Do Cats Have Baby Teeth?

Aren’t kittens so adorable when they bare their tiny little teeth at almost anything that surprises them? Well, did it ever cross your mind how these tiny little teeth will soon be full-grown adult teeth? Do cats have baby teeth? Just like how us humans lose our baby teeth as we grow older?

Tooth-gether, let’s find out!

How Many Teeth do Kittens Have?

Just like human babies, kittens also do not have teeth yet as they are born. So, do cats have baby teeth? Very much indeed! They also develop the baby teeth as they grow. You can expect to see a total of 26 baby teeth in kittens. These are composed of three upper and lower incisors found on each side; one upper and lower canine on each side; and premolars also on each side – three upper and two lower. You might be surprised to know that kittens have no molars!

A kitten’s teeth development can be an indication of their age. A kitten’s tiny incisors will start to protrude from their gums in as early as two weeks old. Canine teeth or their fangs should come out in their fourth week. And as they approach their sixth week, you will see how the premolars are starting to emerge. See how rapid they have their baby teeth? They also lose them in the same rapid manner, and permanent teeth will replace them.

How do you know if a kitten is teething?

  1. The kitten is making unusual mouth movements, probably caused by the sore gums
  2. Can become bothered by the emergence of teeth, as teeth push out of the gums
  3. If the kitten is at the age where it could already eat food, they could cry out as an indication of pain. Eating could cause a lot of discomforts
  4. Biting would also hurt when playing or eating something more than its teeth could handle
  5. The kitten would sometimes opt not to eat or play at all
  6. Or the other way around, where it would bite and bite different thing to become numb of the pain it is feeling from the soreness of its gums

What to do!

  1. Do away with anything hard and difficult to bite. Go with baby cat food that is softer and easier to chew and swallow
  2. Avoid playing too rough especially when the kitten is into play-biting
  3. Also, refrain from brushing your kitten’s teeth at this particular period of its development
  4. Perhaps, you could get your kitten a “teether”, very much like what is given to human babies that are also teething.

Cats Lose Their Baby Teeth?

As the kitten reaches 11 weeks of age, their baby teeth will start to fall out. Humans lose their baby teeth as they grow up. It is the same way as in kittens – they also lose the 26 baby teeth they have.

4 months in and you will notice that the kitten's permanent incisors have fully emerged. Afterward, a kitten's canine teeth will take its permanent place as the kitten approach the fifth month of age. As they reach the sixth-month mark, 10 premolars will be fully grown and pretty much permanent. Their molars only come in at the latter part of their kittenhood or during the early phase of their cat adulthood.

There will be three upper and lower incisors on each side, canine on each side, one each on the upper and lower cavity of the mouth, three upper and two lower premolars. And now, there are molars: one upper and lower for each side. All in all, you can trust to count 30 permanent teeth in your cat.

No signs of baby teeth here!

Now, we have found out that cats have baby teeth tooth and that they can lose it as well, where do the baby teeth go? I mean, we sort of just see the permanent teeth already in our cat's mouth. Sometimes we do not even notice that the teeth are already permanent. Have you seen fallen baby cat teeth?

Well, on rare occasions, some cat purrents would share that they have found remnants of their cat's baby teeth. But theories would tell you that these baby teeth are too small to be seen and noticed, that they are most likely to be swept away or swallowed by our cats. 

Round Up 

Proper dental hygiene and oral care is key to having a good set of teeth. Now that you know your cats have baby teeth, you better start having a great teeth care routine!

Rebecca Welters

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