Egyptian Cat Names

If you’re looking for an intriguing name for your cat, then this list of Egyptian cat names is for you. First, we will introduce you to the long history between Egypt and cats. We will then give you 50 of our favorite female Egyptian cat names, explaining the meanings behind the name. Finally, we will share our 50 favorite male Egyptian cat names and their meanings.

Everyone can find a cat name to suit their next furry member of the family.


What is it with Egypt and cats?

In ancient Egypt, cats were seen as sacred animals deserving of special food. Cats were known as ‘mau’ which sounds rather like the meow sound we love to hear. It was also in Egypt where cats were first domesticated. They were particularly handy to have around to keep snakes and other pests at bay (just one reason you could give to a landlord to persuade them to let you keep cats)!

Ancient Egyptians were polytheists and believed in lots of gods. Many of these were represented as cats and worshipped. Some of the Egyptian pharaohs even had their cats mummified next to them in their tombs! All this shows, that an Egyptian name makes a great choice for a new cat name. Their exotic sound will always sound exciting!

Female Egyptian Names Cats

  1. Alexandria - Loves searching around ruins.
  2. Anat - Lives for music.
  3. Anippe - Is always playing by the river.
  4. Aswan - Is rarely heard.
  5. Bastet - Loves her kittens.
  6. Chione - Always loves bath time.
  7. Cleopatra - Suits only the most beautiful cat.
  8. Comter - Has famous parents (Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke).
  9. Dalila - Meows sweetly.
  10. Ebo - Was born on Tuesday.
  11. Ebony - Is dark and mysterious.
  12. Egypt - Has grace.
  13. Farida - Stands taller than all others.
  14. Gamila - Rivals Cleopatra’s beauty.
  15. Hasina - Loves to do as she is told.
  16. Hatha - Is the Egyptian goddess of love.
  17. Hilana - Always looks after others.
  18. Huda - Will break the mold.
  19. Kiwu - Is a bit too fond of her food.
  20. Lapis - Has a blueish hue.
  21. Layla - Loves leaping and bounding around.
  22. Maat - Knows how to keep things organized.
  23. Maat - Demands fairness.
  24. Mau - Means cat in Egyptian.
  25. Mihos - Has the head of a lion.
  26. Monifa - Will always land on her feet.
  27. Nailah - Always succeeds.
  28. Nawal - Has a creative spirit.
  29. Nebit - Has spots like a leopard.
  30. Nefertiti - Struts her stuff.
  31. Net - Loves her family.
  32. Pakhet - Loves to scratch.
  33. Phoenix - Has survived many scrapes.
  34. Rabiah - Was born in the spring.
  35. Ramla - Makes predictions that always come true.
  36. Sabola - Loves talking.
  37. Sanura - Will always stay young.
  38. Scarab - Will be revered.
  39. Sekhmet - Is a warrior goddess.
  40. Selma - Will make you feel safe.
  41. Semley - Can always be relied upon.
  42. Shams - Is Arabic for the sun.
  43. Shani - Will be wonderful to have around.
  44. Skylar - Finds comfort in high places.
  45. Tahany - Will always be just.
  46. Tahirah - Has to have things her own way.
  47. Tia - Is such a princess.
  48. Umm - Finds solace in music.
  49. Undine - Is a good name for small cats.
  50. Yousra - Loves being center of attention.

Male Egyptian Names Cats

  1. Abasi - Has stern features.
  2. Akil - Is bound to be wise.
  3. Amen - Has universal power.
  4. Amenhotep - Can bring you good fortune.
  5. Ammon - Is always disappearing for days.
  6. Anubis - Toys with his prey.
  7. Atum - Is scared by the sun.
  8. Babu - Is your first ever cat.
  9. Bes - Is a party animal.
  10. Cairo - Is a big cat.
  11. Fadil - Has distinguished excellence.
  12. Faraona - Is Spanish for pharaoh.
  13. Gamal - Is too handsome to bear.
  14. Giza - A great name for a cat with pointy ears.
  15. Hamadi - Loves to be stroked.
  16. Hapi - Is always smiling.
  17. Hasani - Always does as he is told.
  18. Horus - Loves warming himself under the hot sun.
  19. Hu - Will love the outside.
  20. Imhotep - Is always calm.
  21. Jabari - Is scarily fearless.
  22. Kafele - Will always protect you.
  23. Kahotep - Is peaceful and kind.
  24. Kasul - Is lazy in Arabic.
  25. Kek - Loves going out at night.
  26. Keket - Will love the shadows.
  27. Khalid - Always seems glorious.
  28. Khepri - Scuttles around like a beetle.
  29. Khufu - Is a great inventor.
  30. Kissa - Is one of twins.
  31. Lateef - Is such a gentle kitty.
  32. Lukman - Will see the future.
  33. Luxor - Hangs out by religious buildings.
  34. Maged - Will glisten in the sunshine.
  35. Min - Will father many kittens.
  36. Mo - Will be a modern-day pharaoh.
  37. Moses - Likes playing with water.
  38. Naesan - Will love his sleep.
  39. Naggar - Loves it in the workshop.
  40. Osiris - Is a link to the past.
  41. Pharaoh - Thinks he is the king.
  42. Ra - Loves it in the sunshine.
  43. Ramla - Has hidden powers.
  44. Ramses - Gets into lots of battles.
  45. Said - Pronounced Sai’eed.
  46. Shu - Is always flying through the air.
  47. Tau - Has the face of a lion.
  48. Tutankhamun - Is fond of shiny gold.
  49. Zaim - Has noble heritage.
  50. Zain - Is always in the flower patch.

Round Up 

Egyptian names make a great choice for your cat because of the long connection between Egypt and cats. With one of these exciting Egyptian cat names, your cat will be in love with you in no time!

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