In this section, you will find articles that will surely be of great help when you want to know more about your cat’s food intake and proper nutrition! Read as you please, we got you covered!

Best canned cat food 2018

It’s a new year and here’s what 2018 has got for you, only but the best cat food out there! Your cat will definitely love any of the cat food listed here!

Triumph cat food reviews

Triumph cat food has been a familiar brand for cat food. See if it will triumph over other cat food brand! Read our review for Triumph cat food right here!

9 lives cat food reviews

Will this brand of cat food live up to its name? Discover what wonders this cat food can do for your cat! Find out by reading our review

Best cat litter

Cat litter is an important aspect of a cat’s hygiene, especially for city cats. Therefore we bring you nothing but the best cat litter there is!

Best cat dental treats

Dental health and nutrition are as important as your cat’s diet and proper food nutrition. Here are the best dental cat treats to upkeep your cat’s oral health

High protein low carb cat food

Some cats need a certain type of diet due to certain conditions. If you’re looking for high protein, low carb diet cat food, we’ve got the right list for you!

Best natural cat litter

If you are not a fan of the majority of cat litter out in the market, you will certainly like this list of natural cat litter we wrote for you!

Abound cat food reviews

Abound cat food has been around for years! But is it actually good for your cat? We reveal all!

Low phosphorous cat food

Did your vet recommend a low phosphorus cat food to give your cat? No worries, ‘cause we’ve put up several low phosphorus cat food in this list for you!

Pure balance cat food reviews

Do you think Pure Balance will be a big contender in the cat food industry? How about looking up these cat food they offer

Slow feed cat bowl

Gone were the days where you can’t leave cat food in your cat’s food bowl without your cat devouring everything in an instant. Browse through these slow feed cat bowl and you can say goodbye to overfed cats!

Carrageenan free cat food

If you want a cat food that’s Carrageenan free, come right up for we have a list all ready for you. Cat food carefully picked just for your Carrageenan free cat food needs!

Non GMO cat food

Not that much fan of GMO food? Interestingly, there are non-GMO cat food that you can give to your cat, so you can include your cat in your non-GMO way of life

Cat food advisor

New to the whole cat universe? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with your cat food needs. Here are things you should know when it comes to your cat’s food!

Fromm cat food reviews

Perhaps you’ve heard about Fromm cat food, here are some of the cat food they offer! Read up and see if there’s anything you would like for your cat

Halo cat food reviews

With so many cat food brand to choose from, it is quite difficult to choose to which cat food brand to stick with. Here’s another cat food review to help you decide

Fancy Feast cat food reviews

There has been a lot of feedback about Fancy Feast, it’s quite a mix. Can’t tell which is which? Here’s our own review of their cat food

Purina cat chow reviews

Do you like how they put quite a ring in that cat chow instead of cat food? How about we find out if this chow is worth choosing

Freshpet cat food reviews

Here is another cat food we’ve carefully reviewed for you! If you have recently encountered this cat food, learn more about what they have to offer

Liquid cat food

Are you familiar with liquid cat food? How different could it be from solid cat food aside from being in a liquid form? Are you psyched to find out?

Freeze dried raw cat food

There have been a lot of new emerging techniques in the cat food industry. Look! freeze-dried raw cat food that your cat can enjoy!

Nutrisource cat food reviews

Is Nutrisource going to be a good source of nutrition for your cats? I bet you’re itching to find out! Read to learn more about it!

Whole earth farms cat food reviews

Find out if Whole Earth Farms cat food selection has something to offer that will make it different from the rest! Is it going to do any good for your cat?

Crave cat food reviews

Will Crave cat food really make your cat crave for their food? How about giving it a shot and find out! There’s a lot to choose from!

Dehydrated cat food

Here’s another type of cat food prepared differently than your usual cat food! Look at this list of dehydrated cat food that your cat may enjoy

Purina pro plan cat food reviews

Here’s one of the known brand of cat food, find out how they’ve created their own name by checking out their products right here! They definitely have a lot to offer!

Natural Balance cat food reviews

Natural Balance is here to cater to most of your cat food needs! As we know, balance is the key to a healthier life. Read more about their products here!

