.
  34. Medici - Is an art critic.
  35. Merci - Is always thankful.
  36. Moulin Rouge - Loves dancing the night away.
  37. Noir - Loves it when it gets dark.
  38. Pamplemousse - Means grapefruit and sounds delightful.
  39. Paris - Is such a romantic.
  40. Petit-Chou - Loves being your little cabbage.
  41. Petit - Makes a great name for a small cat.
  42. Piaf - Has a meow like an angel.
  43. Pinot - Seems to like the cold.
  44. Piscine - Has a fondness for swimming.
  45. Quiche - Has to sit at the dinner table with you.
  46. Revolution - Fights the power.
  47. Simone - Stands up for her rights.
  48. Thais - Will be your queen.
  49. Vin - Will love a party.
  50. Zephyrine - Seems to love it when it’s windy.

French Male Cat Names

  1. Baguette - Is long and thin.
  2. Bastille - Frightens prisoners.
  3. Bisous - Always gives you the best kisses.
  4. Bonaparte - Hangs out on islands.
  5. Cantona - Has a powerful flip-kick.
  6. Carrefour - Is a greedy cat.
  7. Cezanne - Is always trying new things.
  8. Champagne - Can give you the giggles.
  9. Charlemagne - Knows how to bring people together.
  10. Coq Au Vin - Expects his dinner to be the best (check out these primal cat food reviews).
  11. Coquillage - Loves it down on the beach.
  12. Corentin - Is like a storm entering the room.
  13. Croque-Monsieu - Loves lunchtimes.
  14. Eiffel-Tower - Is a tall cat.
  15. Frites - Is happy to go with anybody.
  16. Gael - Loves sharing his food.
  17. Gaston Leroux - Loves watching the Phantom of the Opera.
  18. Gros - Will suit a large cat.
  19. Intermarche - Likes to stock up on food.
  20. Je T’aime - Means I love you but has a nice ring to it.
  21. Joli - Lives to bring a smile  to your face.
  22. Le Petite Prince - Is always looking at the stars.
  23. Leblanc - Is fond of Les Misérables.
  24. Leclerc - Loves heading to the shops.
  25. Les Dents - Loves chewing on things (check out these cat dental treats).
  26. Louis - Has royal heritage.
  27. Louis XVI - Can lose his head sometimes.
  28. Maladroit - Is always falling over (check out how to tell if your cat has a broken leg).
  29. Manet - Has an impressionistic style.
  30. Manu - Is into a variety of musical styles.
  31. Mauvais - Behaves very badly.
  32. Metro - Loves going on public transport.
  33. Monet - Loves doing impressions.
  34. Monoprix - Has a fondness for big cities.
  35. Napoleon - Can be scared by other cats.
  36. Nostradamus - Seems to know what is coming.
  37. Notre-Dame - Knows that two heads are better than one.
  38. Nuage - Has his head in the clouds.
  39. Pantheon - Is always wandering around the graveyard.
  40. Pasteque - Will suit a rotund cat.
  41. Pierre - Has a heart of stone.
  42. Pleuvoir - Heads straight outside when it rains.
  43. Pogba - Is full of confidence.
  44. Pomme - Always get stuck up trees in the orchard.
  45. Proust - Never shows up on time for dinner.
  46. Rene - Always looks completely reborn in the morning.
  47. Renoir - Always makes a mess with artistic flair.
  48. Soleil - Loves sunbathing.
  49. Thierry - Likes flying down the wing.
  50. Zidane - Loves banging his head into things.

Round Up 

France has culture, it has food, and it has class. Whether you have been to France, have always wanted to go, or just love the sound of the language, France is a rich source of great potential names for your cat. Have fun choosing from this list of our favorite French words, people, food, and wine.

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