Do Cats Get Headaches?

Do you ever realize how lucky we are to be human? I mean, we are able to do a whole bunch of stuff compared to all the other living things. How about let’s spend a good solid minute to contemplate and appreciate that?

Well for example apart from other living things, we are given the gift of language. We are able to easily communicate the things we wish to say. Animals can’t do that, our pets can’t. Unlike us humans, our pet cats won’t be able to tell us directly that they are feeling something quite not right about their body. And so now we wonder, do cats get headaches?


Is a human headache similar to that of a cat’s?

Even though we are capable of saying things right away, we are also capable of a non-verbal form of communication. We can say “I’m having a headache” in ways more than one. But cats can’t do that. Perhaps a human headache may feel the same with that of a cat’s but the way we communicate it may be different.  

The idea of cats having headaches is even debatable. You might be able to tell signs that your cat is in pain, but it does not actually necessarily translate to them having a headache. It may mean a lot of things.

Results of research would tell us that they are yet to confirm nor deny that cats can have headaches. The research said that they may exhibit the symptoms, and even respond to the same medicine administered for human headaches, but it is not absolute that they are indeed having a headache.  

What can we do then?

Some doctors would say that if for an instance, you notice that your cat is sleeping with its eyes partially closed while its head is quite hanging, then there’s a chance that your cat is actually having a headache.

Your friendly veterinarian will probably advise you to watch out for certain behavioral changes:

Your cat may be feeling a wee bit under the weather

If you notice that our furry friend is hiding or shying away from people more than usual, something could be not quite right. Watch out for any changes in the way your cat wants to or not want to play.

If for some reason your cat became extra needy today, maybe it is their way of telling you that "Hey, human I'm not feeling well.". Cats who do not wish to eat or drink can mean that they're feeling unwell or they are just picky about food that day.

Check their litter

Unusual bowel and urine movement can also become indicative of something that your cat may be feeling something. It could be the lock or the excess of poop or urine. Either way, if it is not their usual litter routine, it would be a lot better to find out what is causing the change.

When in doubt? Check it out!

Actually, it can become really tricky and difficult to manage. Take into consideration your cat’s personality and usual antics, headache or not they may still be in need of help and relief.

You might also wish to check for temperature. Cats are generally warmer than humans, they should have a normal body temperature of about 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, perhaps anything more than that could mean that they’re feeling a bit off.

Health is Wealth

We can only know so much about our cats, that is why to compensate for that language barrier, let us take good care of them. As what many would say, prevention is always better than cure.

Let us not wait for them to exhibit several signs and symptoms before we act. Let us incorporate our concern and care for our cats in their daily diet. Make sure that they get the proper nutrients and that their diet contains but the healthiest food for cats there is. Keep your pet cats well fed and have a regular supply of drinking water.

Round Up 

Sometimes, feeling down, hiding behind its paws, resting with its head down, lethargy, changes in bowel movement and other behavioral change is not always a foolproof way to tell that your cat is having a headache. The cats maybe feeling something else other than a headache.

But of course, this does not mean that we should simply disregard these symptoms. These should not be ignored as they may still be sick or feeling something that requires medical help.

Rebecca Welters

Yes, I am that weird cat lady with 200 cats and live in the darkest corner of the city where no one dares to go! Joking! But I am a cat lover and have 2 Ragdoll cats called Toby, he's 3 years old and Dory, she's 8 years old. I'm 36 years old and live in the quiet town of Washington.

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