Nulo cat food reviews

Nulo cat food has made its way to the cat food industry, and they’re offering you loads of cat food from their own selection. Better check them out!

Soulistic cat food reviews

Looks like a wordplay between soul and whollistic, there are several cat food that Soulistic proudly brings to you. Spare some time to browse their array of products

Trader Joes cat food

Trader Joes cat food is among the many cat food brands you will see in the market. It’s about time we take a closer look at their products!

Simply nourish cat food reviews

With so much competition around, it can become difficult to stand out. Let us now give this moment to Simply Nourish and read this review of their cat food

Weruva cat food reviews

Interested about Weruva cat food products? If you are, then get in here and you better start reading!

Goodlife cat food reviews

Just like other cat food brands in the market, Goodlife also has its own to flaunt! You can check them out here!

Cats are not amused by the cucumber joke: stop doing them

Familiar with one of the cat trends recently? Let me tell you straight that cats actually do not find that funny! Here’s why!Best natural cat food

Best natural cat food

With the rise of cat food that comes in cans and pouches, you might start to think that’s the only way to serve cat food! Have a look at these best natural cat food and be surprised!

Best Siamese cat food

We always want the best for our cats, isn’t that right? We got only the best cat food for your beloved Siamese cat!

Best cat food 2018

We are almost done with the year 2018, and perhaps it’s about time to have a preliminary review of the best cat food that has been made available for all of us!

Best cheap cat food

Working on a tight budget? Don’t fret because we have here the list of best cheap cat food just for you! Cheap food doesn’t have to mean bad quality!

Applaws cat food reviews

Read our review on Applaws cat food and we leave it up to your hands, whether this brand of cat food, deserve an applause or not! Get it? Let’s go!

I and love and you cat food reviews

Let’s just hope this cat food is made with lots of love! You and your cat decide! Tell us what you think!

Best food for sick cat

When cats get sick, they lose their appetite, so it becomes a bit of a problem. Well, not anymore! Here are the best cat food to give your sick cat!

Best cat food for older cats with bad teeth

It’s rather difficult for some of our senior cat friends to chew their food as they get old. Why that’s not a problem difficult to chew ‘cause we got the best cat food for our cat friends!

Best cat food for constipation

Constipation is a difficult sickness to deal with. But I believe we have just the right stuff for your constipated cat! Your cat doesn’t have to suffer any longer!

Best Ragamuffin cat food

Only but the best cat food for one of the cuddliest cats of all – the Ragamuffins! Here are several cat food made especially just for them!

Best British American shorthair cat food

Meticulously picked cat food for your British American Shorthair cat buddy! Another distinct cat food for a distinct cat breed!

Best Maine coon cat food

Another set of cat food handpicked just for your favorite Maine Coon friend! Let your cat try one of the cat food from this selection

Best Ragdoll cat food

No picky-eater cat can say no to cat food listed in our best Ragdoll cat food review! See for yourself and let your cat feast on one of these

Best Bengal cat food

This list of only but the best Bengal cat food is sure to never disappoint your cat’s taste buds! These cat food will be irresistible!

Best Persian cat food

Here is a bit of help for you when you want to be a wee bit particular with the food that your Persian cat will eat! Your cat will surely like these cat food!

IAMS vs Science diet cat food

IAMS and Science Diet have been gracing cats’ food bowls for quite a long time now. Now, which of these two could bring a better cat food? Together, let’s find the answer!

Taste of the wild vs blue buffalo cat food

Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo, are cat food of their own calibre. But, placed side by side, which can outshine the other? Read more to find out who will come out as the winner (for your cat!)

Wellness vs blue buffalo cat food

Today for our cat food face-off, Wellness and Blue Buffalo are put to test! Who will emerge victoriously? Learn about it here!

Tiki cat food reviews

Get to know more of Tiki cat food as you read our review of their cat food here! There could be a lot in store for you!

Nutro cat food reviews

Is Nutro a good brand of cat food to give to our cats? Read our review right here and let us know! You might also want to try a cat food or two from this brand!

IAMS vs Purina cat food

With IAMS and Purina, placed head-on, is there an obvious winner? You will be the one to tell us that after reading this short review of their cat food!

