15 DIY Cat Tree Ideas

There are a lot of cat trees out there in the market that we can just simply buy, set up and have our cat play. But how does the idea of, making your own cat tree dedicated to your cat, sound? Creating a cat tree on your own is difficult if you have no idea about your cat’s personality and preference. Here is a list of do-it-yourself cat tree ideas made just for you!

Cat Tree Ideas Countdown

1. Simple Cat Tree

This cat tree is very easy to put up and very convenient to make too. It does not require special construction skills; you only have to know how to secure a book stand on the wall. It is like putting up several levels of open-ended bookstands on the walls, except that instead of putting books after installation, your cat will be the one enjoying your handiwork.

The design of the bookstand will be up to you, just make sure to create a pattern that’s passable and safe for your cat. It is highly recommended to alternately use long and short planks for variation and put scratch pads on the surface. This is one of the best cat tree for large cats.

2. Wood Cat Tree

If you live in an area where there is a forest or woods nearby, then you will be able to gather a lot of materials from there. You can scavenge for good sturdy wood with lots of branches.

Before putting it up, get the whole thing varnished and have platforms secured in the branches so that your cat will have something to lounge on. Make sure to get a stand that is durable enough.

3. Building Blocks Cat Tree

Now the building blocks cat tree is where you start working. Get multiple sizes of plywood, or any wooden material. Create boxes of different sizes, and then on the surface of these boxes, you can probably drill holes of different shapes and sizes – preferably circular shapes.

After preparing all these, paint in varying bright and vibrant colors. Place any soft material in each block so that it could also serve as a place where your cat can sleep.

4. Cylinder Cat Tree

If your cat is into playing around tunnels and hiding in places, then making a cylinder cat tree is going to be a perfect match. You can buy cylinders in commercial stores near you. You can choose to have it in similar sizes or in variation.

It is highly recommended to use varying sizes of tunnels so as to create an interesting and exciting environment for your cat. Your cat can squeeze through in one, while on the others your cat can simply lounge, stuff like that.

5. IKEA Cat Tree

IKEA is known to be the haven for DIYs! You can look for materials in IKEA and simply put it together. This one will exhibit your creative prowess!

6. Nature Cat Tree

The nature cat tree simply allows your cat to have a simulation of what’s it like out there. Usually, the nature cat tree is very similar to the wood cat tree.

Get a large trunk of a tree, preferably with lots of branches still on, then wrap sisal rope in certain areas.

7. Drawer Cat Tree

The drawer cat tree addresses a cat's obsession with hiding in drawers! So, how to make it? First, if you have old furniture that still has drawers on, get them. Gather all the drawers of different shapes and sizes and have it painted in vibrant colors. After doing so, gather poles depending on the number of drawers you have; gather an enough number to secure the drawers in place. Put them together and voila! A cat tree of drawers!

8. Bookcase Cat Tree

This is also an easy yet fun to make, cat tree. If you happen to have empty bookshelves, then now is the time to put them back to use – as a cat tree! Get that old bookshelf out and have it retouched, and then get these bookshelf clip-on to turn your old bookshelf into a brand new cat tree! Cats who love to climb will surely love this cat tree!

9. Perching Cat Tree

The perching cat tree is certainly for cats who love to perch around on furniture. Well, by putting up this perching cat tree, your cat will have its very own space to perch on. The material to be used for this perching cat tree can be any material that you think is highly functional and comfortable to use. Design perches of different shapes and heights. It is up to you really!

10. Traditional Cat Tree

Now, there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics. You can browse through cat trees on sale and make that as a pattern for your very own traditional cat tree. Just make sure to ensure the safety of your cat for every cat tree that you will make.

11. Modern Materials Cat Tree

This is very much like a cat condo that is made with modern materials; it is not your usual sisal rope all over cat tree. This cat tree makes use of materials that look sleek and modern. You can look for inspirations in putting up this cat tree on the internet. Check out cat trees that look different from your usual traditional cat trees.

12. Toyland Cat Tree

This cat tree caters to cats who just love to play all day! This is a cat tree that is going to be toy haven for your cats. Put up the usual multi-level cat tree; then add cat toys that would keep your cat entertained for hours. You can have a mix of hanging cat toys, interactive cat toys, static cat toys and much more – depending on the availability.

13. Furniture Cat Tree

Here is a cat tree for the cat who loves your furniture! Create a cat tree out of your old furniture set, maybe a single sofa will do; then just add platforms where your cat can relax and unwind. This cat tree will give your cat hours and hours of cat scratching fun! Plus, you would be able to divert your cat’s attention to this furniture instead of the furniture you are currently using. It’s a win-win situation!

14. Obstacle Course Cat Tree

This is by far the most fun cat tree to put up. You can put anything that your cat would like in this obstacle course cat tree. You can put together swings, slides, tubes, bridges, towers, stairs and ladders, into one big cat tree.

Create and design pathways for your cat to explore. Have your cat move around from one place to another. If your house has a high roof, then it will be good to utilize this height and have pathways run through the walls. Your cat will surely enjoy the interesting adventure he/she can make in this obstacle course cat tree.

15. Hammock Cat Tree

The hammock cat tree is perfect for cats who love to lounge around and soak in their environment - It is easy to make too! You will just need quite a few materials in order to put up a hammock cat tree. Watch as your cat would probably enjoy sleeping for hours in this cat tree. After all, cats love to sleep for hours, right? Find out why here: (Read: How many hours do cats sleep?)

Labors of love

Now that’s a wrap! You can choose from this wide variety of cat tree ideas or if you have a brilliant idea in your mind right now, then go ahead and turn it into a reality. Whatever cat tree it is that you are going to make for your cats; it is still a labor of love. We love our cats so much that we want the best for them at all times.

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