Disney Cat Names

Everyone loves Disney films and cats. When you combine the 2 together, things get even better! In this list, we introduce you to 50 male and female Disney names ideal for cats. Choose a name to suit a cat and dog pairing at home. A slovenly Disney character to suit your lazy cat. Or pick a name to suit your favorite breed.


Female Disney Cat Names

  1. Alice - Is always going on wonderful adventures (Alice in Wonderland).
  2. Anna - Will (from frozen) love the winter cold (Frozen).
  3. Aphrodite - Is a goddess of love (Hercules).
  4. Ariel - Meows musically (Little Mermaid).
  5. Atta - Will be queen (A Bug’s Life).
  6. Aurora - Is a real sleeping beauty (Sleeping Beauty).
  7. Belle - of the ball (Beauty and the Beast).
  8. Bo-peep - Has a thing for cowboys (Toy Story).
  9. Cinderella - Is always back by midnight (Cinderella).
  10. Cruella - Always fights with dogs (101 Dalmations).
  11. Daisy - Loves classical music (Fantasia).
  12. Dory - Has a short attention span (Finding Nemo).
  13. Eilonwy - Is Hot-tempered and stubborn (Back Cauldron).
  14. Elsa - Moves ice and snow out of her path (Frozen).
  15. Esmeralda - Finds beauty in different places (Hunchback of Notre Dame).
  16. Fairy - Is like a princess (Peter Pan).
  17. Faline - Is intrigued by deer (Bambi).
  18. Flora - Lives for the spring (Sleeping Beauty).
  19. Giselle - Loves the forest (Enchanted).
  20. Hattie - After the mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland).
  21. Jane - Loves rugged adventurers (Tarzan).
  22. Jasmine - Means gift from God (Aladdin).
  23. Kida - Is good in battle (Atlantis: The Lost Empire ).
  24. Lilo - Loves pretending to be a dog (Lilo & Stitch).
  25. Maleficent - Is always up to mischief (Sleeping Beauty).
  26. Marian - Loves helping steel from the rich to give to the poor (Robin Rood).
  27. Marie - Makes a cute name for a white kitten (Aristocats).
  28. Megara - Will do anything for love (Hercules).
  29. Melody - Is always playing in the water (Little Mermaid II: Return to sea).
  30. Merida - Will be brave and bold (Brave).
  31. Mim - Has magical powers (Sword in the Stone).
  32. Minnie - Loves Mickey Mouse (Plane Crazy).
  33. Moana - Boldly goes where no cat has been before (Moana).
  34. Mother Gothel - Looks younger than her years (Tangled).
  35. Mrs. Potts - Loves To keep things tidy (Beauty and the Beast).
  36. Mulan - Loves a battle (Mulan).
  37. Nala - Will always look after you (Lion King).
  38. Pidge - Is a good name for a rescue cat (Lady and the Tramp.).
  39. Pocahontas - Is often wandering off (Pocahontas).
  40. Princess Fiona - Lives for an adventure (Shrek).
  41. Queen - Demands respect (Snow White).
  42. Rapunzel - Needs careful brushing (Tangled).
  43. Shenzi - Loves causing trouble (Lion King).
  44. Snow Queen - Knows how to cast spells (Frozen).
  45. Snow White - Is kind, gentle, and happy (Snow White).
  46. Tiana - Has to be treated like a princess (Princess and frog).
  47. Tinkerbell - Will bring magic to the table (Peter Pan).
  48. Vanellope von Schweetz - Always answers back (Wreck-It Ralph).
  49. Wendy - Has had to grow up fast (Peter Pan).
  50. White Queen - Loves to be the leader (Alice in Wonderland).

Male Disney Cat Names

  1. Abu - Will always bring things in from the outside (Aladdin).
  2. Aladdin - Can fly (Aladdin).
  3. Baloo - Loves to meow musically (Jungle Book).
  4. Bambi - Is curious (Bambi).
  5. Buzz - Loves to spread his wings (Toy Story).
  6. Cheshire - Is always appearing out of thin air (Alice in Wonderland).
  7. Cicatriz - Is Spanish for Scar (Lion King).
  8. Donald - Loves playing with the ducks (Three Cabelleros).
  9. Dumbo - Is always jumping off high places (Dumbo).
  10. Flounder - Is often getting himself lost (Little Mermaid).
  11. Flounder - Will follow you around (Little Mermaid).
  12. Frollo - Is cuter than he looks (Hunchback of Notre Dame).
  13. Frozen - Is keen for adventures (Frozen).
  14. Genie - Has a quirky side (Aladdin).
  15. Goofy - Always does something silly (A Goofy Movie).
  16. Hercules - Is surprisingly strong (Hercules).
  17. Hook - is scared by the ticking clock (Peter Pan).
  18. Jafar - Has a wicked side (Aladdin).
  19. Jafar - Toys with is prey (Aladdin).
  20. Kaa - Has eyes bigger than his stomach (Jungle Book).
  21. Kristoff - Will head on may an epic adventure (Frozen).
  22. Lumier - Is so charismatic (Beauty and the Beast).
  23. Maximus - A great name for a courageous cat (Tangled).
  24. Mufasa - Has an impressive main (Lion King).
  25. Mushu - Always protects you (Mulan).
  26. Nemo - Heads out for daily adventures (Finding Nemo).
  27. Pascal - Has good advice (Tangled).
  28. Peter Man - Seems like he can fly (Peter Pan).
  29. Piglet - Is the best of friends (Winnie the Pooh).
  30. Pinocchio - Has a guilty face (Pinocchio).
  31. Pongo - Is spotted like a Dalmatian (101 Dalmations).
  32. Prince Adam - Is more charming than he looks (Beauty and the Beast).
  33. Pumba - Is fond of his food (Lion King).
  34. Rafiki - Is in touch with his spiritual side (Lion King).
  35. Ratigan - Is such a smooth operator (Great Mouse Detective).
  36. Robin Hood - Is bound to have a merry band of friends (Robin Rood).
  37. Scar - Looks like he has been in the wars (Lion King).
  38. Sebastian - Will love bath time to the tune of ‘under the sea’ (Little Mermaid).
  39. Shere Khan - Has a stripey back (Jungle Book).
  40. Simba - Is cute and friendly (Lion King).
  41. Snowman - Makes a great name for an all-white cat (Frozen).
  42. Stitch - Likes to cause trouble (Lilo & Stitch).
  43. Sully - Is always jumping out on you (Monsters Inc.).
  44. Tarzan - Loves swinging through the trees (Tarzan).
  45. Timon - Loves to make you laugh (Lion King).
  46. Tramp - Will look after others (Lady and the Tramp.).
  47. Triton - Thinks he is the boss (Little Mermaid).
  48. Winnie - Loves his honey (Winnie the Pooh).
  49. Wolf - Named after the big bad wolf (Three Little Pigs).
  50. Woody - Will be a respected leader (Toy Story).

Round Up 

Nothing beats sitting down in front of a great Disney movie with the whole family dreaming of fantasy lands. Bring some of the magic of Disney into the home every day with any of these great Disney character names for cats.

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