Why do cats like fish

What’s in a fish that makes it irresistible to cats? Because cats seem to be crazy for fish, they just can’t get enough! Find out the secret here!

IAMS cat food reviews

Let’s stop all the fuss about other cat food and allow IAMS cat food to savor the limelight at the moment! Let’s see if they’ll surprise us with what they got!

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food Reviews

Here’s a Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food review for you! It pays to know the cat food you are giving your cat! Is trying out Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food going to be one of the best decision you’ll ever make?

Canidae Cat Food Reviews

You don’t have to go anywhere else, here’s a closer look to some of the best cat food from Canidae! What’s in it for your cat?

Merrick Cat Food reviews

Read up about Merrick cat food here! It’s never too late to get to know other cat food brands out there! There are a lot you know!

Science diet cat food reviews

Science Diet cat food review at the tip of your hands! Science and cat food sounds like a very specially formulated cat food!

Acana vs Orijen cat food

Choosing between Acana and Orijen cat food? Here’s a review of these cat food brands! We make the review, and you’ll be the one to decide!

Can cats drink almond milk

Wondering if cats can drink almond milk? Let’s find if something will happen to your cats if they consume almond milk

What do cats eat in the wild

Do cats in the wild have it harder than domesticated cats? Where do they get food? Are you interested with what is in their diet?

How to put weight on a cat

No more lanky and skinny cat! Help your cat put on some weight with these tips! Hopeless and impossible is not part of our vocabulary

How to make a hyperthyroid cat gain weight

There’s still hope! Yup, you read that right! You can still do something about it. Here are tips to help a hyperthyroid cat gain weight.

Best cat food for weight gain

Is nothing seems to be working? Maybe you haven’t given these cat food a chance! Find anything worth the shot, try it now!

Best cat food for senior cats

Here’s the cat food to give our senior cat friends! They may be old but they know what’s gold when it comes to cat food! Let’s give them all the love we can with these cat food!

Best cat food for indoor cats

It doesn’t matter if your cat is the indoor type or the outdoor type. We want only but the best cat food for our cats, right? Look here, especially if your cat is the indoor type!

Taste of the wild cat food reviews

Thinking of switching to Taste of the Wild cat food? Here are some of their products! This could help you arrive at your decision!

Organix cat food reviews

Know more about Organix cat food here! See its similarities and differences with other cat food brands, then you can decide if it’s a worthwhile cat food brand!

Blue Buffalo cat food reviews

Check out what Blue Buffalo cat food has to offer. Read about it here! Is it as they say, one of the cream of the crop?

Best cat food for sensitive stomach

Say goodbye to worries about cat food that may harm your cat’s stomach! We’ve got them all for you right here!

Best cat food for shedding

Having a bad hair day? Manage that bad hair day and say bye-bye to too much fur everywhere by trying out these cat food for shedding!

Cat food without chicken

If your cat isn’t much of a chicken fan, or if your cat is allergic to chicken, then here are cat food he/she can try out guaranteed with no chicken

Best cat food for pancreatitis

Pancreatitis shouldn’t stop your cat from enjoying a good meal! There are several cat food here to choose from! Give your cat some hearty meal!

Best wet cat food for weight loss

Weight loss does not always mean depriving your cat of the best food! Let your cat enjoy these wet cat food! You can eat and lose weight too you know!

Best cat food for hedgehogs

Cat food, but for hedgehogs? That’s not far from possible! Well, with this is a list of the best cat food that any hedgehog is sure to enjoy!

Can cats eat mushrooms

Those ‘shrooms can really have us doubting, so let’s clear the air and find out if cats can eat mushrooms! Don’t worry! We’ll stay away from the poisonous ones!

Can cats eat spinach

Spinach can give us a lot of health benefits, but how about with cats? But before answering that, let us first find out if they are even allowed to consume spinach!

Can cats eat shrimps

Shrimps can be tasty, but can your cat eat them? Should you be wary about shrimps, it is seafood after all! You’ll know once you’ve read the article

Can cats eat lettuce

Lettuce is certainly nutritious food, but can cats eat them too? Will it give them as many nutrients as it can give to humans?

Can cats eat broccoli

Broccoli may not be your cup of tea, but if you are wondering if cats can eat them, you will find out here!

Can cats eat olives

Did your cat accidentally eat an olive? Before you think of all the possibilities that can happen, this article will tell you if cats can eat olives

Best healthy cat food

Healthy living is not only for humans! Make sure to turn your cat’s lifestyle into a healthier one by having these best healthy cat food!

Best treats for kittens

Treats are great when you wish to train your young furball. Do a little reward system! Here are the best cat kitten treats to try!

Can cats eat almonds

Almonds are yummy, right? Well, just like any food, some will not like it, some will not. Can your cat eat some?

Can cats eat ham

They say cats are carnivores, but does that mean that they can eat any kind of meat? Is ham one of them?

Can cats eat honey

Honey can be a good source of nutrients — for us, that is. How about for cats? Are they allowed to eat some of that honey?

Can cats eat cinnamon

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Cinnamon has been a known spice, but is it something that cats can eat? Cast the doubts away once you’ve read the article

Can cats eat strawberries

Who doesn’t love a good piece of red and juicy strawberry? Your cats may not be able to resist, but can they eat strawberries?

Best canned food for indoor cats

Your search for canned food best for indoor cats is finally over! With carefully selected canned cat food, these are the best of them we’ve found!

Best probiotics for cats

Keep your cat’s immune system healthy by giving them the best probiotics around! Probiotics are good for the body, that’s why we’ve also picked the best there can be for your cat!

Best cat food for hairballs

Hairballs be-gone! You do not have to endure having to drown in your cat’s fur every shedding season! Get the best cat food for hairballs here!

Limited ingredient cat food

Here’s a sneak peek of Limited Ingredient cat food products made to keep your cat healthy and happy! What makes it so special?

Can cats eat grapes

A bowl of grapes is certainly mouthwatering. Should you be giving some to your cat? Read our article to find out if it is safe for your cat to eat some of that wonderful grapes

Can cats eat corn

Tempted to give your cat some of that tasty corn you’re munching on? Read this first and be informed if giving your cat some corn is a correct decision!

Can cats eat carrots

Carrots are said to be good for the eyes, but are cats allowed to eat them? You can learn about it here and find out if cats are able to digest carrots!

Best cat food for smelly poop

Is your cat a walking stink bomb lately? That’s a bit harsh, but here’s how you can ‘defuse’ that stink ‘bomb’! Here are the best cat food for smelly cat poop!

Best grain free cat food

Grain free cat food is another type of cat food many cat owners turn to. Here is the best grain free cat food you can ever chance upon!

Best high protein cat food

High protein cat food has a positive impact ionyour cat’s overall health. If we are to separate the best from the so-so high protein cat food, this is what you’ll get.

Best hypoallergenic cat food

These are the cat food that’s sure to change your cat’s life! It’s hypoallergenic! If your cat is prone to allergies, they’ll surely love this!

Best diabetic cat food

This could be a diabetic cat’s go-to list for recommendations on cat food! Take your pick from this selection and give your diabetic cat only but the best cat food!

Raw cat food diet

Read about raw cat food? If you want to try out raw cat food diet for your cats, you should probably start with these! See if your cat will have a taste for this type of diet!

Soft dry cat food

Dry cat food doesn’t have to be tough! This dry cat food is different from your usual dry cat food! Soft dry cat food is here to save the day!

Best cat food for urinary health

Urinary health is important too, you know! Some cat food are designed to specifically address a cat’s health issue. Here’s just the thing for keeping up our cat’s urinary health!

High calorie cat food

A cat in need of a high-calorie diet? Here’s a list of carefully selected high-calorie cat food. You don’t have to keep guessing which cat high-calorie cat food you should get your cat

High fiber cat food

Looking to shift to a more high fiber diet for your cat? You’ll no longer be in the dark! Here are some of the cat food you should consider!

Best kitten cat food

Hoping for the good development of kittens as they grow older? Here’s a list of cat food best for the young, tiny furballs! Nourish ‘em while they’re young!

Can cats eat bread

Can bread become a cat’s, let’s say, “bread and butter”? What are the possible implications that are associated with cats eating bread?

Can cats eat blueberries

Are blueberries safe for cats to consume? Find out if it is a good idea to give some blueberries to our precious cats! Read and be in the know!

Can cats eat avocado

That good-looking avocado can be tempting, but can our cats eat it? Cast out any doubts right here, right now! You don’t have to hold back!

Can cats eat rice

Rice has been a staple to some, but is it okay to let our cats have rice? Some will say yes, some will say no. Which is it?

Can cats eat yogurt

Will yogurt have the same effect on cats as it does with humans? Is a cat’s stomach similar to a human’s stomach?

Can cats eat raw chicken

Should we “chicken out” on feeding our cats some raw chicken? Is it harmless? But it’s raw! Can they handle it?

Can cats eat pepperoni

Are you a Pizza-lover? What if your cat is too? Always have a box of pizza lying around. Are they allowed to have some of that tasty pepperoni?

Can cats eat tomatoes

Tomatoes can become a good source of nutrients. How wonderful would it be if cats can eat tomatoes too, it’s good for the health! But the question is, can they?

Can cats eat seaweed

Is seaweed alright for cat consumption? Quite an unusual cat treat, won’t it be? What can happen if we allow them to eat, is it better if they stay away?

Can cats eat pumpkin

Is adding some pumpkin in our cat’s meals, all right? It’s highly nutritious after all! Read this article if you want to find out if adding pumpkin to your cat’s diet is either a good idea or a nightmare for your cat

Can cats eat watermelon

Can cats also enjoy feasting on some tasty watermelon? It can be perfect for a tasty way to dehydrate! Why deprive your precious cat of a very delicious treat!

Can cats eat popcorn

It’s movie night and our cat has been staring at us all night long asking for some popcorn. Should we give in? Are cats allowed to eat some of that popcorn?

Can cats eat ice cream

Watch out for brain freeze! Can cats handle eating ice cream? Read this article before giving your cat some of that sumptuous dessert!

Can cats eat peanut butter

Is there something going to happen if we give our cats peanut butter? Do our cats have the necessary body mechanisms to digest peanut butter?

Can cats eat bananas

Is banana safe to eat for cats? It’s such a common fruit it must be harmless, right? Go over this article quickly to find out of cats can eat bananas!

Can cats eat potatoes

Cats love to lounge, that we can almost say they’re couch potatoes. But can they handle eating real potatoes?

Best automatic cat feeder reviews

Say goodbye to missed and forgotten meals! Automatic cat feeders are here to help! Your cat can now enjoy their meals without that much of a hassle!

Can cats eat

See if you can leave certain kinds of food lying around the house, with this quick guide of what cats can eat! Stop wondering and you better start reading!

Purina cat food reviews

They’re one of the more known cat food available in the market, right? Read up on things you should know about Purina cat food!

Friskies cat food reviews

Friskies cat food has almost become one of those household cat food brands. Here’s a Friskies close up for you! Tell us what you think!

How long can cats go without food

Can cats manage not having anything to eat for long periods of time? I have no idea why we need this bit of information, but hey! It’s knowledge, we do not say no to knowledge!

Wellness core cat food reviews

Wellness Core cat food reviews served right up! Let’s see how your cat’s wellness will be affected by this cat food!

Best cat food for cats that throw up

What food do we give cats that throw up, if they throw up? Don’t give up just yet! Here is the best cat food that can solve your problems!

Royal Canin cat food reviews

A front row experience with Royal Canin cat food just for you! Let’s give our full attention to Royal Canin cat food this time!

Best cat vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements are of great help to further nurture our cats. The question now is, which one should you get?

Solid gold cat food reviews

A Solid Gold cat food review, for your Solid Gold cat food needs! Get to know various information about the brand right here!

Orijen cat food reviews

Here’s a little something for those looking to try the Orijen cat food products! Care to give these cat food a chance?

Earthborn holistic cat food reviews

Earthborn Holistic cat food, yay or nay? All eyes and ears for this one at the moment, alright? Get to know more of Earthborn Holistic cat food here!

Acana cat food reviews

A quick overview of some of Acana’s cat food! Read further to find out what kind of cat food they are offering to your cat!

Baby food for cats

Planning on giving your cat some of that baby food? Hold up! How about you read this article first then you can decide after if some baby food is okay for cats!